I've used the Cornerstone razor and blades for about six weeks now. In short, they're Ok. The quality of shave is about the same as, well, most razors really, but, when pitched against the Gillette big boys, it's always been a cut-below - no pun intended - because it lacks the extra little trimmer-blade that's always useful when sorting-out above the top lip. In fact, whenever I use the Cornerstone, I've had to dig-out the Gillette to finish-up. Sad really. When you consider it for a moment (presumably if you're the type of person with nothing better to do), given that razors and blades don't have a best-before date, this whole 'Razors in the post' thing is a bit weird and it's more puzzling that I see more companies are now clambering aboard. If the product is amazing and if I'm going to need to shave most days of my life, wouldn't it just be easier to do what Gillette and the retailers are increasingly doing and simply sell you a job-lot of blades for one fixed price? After all, even if you live in a bedsit, razor-blades take up very little space, and even if, at the end of, say, a year, I had ten blades left, well, I'd wait till they ran out and then place a new order. Easy. And a little more eco-friendly. Instead, we get this mail-order thing which may be fine for, say, olive oil or bouquets of flowers (where regularities and types of orders can change and where you often can't viably keep them in storage for very long) but it makes no real sense or logic when it comes to shaving. Does it? Think about it for a moment. It really doesn't. It's weird. I suppose the odd person may get a kick out of saying: "Oh, do you buy your razor blades in Waitrose!?? OMG! How 2015 are you!?? Mail-order is the way forward!" but...well... That horrible tosser Kelvin Mackenzie has been attacking - amongst other things - the Gillette Mafia rather a lot recently in THE SUN, arguing that whilst the blades cost 5p to produce, they're flogging them out at a mark-up of about one million percent and it's utterly unacceptable. Indeed. But here's the puzzling thing: Cornerstone doesn't work out any cheaper. In fact, if you shop around, it's marginally more expensive. According to their site, six "German engineered" blades will set me back £14. But go to Websites like, 'Shavers' and eight Gillete Fusion razors will only cost £18.50 and will give my postman a little less work to do. So...there isn't really any cost-saving at all - perhaps enough to buy a tin of kidney beans or something, but that's it. In any case, the likes of Tesco and Superdrug are increasingly flogging-out 40 packs of blades for pretty-decent sums (as said); they well undercut Cornerstone's prices. So, if you're thinking it's cheaper, it ain't. Really. If you really love saving dollar, shop about and you'll find the Mafia-brands are actually rather cheaper.... If what-turns-you on is their being "German engineered," go buy a razorblade in ALDI (actually rather good) or LIDL (decent too). ....Then there's the fact that Cornerstone take the stress and hassle out of having to reach up onto the shelves of Tesco or Sainsbury's when you're next visiting aisle 9 (Hair and cosmetics) to pick-up a box of blades. I know. It's a nightmare moment no self-respecting bloke ever looks forward to. I've had many a sleepless night over it...reaching up above the KY Jellies and strange lubricants to slowly touch the corner of a Wilkinson's 6 pack, my mouth forming a polo mint-sized O shape as I gasp at the price ("£8.99 for 4...WTF!"). Cornerstone have solved this though: they deliver them straight to your door. Phew. But, of course, I still have to go to Sainsbury's or Tesco every week. I still have to visit aisle 9 for shampoo and Anadin Extras. So - the 'benefit' of having some blades drop through my door isn't very exciting or, well beneficial really. In fact, if anything, it's a bit of a hassle: there may be weeks or months where I do a Rasputin and opt not to shave and so don't need blades through my door. Yeah, yeah, I know I can amend my order with Cornerstone but...If I'm not a member, I don't have to worry about that do I?! Finally. The shave quality. I've used the lot over the years. Wilkinson's, Wilkos (yeah, their own brand), Gillette, Aldi, Lidl, Kwik Save (remember them?) etc. I've even used some really rubbish cheapo disposable jobs from Tesco and thus experienced some godawful shaves. The Cornerstone ones are...well, no better or worse than the standard big-names. In my view. You shave. You feel your face. Occasional bristles still on the skin. You shave again. The feel of the metal handle's rather plush and it's great if you have a tendency to forget your name from time to time as they stamp your initials onto it as a gentle reminder...but...that's all. Those people who appear to be getting their boxer shorts a little damp at the front in their Cornerstone reviews may need to think harder: did it really, truly do something that the Aldi treble, the Wilko blue or the Gillette Mach 3 didn't? Really? Really? I won't be extending my order - if it were a big cost saver or gave me some amazing shave that were making women (and men) fall at my feet, maybe. But, whilst the product is decent, it's no better than many of its competitors and the razors-in-the-mail thing is, well...pointless.
4 years ago
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