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Expedition Exclusive offers travel packages to China and Mongolia and assists with flights and hotels booking to different places. We provide varies packages to customers to choose from and flexibility in the sceneries arrangement, for customers to experience the culture and tradition of China and Mongolia.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
This was a wonderful experience with so many wonderful memories created. China is so fascinating and full of wondering history and culture. We loved this Tour. Please see the good and the not so good below:
1. The highlights being Shanghai, the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, the Great Pandas in Chengdu, the Bullet Train, The optional Shows.
2. The food for the most was above our expectations
3. Yangtze River cruise was a treat.
4. Visits to Chinese Medicine and Tea producers were ways of assisting with an deeper understanding of these methods.
5. The activities were very good despite there being many throughout most days on tour.
6. Guides were knowledgeable and ready to assist. Many provided further assistance for any extras they offered e.g. Massages, restaurants and extra activities. I would have to say our best guides were David (5 days- Shanghai etc) and Sophie (3 days Chengdu) Their professionalism is to be highly commended.
7. Accommodation was excellent.
Some of the not so good:
1. Communication before travelling needs to be improved and questions asked need to answered with a better depth of knowledge. There was no consistency with operators as each time we rang or emailed a new person was helping us. The information about flights was very limited and there appeared to be no communication between EE and China Southern Airlines when seats were being purchased. I had requested the price of upgrading to Business Class and never received an answer! Then it was too late! Our seat numbers were changed 3 times despite paying for larger seats and leg room. I had to go to the China Southern desk in Shenzhen to have them changed back to the original seats! Again very frustrating.
2. One of our guides left us at the station and our train was delayed over 1.5 hours. This was a little unnerving for us as there was no-one to assist who spoke English.
2a. One local tour guide (Three Gorges Dam) asked us for a tip which was a little off putting as she was not very good. The details in our itinerary said we could tip further if we were satisfied with the service.
3. The accommodation on the Yangtze Cruise was very basic (not in keeping with th rest of the accommodation offered) and 12 (including my wife and I) of the 20 guests we travelled with, upgraded their room at the cost of over $AUD450/room and 8 of us upgraded the meal package at the cost of $AUD320/couple. The accommodation was the same as those travelling on a Trip-a-Deal Tour and we thought as travellers on a Luxury Escapes Tour that all travellers should be given the Executive Suites and the meals that go with this as part of the deal offered. (We understand there may have been an extra cost but it probably would have been cheaper per group) There were plenty of Executive Rooms available!!
4. For the most the drivers were good but the last driver had a terrible habit of clearing his throat loudly and then spitting out his window - I know this practice is now frowned upon in China and so this was not acceptable by many of us on our tour.
5. The heavy selling at the Pearl and Jade and Warriors Factories was at times very off-putting with Sales people following us around until we bought something!
Posted 9 months ago
Overall good.Flight to China very good,but return unacceptable.Very old A333 plan,no entertainment in economy,limited in Business including small old fashion screen.Also suggest we should have been offered direct flight from chengdu 31/10 instead very tedious 6 hr wait in shenjen .Day 16 3am up for early flt then day really wasted,suggest offer some sightseeing.We had expected better class on yangtze,so many needed to pay to upgrade
Posted 9 months ago
We enjoyed our trip to China. Hit gold with our group! Hectic but knew it would be. Great hotels and 2 of our guides were exceptional. Disappointed with room quality on Yangtze cruise but overall a terrific experience. Terra-cotta warriors were mind blowing as was Great Wall.
Posted 9 months ago
Thank you Expedition Exclusive for a wonderful experience in China- Beijing, Wuxi, Shanghai, Hoangxou & Suzxhou.
Posted 9 months ago
Flights and accommodation good except one hotel which smelt of smoke
People were helpful and lovely
I very much enjoyed my trip to China
