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humble household have a Refund Grade of F.


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Refund - Difficult

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" Price was good - delivery took a long time. Had no need for return or refund. "
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous
" I am still only giving them three stars because they should have informed me that these kind of delays do happen, and that they would refund or resend after a certain date. "
posted 3 months ago - Janet
" Never received 2 solar floating fountains. Reported it to the company. I received a sympathetic reply without any proof the company was rectifying by problem. I have not been refunded my money I spent. I asked for a tracking number but never got one. Do not buy from this company! "
posted 3 months ago - Anonymous
" After 11 days of no tracking updates, I contacted them to ask them to either find the package, send it again, or refund my money. "
posted 4 months ago - Janet
" I wrote a review on their site complaining of the opening size, they removed it and then when I asked for a refund in time they said I had only a choice of shipping back to a Canadian Address I am in the USA - which means it would cost more than the product is worth. "
posted 4 months ago - Thelma A
" I took screen shots and sent of all issues, requested an actual working resolution to the problem: send a working product or refund. "
posted 4 months ago - Shelley Whitman
" I ordered two sets of car organizers with cup holders. While of good quality, the cup holders are too small to actually hold most cups. When I decided to pursue a refund, I found out that they are in Canada, and it would cost me mover than the value of the items to actually return it to them. Waste of money, time, and a total rip-off. "
posted 5 months ago - Anonymous
" I wish I had read their reviews beforehand because I can now see that it is pointless to try to get replacements or a refund. "
posted 8 months ago - Debbie F.
" When it became clear how late it was, I tried to pin down delivery date and request a refund but they would not offer that. "
posted 8 months ago - Anonymous
" Customer service did not respond to my emails regarding a refund until I opened a case up with PayPal. I emailed them multiple times for 5 weeks. Once i opened up a case, i received 5 responses in 2 days. They did eventually refund my money "
posted 9 months ago - Anonymous
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