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Made an order on the 19th June and have not received it yet it is now the 15 July, i have now purchased this from Coles extremely annoyed when I ordered there was no Australian website. will most likely buy from Coles moving forward.
Posted 1 year ago
Hello, this was my first order with Dose & Co, and I was very excited to use your collagen. I ordered 2 10oz containers. I opened one as soon as I received it and it smelled horrible. My daughter tried 2 teaspoons and had bad diarrhea after it. I couldn’t bare to open the other so it is still sealed. I have purchased many collagens and use one daily and I was wanting to switch over to yours, however I would like to get a refund and return them if possible. Thank you
Posted 8 months ago
You have an amazing product and I really enjoyed using it. Unfortunately I do not agree with your recent decision to partner with a person renowned for plastic surgery and false expectations of body image after pregnancy. I think you sold out and that goes against my moral beliefs so I will no longer purchasing this product. This review is not intended to be a personal attack - you did what is best for your business and I am sure it will be a great opportunity. All the best.
Posted 9 months ago
I am really enjoying the marine collagen in my coffee in the morning. I am yet to see any real changes but I’m confident after a month I will see some differences in my nails, hair and skin. I did email about a scoop but I never heard back? I was wondering if the scoop was meant to be in the tub? However I have been making up my scoops as I go!
Posted 11 months ago
I have just seen this product cheaper at my local New World. NOT HAPPY
Posted 1 year ago
I bought this after seeing khole advertisement, and then I realized her nails are fake , her hair is extensions and she self tan her skin. Everything this product represents is fake on her, But never the less I’m using the product still in my first week so the jury is still out. But I’d recommend you use a spoke person who is really benefiting from your product. Not one who uses fake things to enhance her appearance.
Posted 2 weeks ago
I had a huge difference in my hair growth and fullness. The product is easy to use and I really was surprised to see how much it helped.
Posted 4 weeks ago
Love this product! Dissolves instantly, no weird taste.
Posted 1 month ago
I've been using this product for a month or so and have been getting comments about how much thicker my hair is getting. There was a brief glitch in the websites system that stalled my subscription which made me miss last month but it was resolved thanks to customer service. It does not come with it's own scooper so I keep a tbsp spoon in the container now. Perhaps a non plastic scooper could be added in the future if possible for a slight increase in convenience? Regardless, I am very happy with this product and their customer service. I highly would recommend this product.
Posted 3 months ago
The protein powder is good. The whole subscription thing is off putting and makes it feel like your trying to pull one over in your customers and that creates distrust. Just sell your product, if people like it they’ll buy more. I shouldnt have to subscribe.
Posted 4 months ago
I have been using for sometime and do not see any difference in hair ,nails or skin
Posted 4 months ago
Really enjoy the products; good value for money, nice packaging and economically friendly. The creamers are delish however I did not enjoy the protein powder flavour chocolate. Like the subscription and the associated discount however wish it was easier to change flavours without having to email. Also fairly sure I ordered the dairy free chocolate creamer and I received the dairy version. Would be an awesome idea if you included testers of other flavours included in the subscription orders.
Posted 4 months ago
Game changer product. I had major hair loss and stomach upset from Other products. I now have tons of new hair growth and have turned many friends onto trying this. Doesnt cause bloating. Love it
Posted 4 months ago
Since I started using the product,I started getting little pimples in my face that I never had. I sent an email asking if that could be a cleansing process and still waiting for a response
Posted 5 months ago
I just asked for 1 collagen but you sent me 3 more and I didn’t want it
Posted 6 months ago
Didn’t notice a difference whatsoever. Waste of money. Celebrity endorsing crap.
Posted 8 months ago
Was thrilled to no longer receive spoons in my products this time. I have asked a few times to no longer get spoons and they would always still turn up. Thrilled that it is less plastic .
Posted 9 months ago
I’ve been using Dose & Co for a while now & absolutely love it, however I can’t help but be anxious about the brands direction now that Khloe Kardashian is an equity partner & spokesperson, given that one of the tag lines for Dose & Co is ‘better than Botox’ which seems to be a bit of an oxymoron given the injectables & cosmetic surgery the Kardashians have had.
Posted 9 months ago
Arrived promptly. The collagen powder doesn’t have a scoop (to save on using plastic apparently) so I have been using two heaped teaspoons of powder, estimating that that would be 10 grams. I’d really prefer a scoop because I don’t think I’m measuring out enough powder. Would it be possible to make the scoop optional when purchasing? That way, I’d have the scoop from my first purchase and I wouldn’t need any more, but I’d know that I was using the right amount of powder. This is a big deal for me because I could be wasting my money if I’m not using enough, or too much powder.
Posted 9 months ago
Love the dairy free creamers. The chocolate flavour is too overpowering so wouldn't purchase that again. I was sad to see that Kloe Kardashian is now financially invested in the company. Won't buy again and will support 100% NZ business instead. Sorry guys, she stands for so much that is wrong with the beauty industry...
Posted 9 months ago
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