Posted 9 months ago
easy to use website, fast and helpful service have used before and will continue
in future plus cheaper than the opposition sites
Posted 9 months ago
Our tour was very well organised with English speaking tour guides. Took us to all the best possible tourist sights. Guides were extremely helpful for checking into hotels, changing money, and helping us to get around. The accommodation varied, from substandard to good, in regards to cleanliness and presentation, and buses were ok. Breakfasts varied also, but were ok most places.
Were given free time to explore which was great. And probably the only complaint was the long layover in Chengdu (10 hours) to catch our returning flight home. Would have been better to fly direct from Shanghai home.
All in all was an extremely well organised professional tour and enjoyed it immensely.
Posted 9 months ago
Had an amazing 11 day tour of China with my 16 year old grandson! The tour & tour guides were very knowledgeable & obliging. The hotels in the major cities were situated a bit far out, but usually had supermarket & restaurants near by! The Venus Hotel in Shanghai had poor breakfast & didn’t top up food when it ran out!
The tour at times was rushed at sights & monuments to fit in the optional tours!
Overall a great trip & would recommend it!
Posted 9 months ago
Great tour for the entire family. Flexible and great cost. Will travel again with this company
Posted 9 months ago
We enjoyed travelling on our first trip with your company. Overall our experience was excellent however, I would suggest that you do not use the Wydham hotel in Xian as it was unclean, many fixtures broken, situated on a very noisy crossroad when noise was heard in the rooms and the customer service was appalling. Not enough seating in the dining room either. This occurred on several occasions. Main staff on reception not at all friendly or helpful. We had to request assistance from our tour guide when we wanted to change rooms and even then they did not want to assist her or us. Everyone on our trip experienced problems with their rooms.
Posted 9 months ago
Very good value for money. Tour leaders were excellent and helpful, Hotels top class. Would be happy to use expedition exclusive again.
Posted 9 months ago
For the price the trip was good value. The guides were good especially David.
The only negative really was that if you didn"t do the optional tours you had to find your own way back to your accomodation.
Posted 10 months ago
I was very please with the service provided. Special mention to the excellent performance of Leo, our tour manager in the south part of the trip.
Any areas for improvement: was a breakfast with too many people at once, over the capacity of the hotel to handle in Suzhou
Posted 10 months ago
The people who work here where great with communications and clearing up any confusion that occurred during my booking with prompt replies and service.
While there were parts of the tour that were frustrating, such as a lot of the free tours seeming to be promotions and money grabs. Also, I only really loved the guide I had in the final three days of the tour, but the experience itself was great fun and great value for money.
Posted 10 months ago
Very good tour guides. David Cheng was exceptional. He had thought of everything & gave so much information about each place we visited. Leo also very good. Hotels good although sometimes a long way from the city. Panda visit disappointing as we only had 15 minutes before closing. Too much planned that day & local guide slow.
Overall I really enjoyed the trip & would recommend it to anyone wanting to visit China.
Posted 10 months ago
Terrific holiday package, with really good tour leaders. Some of the experiences were amazing however I thought too much emphasis was placed on the hard sell when visiting outlets like jade, pearls, herbal medicine etc.
Posted 10 months ago
Excellent trip and tours and hotels were exceptional. First tour guide Alice was exceptional, Tony poor and Kevin good. Tight timeline with connecting flights both ways which was very stressful . Overall a wonderful trip and I would recommend to family and friends.
Posted 10 months ago
The tour was very well organised. The tour guide was very informative and treated us like we were family. I would highly recommend travelling with Expedition Exclusive to anyone who wants to travel in a group
Posted 10 months ago
So if it looks too good to be true, can it still work??? We have just finished the 10 day $800 pp sunday paper special to China and of course, tours, accom, some meals and airfares for 10 days works. Here are a couple of tips for young players...

