Bradley W
Just dislike the companies attitude and its website building is more like Duplo than Lego. The chat team is amazing but followed up by awful customer service. I was so excited to work with Ueni, that I purchased the reputation plan for a year; on offer, of course. The journey you will take is as follows: Sign up, Pick a plan and then answer some questions? sounds simple enough. First question being; what type of website are you looking for? A. local business, B. E-commerce online store, C. Information (non-profit, religion, education, hobby, ext.) D. Blog, E. Portfolio. Now I chose D. because I wanted a blog and I bet you can guess what happens? They take £250 and then turn around and say they do not provide a Blog but there is a workaround? A troublesome workaround I might add. To say the least I chose to cancel. I expected a partial refund, it was a year upfront so I was more than entitled to something and I thought Services were not provided and I was amicable. I enjoyed the chat service and my partner had just become a qualified nail tech so I intended on making another Ueni account which I informed them (but they cannot change domain names for my partner). Then came the Greed - it is a distasteful Sin and when people display it, its off putting. I will not now be opening my partners website through Ueni, I would use the better equipped WordPress and honestly it would be cheaper to pay a website designer to build your website on WordPress than it would be to pay Ueni to give you boring; limited to four which includes the free ones, but classified as premium Templates that lack any kind of uniqueness. The feel was unprofessional due it being app-ish and its use of only one scrolling page. They describe themselves as based in the UK but the websites themselves have this - Made in China - kind of vibe, with you ultimately just being a knockoff of other websites using the same limited four templates. You could probably find these websites being sold on Wish! Overall they are cheap, tacky and just trying to take advantage of hard working small businesses who want to create a small online presence and bloggers who unexpectedly get caught in there web(sites). My local takeaways have better websites. Honestly, writing this review has made me realise how trash there service is - just like in the book 'Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell' - these people are ingeniously taking advantage of the current times and I applaud what they have tried to create but ultimately believe that they did it with the wrong intentions - they want a quick fix and a fast pay and need to learn a thing or two from Jeff Bezos' customer service approach. The response I got for my refund request was of cause denied on the grounds that there is a workaround for a blog? (which means they are providing the service I want - in there eyes.) I do not know about you but the term workaround to me, sounds like - Cowboy Builder, Bodge Job, Jack of all Trades - kind of mentality which I want no part of, it is not professional and is most defiantly not someone I would want to partner with. Either way they have a miraculous 4.4* on trust pilot, mostly from people going - "im so excited to have my first website". amongst other useless 5* reviews which do not provide an accurate account of the services they provide. Honestly - if you have a small business, you could do better. Ueni; in my opinion, would be perfect for stay at home mums or dads than run businesses from home and need a quick cheap site to sell there knitted products or carpentry projects. It is not suitable for a shop owned business. My review has been a little bit scathing but accurate. I even contacted Ueni and asked for a copy of there formal complaint procedure which the reply was reminiscent of homer Simpson - DUh? Im pretty sure they are so deep in LaLa land that they have no procedure for filing complaints, let alone take them seriously because they do not have a procedure. Ueni is like a lot of online companies that provide online services, but act like online services are non refundable and not covered by the consumer rights act which they are and just strike people down that enquire for a refund. I have had this with PlayStation and many others and I can assure you, they cannot act with impunity and snobbery. If they do not provide a service, are disingenuous and mis-selling then complain. if nothing happens then go to your local Ombudsmen who will impartially and independently investigate for you. If you made it this far, I applaud you and beg you; just do not do it. Ueni is more like Meni (Me-en-I) because they only think of themselves. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day with your new WordPress account that I will gratefully take credit for! I have provided two pictures; both from the same email. Now the first one states - 'We are constantly adding new features within our services. Adding a blog is definitely in the works, and even still we have an improvised solution, (I refer to this as a workaround). The next picture states - A blog functionality was never explicitly communicated to you as an exclusive feature available on our paid plans. Following these two photos is a video - it will explicitly show you how fast Ueni will give you the option of a blog. Now please excuse my lisp, sizzling along as I talk. The very first question asks you if you want a Blog, yet they do not provide one? Instead they do not want to miss out on lost revenue as a third of the internet is filled with blogs, (which are small businesses.) When you click D. blog; it does not warn you that they do not make professional blogs and that they have an improvised solution or that what im effectively waiting for is this future blog that they plan on making at some future unknown point in time, again, as stated in there emails. They openly admit they do not make blogs 'yet' and I have provided the evidence they allow you to build a website on the premise that they do - this is mis-selling of service and they have now chosen to ignore my replies. This is just my experience, there refund policy is much like a schools zero tolerance on bulling, its there in name only. I got burnt, so, this is me burning you Ueni. Pretty sure an accurate, evidence based review does not do you any favours, Im sure you will reply someplace with some corporate mumbo jumbo but remember, I have video, I have pictures and most of all you do not explicitly say on your website - We don't do blogs or we supply improvised blogs because you would go bankrupt! Here is a suggestion from my son; go buy the book Coding for Kids by Mike Mcgrath, its for ages 8+ and might entice you to offer more than one page and four templates with bogus reviewers spread across. Goodbye and Good day Sir. P.S. sorry the video wont upload so I took some screenshots instead.
9 months ago
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