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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I like Arm or Ally Products and Pricing. I need to work on speed of their shipping though
Posted 1 year ago
Order placed Saturday 22 September at 4PM EST. Order shipped Monday 24 September. Order delivered Wednesday 26 September.
Posted 1 year ago
I purchased an Aero lower without the forward assist and was sent one WITH the forward assist... very confused but it is not a very big deal and I am too lazy to send it back. At least they sent me an upper.... But I am pretty disappointed overall.
Posted 1 year ago
Ben, we're sorry you received the wrong parts. Next time please contact us and we will swap it out for you or send you the upper parts kit.
Posted 1 year ago
Received the package and it looks amazing. Have not assembled so I’m not 100% sure if there are any manufacturing issues but all seems fine.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Awesome service! Had part in stock when other places did not.
Very fast shipping as well.
Highly recommend for parts.
Posted 1 month ago
Great company I recommend these guys no doubt!
Arm or Ally 5 star review on 24th June 2020
Posted 1 month ago
Quick easy to use and price was decent. Found them via
Posted 1 month ago
Always have the mags I need.
Posted 1 month ago
Good product fast shipping
Posted 1 month ago
very satisfied
Posted 2 months ago
I’m a little disappointed.. First I paid TOP dollar for the P80 frame. Not to mention paid extra for 3 day shipping. I noticed there was a small crack on the top of the frame near the trigger housing. Sent a email and was told to contact Polymer 80. That’s a little ridiculous when it came like that. I thought the company would’ve warranted the item but guess not. Because of that crack my trigger housing moves ever so slightly forward and is causing to much to put in this review. I learned my lesson to not buy from Arm or Ally again and will put this in my YouTube Review.

Update: I think it’s extremely unprofessional to copy a customers personal email thread that was sent to Arm or Ally’s customers service to try and prove a point. You could easily have changed any of part of that conversation you posted in the review reply. Remember YOU all asked for a review and just because it wasn’t 5 stars doesn’t make it right.. Now to the frame, I noticed the issue AFTER I bought a slide and was having trouble racking the slide smoothly. That’s when I noticed the small crack and how it was letting the trigger housing move forward ever so slightly. You pushing this off on Polymer 80 because of “quality control” is ridiculous. It’s been less than 30 days. Most companies when the customer has an issue they fix the issue. Not put it off on the manufacture. For example, someone buys a iPhone at Bestbuy and it stops working after a few days. Do they go to Apple? No you’d go back to the store. How you went about handling this shows you didn’t want to help me out or deal with the issue. I get your probably busy but there is no excuse for this. I’ll be sure to let everyone know how my experience was and to not buy from Arm or Ally. I’ll also be sure and let Polymer 80 how you went about handling the issue.
Posted 2 months ago

Had your issue been an related to a carrier loss, or the item becoming damaged in transit due to carrier negligence, we would handle the claim directly. In your case, the item received was due a shortfall in the manufacturing process / quality control. This falls directly under the manufacturer's warranty. Polymer80 has instructed us, as one of their authorized dealers, to refer all customers to them for any defects. At the time you brought the crack to our attention, you had already fully assembled the frame. If you found a crack prior to assembly or modification, you could have simply returned the product to us as we have a 30 day return policy.

Furthermore, to ensure we give other customers a true representation of this situation, we'd like to include the details of an email received from you on 25 April, 11 days after your item was delivered after you received our solicitation for a review of the service you received from Arm or Ally.

Your Email - Saturday 25 April, 5:14PM

"I just received a request for a review and been been debating on what to put down because for the most part I’m extremely happy with my buy. The complete lower turned out GREAT! Wish I could’ve gotten a completed slide to go with. I definitely can’t wait to get a 17 on my next build. The P80 lower and jig I believe are the newest model of the PF940c from P80 which is nice. The only issues I’ve been debating on writing about is the fact that I paid TOP DOLLAR and was told I should have never paid that much for a P80. To be honest I understand the premium with everything going on. I also paid the extra 20 on shipping so it was over $180 and was told to have looked for a coupon if anything. Maybe I should have waited. I’m happy I was able to get into the hobby. Again I wish I was able to have a finished build and gotten a slide combo purchase like I’ve seen on other websites. XXXX has a full set for $430. That would’ve saved me a lot of money which would be nice one first build . Maybe something can be done and I’ll gladly write an amazing review. Especially for my unboxing video! "

Our Response - Saturday 25 April, 6:21PM

" We're glad you're happy with your purchase, it is an exciting hobby to partially manufacture and assemble your own firearm. At the time you purchased we were not running any sales, as availability and resupply were and still are partially non-existent. Sales come when manufacturers have strong inventories, and products can be replenished quickly, which since early march hasn't been the case. I'm sorry if you feel as though you overspent, we offer various shipping options ranging from about $8 for the economy to overnight rates. I see you chose to pay the UPS 3 Day Select, at a higher cost, and as such we prioritized your order and shipped it same day. This is not an advertised service, but we do our best to prioritize orders where customers have opted to pay a little more in shipping charges, such as yourself.

