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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Perfect Roadtour for a dream vacation in California and the Rocky Mountains. My German family had a blast. We will do it again soon!
(LA) - Posted 9 months ago
3 weeks
4000 miles ...
it Was amazing
(DEN) - Posted 9 months ago
So much fun! Better than expected! Easy pick up and return process and the van was great.
Small enough to get around in, but large enough to be comfortable with 3 adults and 1 kid. We could all fit comfortably at the table inside too.
(DEN) - Posted 10 months ago
Overall my partner and I loved our campervan experience. The van was reliable, comfortable and fun! The first staff we met went above and beyond to start us off on a great foot. We ended up staying at a campground he recommended and weren’t disappointed! Thank you!

However, there were a few things that could be improved. We were given a van that didn’t have a right turn signal light working— and we didn’t notice until 2-3 days into our trip. We only got their email regarding helping us with this issue once we got out of the Rocky Mountains (had very little reception) and by that time, we only had one more day left before we returned the van. This was a bit of a safety issue.

We were also given a van without washing fluid for the windshield and a glitchy GPS we paid each day for. Since we are international travelers, the GPS was a very important device. When we dropped the van off and told the staff about these issues, they didn’t seem to care about these experiences, didn’t reconcile the pay or even offer an apology. That wasn’t our favourite part of the trip.

We really appreciated the company included a small fan with the van as we were in the hot Utah sun for much of our trip but it hardly pushed any air around and this van could easily do with a small fan upgrade.

Overall, these challenges didn’t prevent us from having a great time and seeing a beautiful part of the country while making lots and lots of memories!
(LASV) - Posted 10 months ago
My wife and I decided to rent a van for our Upstate New York camping trip! We loved the customer service they provided! The young lady was very helpful and very kind. Our trip was amazing as well as the experience with the van. The only challenge is the air at night. Luckily the temperature was in the 50s at night so it felt comfortable. But I would definitely do business with them again!
(NY/NJ) - Posted 10 months ago
My boyfriend (now fiancé) and I rented one of the Mavericks vans (Smokey). We should have been tipped off when we realized the van had 250k+ miles on it and was definitely showing its age, unlike the photos of the newer models on the website. Regardless, we were excited for our trip, and overlooked the wear and tear on the exterior and interior (cracked dashboard, threadbare chairs, broken seatbelt adjuster, broken charging port, maxed out cracking speakers) to begin our trip. A few miles in, we noticed was that the brakes were incredibly worn down, to the point where every time we used them, you could hear the screech of the worn brake pad indicators which was odd, since we were told the van was fresh out of the shop for repairs and an oil change. Again, we overlooked this, despite being in Mount Rainier, where half of our trip was spent nursing the brakes down steep hills, as we were still in vacation bliss.

The real issue began when we heard some rustling in the night. We chalked it up to creatures in the woods, and fell back asleep. In the morning, we awoke to all of our paper goods torn to shreds, and all of our pantry food (bread, apples, ramen, etc.) ripped open with little bites taken out of everything, and droppings throughout the shelves — it was a obviously a mouse.

We called roadside assistance (it was early in the morning, and we couldn’t find a phone number for the specific depot) and let them know the issue and that we wanted to swap out our van in Seattle, since we were going North. Eric was very amicable and helpful, and seemed surprised that this had happened. (With that said, we weren’t planning on heading into Seattle, which was another bummer in terms of wasted time, gas, and having to re-buy our food and paper supplies at a supermarket.) When we got to the depot, the staff was also incredibly nice and understanding, which was much appreciated. However, it was very disconcerting that they seemed all too familiar with this issue, noting that they would spray “extra” mouse deterrent on our new van, even giving us a mouse trap that they already had set and ready to go to ease our minds. One staff member casually mentioned that she had seen a mouse make a home in a dashboard console, and that they sometimes get in from underneath and go up into the roof of the van. She also mentioned that they had killed 4 this year, laughing that they had made makeshift gravestones for each. While this was all fun and lighthearted in the moment, it speaks to a larger issue that this is something the staff (at least in Seattle) deals with on the regular, meaning we can’t be the first to have this complaint. When browsing the free section while our new van was being cleaned, I even found a roll of toilet paper ripped to shreds in exactly the same way ours was. They said they would “isolate” our old van and “set traps” to catch the mouse inside, and we were off, back on the road in a new, mouse-free van (Delawhere, which still had over 200k miles, but was the lowest mileage in the lot) Or so we thought...

