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Open Studio - Jazz Lesson from Jazz Legends
Be a better jazz player, guaranteed.

Open Studio provides jazz education from today's leaders in jazz in an easy to use and interactive viewing environment.

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Open Studio have a Customer Happiness Grade of A. Customers love their prices, delivery and customer service.


Price - Excellent

Industry Average
I enjoy your courses ,good teachers ! I can hear what i have to learn . Thé explanation how to work are so good! But for me thé price is expénsive. 77 usd for enclosures . I you gg ivre thé chance to but others courses for 30 usd I will be thé best pupil of your school !
- Thierry H
Adam and Peter's lessons are great. They really seem like they enjoy teaching and sharing jazz with others, and that makes it all the easier to learn. Adam's patience with the metronome in the early lessons of Jump Start is heroic. But calming. I will be signing up for the $40/month sub as it's a small price to pay (plus paying will help motivate me that little bit more!)
- Christopher N
It was a delight to hear Dianne sing (isn't it always?) and share her insights on singing, jazz and performance. She's warm, personable, and she's a very encouraging teacher. Mighty generous of you guys to share her lead sheets! I've looked for her songbooks in the past, and this is a real bargain for the price. I have already begun to re-compose one of my own arrangements, following Diane's advice. What a treat!
- Juarez H

Delivery - Fast

Industry Average
Content is fantastic, and the delivery too.
- Marcos L
I am happy with the staff/musicians, instruction content, methods of content delivery including the visual keyboard aides, cost of course, and more.
- Hugh P
Absolutely amazing what’s on offer with Open Studio and the A class delivery. People who really care for the craft and want to share valuable knowledge.
- Jack N
Industry Average
I've already recommended the service to friends.
- Duncan H
Also LOVE the great musical community (feels like friends i've known forever) and the top notch customer service.
- Kevin
Love the community, incredible array of live performances and learning as well as the top notch customer service.
- Kevin