We hope you can see the value in Arm or Ally and to have earned your repeat business - we had the foresight to prepare by having a stout enough inventory to last this far into a global pandemic where many others quickly ran out, and still are out of Polymer80 products, we were responsive to all of your emails, shipped your product quickly, and cared enough to respond to this email on a Saturday afternoon. Furthermore, all first time customers are given some coupons after they complete their first purchase, and after 30-40 days you should also receive another coupon via email. We hope that failing to provide you with a discount after-the-fact is not something that would diminish the value of the service our business provided to you or have an effect on your public review of our business or the product you received and appear to be very happy with.

Thank you again for your business, and we hope to serve you again in the future."

Sir, again, we're sorry if we failed to satisfy you. Should you have any problems contacting Polymer80, do let us know so we can facilitate making a solid connection between you and them.
Posted 2 months ago
Sent the wrong barrel to me at first that was packaged in the caliber I ordered. Had to send incorrect barrel back which was ok but nobody confirmed they received it as I was told I would be charged if not received in a specific time frame. I also purchased extra delivery signature which was delivered with out it. At least they could have gave me a good discount code to improve a next purchase.
Posted 3 months ago
Hi Jon, We felt your review left out a little information so we're going to update this for other customers to assess the situation.

4/16 - Order placed
4/18 - Order shipped
4/21 - Order delivered
4/21 - You contacted us regarding receiving the wrong barrel.
4/21 - We responded back, requested some information to verify you received the incorrect item.
4/22 - We informed you we're shipping the correct barrel out to you in advance of receiving the incorrect one back, along with a prepaid return label. At this time we requested the incorrect barrel be returned back within 2 weeks, or you would be billed for the barrel which was not returned.
4/29 - You sent the incorrect barrel back to us, with a USPS delivery confirmation of 1 May.

The barrel we sent to you was incorrectly packaged at Ballistic Advantage. You alluded this was likely the case and we later confirmed this with Ballistic Advantage. As we review this situation we're sorry to see you felt the service you received was only worthy of a 1 star review, especially with all the complications due to COVID. Your order was placed on a Thursday, received the following Tuesday, and your support inquiry's were all answered within hours of being sent.

We're sorry if we failed to satisfy you, though we'd be happy to serve you again in the future.
Posted 2 months ago
Quick to ship and good price, you guys are now in my regular rotation
Posted 4 months ago
I had no problems, but I will probably not do business with them again, because you can’t call on the phone. You can only deal with them via email. While I received my item in the expected time, I am more comfortable if I can call someone in case there’s a problem. No matter where I searched and I cannot find a phone number to reach them. Dealing on the Internet, I prefer to have the ability to follow up with a phone call, and they don’t offer that option.
Posted 7 months ago
Currently we don't offer phone support though we are very responsive through email.
Posted 7 months ago
The products are good for a good price. The process to purchase and pay is extremely painful. I have purchased gun parts from multiple online vendors over the years and decided to try Arm or Ally since they have decent prices. I was asked to verify my address with my ID? I have never had to do this and i have bought hundreds of products online. Needles to say, the products, pricing and shipping is decent and good The checkout process and payment method verification are plain ridiculous. I would not buy products here again unless I absolutely need it, there is other vendors with the same products and much easier checkout process.
Posted 9 months ago
Alvaro, You requested a $350 order be shipped to a non-billing address. As we've never done business with you before, we require additional verification for certain situations. We do this to help prevent stolen credit cards from being used on our website. In stopping online-fraud we're able to keep our prices where our customers like them - we think this is worth protecting. Should you come back to give us another try - we think you'll find this process much smoother for repeat customers. Apologies if we failed to satisfy you.
Posted 9 months ago
Highest quality, best prices, excellent service. First place I shop for AR15 parts.
Posted 9 months ago
Uhhh, why haven’t you added this to your cart yet?
Posted 10 months ago
Great price and thanks for the sale. Arm or Ally always has great prices on AR components.
Posted 10 months ago
Loaded up 458 500gr powder coated. For test in new builds. Brass is precise as ever. Very nice will be ordering more.
I have starline for several of my big chambers as well as 357mag.
Posted 1 year ago
Arm or Ally is great. Great prices but your shipping is the absolute worse!! If your prices weren’t so good I would literally never order off this site simply because of shipping length.
Posted 1 year ago
Francois, Your order was placed on 15 November. Your FFL was received on 16 November. Your order shipped Saturday 17 November and delivered to you on the 21st.
Posted 1 year ago
Ordering was easy, price was fair. Shipping was prompt. The problems I had:
1. The BCG was wrapped around in some sort matter and tossed in a plastic envelope, pretty much zero protection.
2. The shipping method was the cheapest and slowest known to human, it took 2 weeks to get to me.
Not likely to shop here again. Not surprised I never heard of this shop before...
Posted 1 year ago
Velentin, Your order was placed on 6 September and shipped from our facility on 7 September. It's unfortunate the USPS sometimes undermines our best efforts. It looks like your package was delayed in San Jose mail center for unknown reasons. The service selected for your parcel was a 3 day service, however the only service USPS guarantees on time delivery is USPS Express. We're sorry you were dissatisfied with our packaging, however we've shipped many thousand without damage. If your item was damaged, we have an easy process in place accessible through our customer help center. We are happy to serve you again in the future.
Posted 1 year ago
Arm or Ally is rated 4.91 based on 4,775 reviews