We again woke up to rustling, but thought there was no way we could have a second van with a second mouse. We didn’t see any “damage” in the morning, and continued on our trip. The next night, my fiancé found a mouse in the trap that the staff had given us, and we were completely beside ourselves that this had happened a second time. Disgusted but determined to enjoy the rest of our vacation, we drove on, thinking we had killed the culprit. Little did we know that we hadn’t.

The next evening, we heard the rustling that we had grown all too familiar with, and knew there was something in the van...again. We had been asleep for only an hour or so when it got into our food, causing me to have a panic attack out of being stressed, sleep-deprived, and not wanting to be in close quarters with yet another rodent. We anxiously called every hotel within an hour drive, hoping someone would have a room, but somehow there was nothing available. We sat at our picnic table in the cold until 5am when we realized the only thing we could do was drive back to Portland. Before starting the engine, we heard some more rustling, a different kind that I had heard previously but didn’t investigate. There was a clawing/scratching noise coming from the front of the van. Determined to rid the van of the mouse/mice once and for all, we turned on all of the lights and searched desperately, only to realize that the scratching was coming from inside of the dashboard, meaning that somehow this mouse was living inside of the van, unreachable by us until it came inside for food at night, going back to its “home” each morning while we drove. We again had paper goods ripped and the last of our groceries nibbled, with more droppings on the shelves.

We drove furiously back to the Portland office to drop the van off early, skipping by our last day’s planned stops in the Columbia River Gorge, instead opting for a hotel in Portland. We again called roadside assistance to let them know we were dropping the van off early. Deborah (I believe was her name) listened to our story, but only offered a curt apology, starting to give us the standard spiel that we were outside and critters aren’t uncommon.

Back at the Portland depot, we were met by Josh, who we had met previously when picking up the van, and who was told the story by roadside assistance before we arrived. He remained stone faced and told us that he was sorry that it had happened, but he had never heard of it happening before, and there was nothing he could do, but that like the Seattle depot, they would “isolate the van and set traps.” He went back inside as we cleaned out the van, getting one of the cleaners who was working on one of the newer models (which looked gorgeous, crisp and clean) to keep us occupied and check us out while another family came into the office to pick up their van, I assume so they wouldn’t overhear our mouse talk.

Overall, we had a wonderful vacation, but I’m sad to say that it was tarnished by such a stressful experience with Escape. The responses we got from staff that this “had never happened before” and that “we were in the outdoors” were pretty upsetting since we were cautious to have doors and windows closed and not bring firewood inside. We are avid campers and know the “risks” (for lack of a better word) of being outdoors. With that said, it is completely different to see critters nearby than it is to wake up continuously in the middle of the night to a rodent crawling around and defecating in close quarters of your sleeping/dining area, and then having to drive said quarters on just a few hours of sleep.

As a New Yorker who has unfortunately dealt with pests in apartments before, I know that setting traps is just a quick solution, and will not stop the problem. It is finding the entry point that is the only solve to stop future infestation. While I can’t speak to the newer models, it was clear that the conversions were not done with care, as there are plenty of cracks and crevices throughout for pests to hide in, from the ceilings to the floor of both of the vans we were in. While the new vans look fantastic, I have to say that after this experience, we will never again be renting with Escape. We have rented several campervans and and RVs from other companies previously, and never had issues like this, not to mention that this was the most expensive car/van/RV rental we have ever had to-date, and the largest expense of our trip, which I now wish we had saved for our future wedding.