Expedition Exclusive.. Limited communication with the tour company, however nothing was missed. A bit disappointing that there were no travel packs such as backpacks, travel wallets etc like most other companies give to their travelers.

Internet... the great firewall of China works good ask no fb or Google unless you have a good sim. Sims direct worked for me but the tour guides often sell them too . 5gb data only for $40.

Planes...the tour is sponsored by the government so they pay for smaller airlines to be used such as China eastern and Sichuan in our case. Planes are fine, but meal choice, entertainment and connections are not so great. No beer either.

Hotels... again not bad but you may not get a fridge or a great air con. Every room we were in was a smoking room too. None were in the city centre so a good taxi ride to get in if you want

Laundry... biggest hurdle for a big group. No self serve laundry facilities in any hotel s o do a rinse every few days or take heaps of clothes...

Tours... there are included tours every day with additional tours after them.. then in c lured hit the points, the wall, the square, etc. However if you don't do the additional tour, you may be waiting a couple of hours to get back to the hotel because they don't take you back and you can either fend for yourself or wait for the additional tours to complete to get home. Remember they show you what they are told to.

Security... police and cameras everywhere in big cities, not as visible in the smaller ones. A Uniformed air Marshall will film your flight . Remember big brother can beat your VPN and if you speak I'll of them, they shut you down.

Included meals... Brekky every day but u usually asian a nd not western. Coffee not readily seen, and no bacon. Enjoy the rice and noodles. A few lunches are also in cckuded sand are 10 plate share tables, they are fine

Dinners... always fend for yourself and get adventurous. Point to the picture and see what you get. Great flavours and very cheap.

Warehouse factories... the tours are also sponsored by the big factories so you will get the hard sell at the jade, tea, pearl factory a nd a traditional medical clinic.

Toilets... western toilets in all motel rooms but they are few and far between in the street. Always take toilet paper or wipes with you.

Guides.. They are more escorts. You hear a lot about their families and nothing about the really interesting building you just passed. Having said that they are invaluable to sort out motel issues.

Google translate..an absolute necessity for you to communicate at shops and restaurants . It still works over there and off line is data entry, on line is voice recognition.

These were my observations only and the others may agree or disagree. But at the end of the day, you will rarely have a cheaper holiday that is as good as it looks so just book it and see how much your local Chinese restaurant rips you off...
Posted 10 months ago
Yes we did think that the China trip was very good and well worth the money, but there were a couple of things that could be improved.
1) Instead of flying at 6 am out of Melbourne to Sydney (which meant getting up at around 3 am to park the car and make it to the airport in time) and catching a 9 am flight out of Sydney then arriving at Shanghai airport at around 6 pm. By the time all persons in your group clear customs, assemble and get in the bus and transported to the hotel makes it for a very long day's travel. The next day a lot were still very tired and jet lagged.
One suggestion I would recommend if it was possible would be to fly out the previous evening out of Melbourne or Sydney, which would mean that you would arrive in Shanghai the next morning, by the time you clear customs, assemble and the bus trip to that hotel it would be around 12 pm or 1 pm.
This should not cost the operator any extra for the hotel as this is part of day 1 and is already paid for, if anything it may even be cheaper to fly at that time as generally late night /overnight flights are often cheaper than daytime flights. This would allow the travellers to have the rest of that day to recover/rest from any jet lag.
The only part of the trip which we didn't enjoy was the visit to the Silk factory. We felt that we were truly ripped off. We bought a queen size silk doona, which at the time of demonstration, we were advised ans shown that these units had cross stitching so that it would be fully machine washable, and also it was of hotel quality, well the unit we got was neither. It is not machine washable as there is no cross stitching and as per the tag, and also a lot thinner (less silk) than the units that we experienced in various hotels we stayed at.
This has left a bad taste, and a lot of our friends have asked us about our trip, and we have recommended Webjet Exclusive/Expedition Exclusive but we have told them not to purchase Doonas from the silk factory as you don't get what you have paid for.
I shall now hand over to my wife - Mrs Kim Arlove who travelled with me on this trip for her over view of the trip. My only comment is that the staff at the Pearl factory were way over the top with their sales techniques, at all times I was literally nagged and nagged.
Posted 10 months ago
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