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Open Studio - Jazz Lesson from Jazz Legends
Be a better jazz player, guaranteed.

Open Studio provides jazz education from today's leaders in jazz in an easy to use and interactive viewing environment.

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I've already recommended the service to friends.
posted 1 year ago - Duncan H
Also LOVE the great musical community (feels like friends i've known forever) and the top notch customer service.
posted 1 year ago - Kevin
Love the community, incredible array of live performances and learning as well as the top notch customer service.
posted 1 year ago - Kevin
Charged bc I forgot to cancel. They refunded without me asking so top notch customer service. A+++
posted 1 year ago - Pedraja
Well structured, well explained lessons. Enthusiasm drooled across the keys. Friendly atmosphere and helpful support service. Access passes are immense value for money!
posted 1 year ago - Ryan D
The courses and service are amazing
posted 2 years ago - Jobin G
The service at Open Studio is also first class.
posted 2 years ago - Dennis G
Everything is top notch! The teachers, the lessons, the workbooks, the blog,the podcast, the customer service...EVERYTHING IS AMAZING! From beginner to pro level players, there are lessons for everyone! Can't say thank you enough!
posted 2 years ago - Sheena G
Every piano course offered here has been well thought out and delivers better quality, in depth examples and explanations. World class musicians teaching from basic fundamentals (so important!) all the way through to top of the class inspiring professional levels. Very reasonable deals offered for each course. Great customer service also.
posted 2 years ago - Elia
They have the most attentive crew, when it comes to customer service. I did a small mistake and purchased something I didn't intend. Their reply was inmediate and they refunded my money on the same day.
posted 2 years ago - Marvin