I truly hope that this will inspire the company to invest more in the cleaning and care put towards the maintenance of its vans so others do not have to endure a similar experience, and can instead enjoy and relax on their vacations.
(PDX) - Posted 10 months ago
This was my first experience with a campervan and I was so nervous I’d have trouble sleeping and living out of it for 10 days. Boy was I wrong! This van was amazing. Not only did I sleep so well every night but it was so spacious for changing, cooking, eating, etc. while still being compact enough to easily drive and park. I also found their prices were better than any other company I received quotes and the colorful art made it fun and unique. By the end of the trip my husband and I were already taking about where else we can travel in an Escape campervan. I can’t wait for the next adventure!
(CAL) - Posted 10 months ago
Perfect for our family trip. Kids just love the van
(VAN) - Posted 10 months ago
Van was in pretty bad shape (wouldn't always start, driver's door was hard to shut properly, both front doors had big cracks in the metal and looked like they were about to fall off etc). I had expected more considering the price we payed. Water pump stopped working after 2 days. The USB charger we payed extra for barely worked. When all this was pointed out at drop-off it was met with a shrug by the staff at Escape Hayward. Other than that, we had 8 great days on the road!
(LA) - Posted 10 months ago
Hi Seth, Glad you were able to speak with Kevin, our regional manager, about your recent experience. We know how much it means for you to choose Escape for your vacation, and we're sorry we let you down. We're constantly evaluating our fleet to make sure all campervans are up to our standards, and we will be sure to take your feedback into consideration as we evaluate this fall. We hope to see you again sometime in the future!

Katie, Team Escape
Posted 10 months ago
Lovely folks, especially the New jersey rental team (Andrew, I believe)
(NY/NJ) - Posted 10 months ago
The van was in better condition than we could have expected. 35k miles and a compact, well-designed, efficient outfit. Insurance and roadside assistance eased any worried minds for a great price. Pickup and dropoff were a breeze. Though we didn't have a choice of our paint job, we loved the aesthetic. A dream, all around. Will recommend to all road tripping friends.
Posted 10 months ago
Terrible customer service, van in poor quality, do not care about the safety and wellbeing of their customers. The vans are cool - shame about the staff and their poorly thought out policies.
Posted 10 months ago
great van! it s worth to travel with it especially in big cities.
(NY/NJ) - Posted 10 months ago
The service is very friendly and helpful.
Unfortunately iost the car has been handed over very dirty and incomplete. Especially the bedding was in such a condition that you could only buy a new one and could bring the rest for cleaning.
After an accident the communication was very good and clear.
If someone chooses this company, check everything carefully and do not let it go until everything is fine.
Because the price-performance ratio is very high.
Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun with the camper
(VAN) - Posted 10 months ago
It was a great experience to travel with the Campervan. My friend and I loved the space we had in the back to sleep and to store all our stuff. Since we traveled around Denver and the nights got really cold there, it would have been nice to have a really warm blanket provided, besides the regular one.
(DEN) - Posted 10 months ago
Really enjoyed my rental. The van fit my needs perfectly. Cheaper than renting both a car and hotel rooms, as well as the freedom to not need to plan ahead. I spent 8 days in central California and saw about a dozen of their custom painted vehicles on the roads, so it seems like the idea is popular with others, too.
The staff was friendly and helped me to get the most out of my experience.
My only complaint would be that my particular rental was an older model, and had a number of persistent creaks and rattles, especially on poorer road surfaces.
Overall, very happy with the rental. Would rent with them again.
(LASV) - Posted 10 months ago
The whole experience was very good! The employees at the SF depot were very nice and helpful. We noticed an issue with our van after leaving the depot and called the 24/7 roadside assistance. The assistance people were very knowledgeable and instructed us to take our van back. They also had the SF depot have another van ready for us. After we switched vans, no problem! And we put over 3800 miles on it!

We were able to sleep 3 people (two adults and a 6 year old) quite comfortably. We liked being able to set up and tear down camp relatively quickly (We were in a Mavericks van. Would have been even quicker in a Big Sur).

We are already thinking about our next Escape Campervans adventure!
(SANFR) - Posted 10 months ago
I would absolutely recommend Escape Campervans. We took Conduit on a 25-day-trip and it was awesome! Fully-equipped and perfect for the different conditions we drove through, we loved it very much and will defintely book again!
Posted 11 months ago
Great service and the vans are really convienent to drive in. Also great that the battery lasted very long thanks to the solar panels.
Posted 11 months ago
Our experience with Escape Campervans was great! Chris was very welcoming and offered great suggestions for our trip. I wish everyone in customer service was so nice. His relaxed demeanour really put us at ease after a stressful trip.

The only downside is the absence of a shuttle from the Vancouver airport to the Delta location.
Posted 11 months ago
Escape Campervans is rated 4.40 based on 94 reviews