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Like the other customers, I ordered a microwave due to be delivered 4 - 5 days then notice it would be up to 17 - 20 days then nothing. Despite several messages, with positive replies, no delivery. I then demanded my money back. they said a refund would be made within 14 days. No refund. I reported to ACTION FRAUD who say no crime committed. I will be reporting this matter again.
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
Not much more to add. All the same as the other reviews this is what you get. Hello, We have confirmation that your product has entered European territory. Once the customs formalities have been completed, DHL will contact you to schedule the delivery time to your home. Thank you for your patient Alexandra
posted 1 year ago - Alan B
Cartbight shoptora took my money, said there was a long delay in delivery. I cancelled order. Months later still No refund! Absolute scammers! Reported them to french trading standards. Total fraudulent scammers. Do NOT buy from this disgusting company!!!!
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
After reading another review on trustpilot about shoptora have another concearn that is a lady recieved a chargeback from her bank the same as me from eurotexsell they have 30 days to dispute the dispute /payment and they have told her bank she signed for and recieved the pram of which is not the case she said the form they sent her bank had no delivery address on it and a signature that didn’t resemble or look like hers so iv got 30 days to find out if they dispute my chargeback payment so the process goes on one month in so far and scam company carry on takeing peoples money and trying to claim back payments that are due to people that requested chargeback due to no goods or refunds so I am only haveing a temporary chargeback payment until the 30 days period if no response from eurotexsell the payment is mine if they do the process carries on and I will have to report there claims to police and fraud department with my bank so this is still not completely resolved until January 10th 2020
posted 1 year ago - Jane
Took £125 no delivery Why is nothing getting done about these scammers
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
Ordered a free standing egg chair. Immediately had email delaying delivery to 15-20 days. Now 25 days on, no goods, no response to emails, very difficult to get 8n touch with. I d8 not think I will get my chair but this company needs to be taken off of Google. They are fraudulent & they are taking a lot of people for a ride with very little redress. It's shameful. Someone needs to do something.
posted 1 year ago - Bernice Coles
ordered a firestick from cartbright. Total scam!!! within hours of ordering received email extending delivery from 5 to 20 days. emailed back asking for cancellation of order and immediate refund. have now sent 8 emails. no reply to any of them. this site should be removed, disgraceful!!
posted 1 year ago - Mrs J MacIntyre
Regret having to give this scam 1 star where none is appropriate. I "bought" an Amazon Fire stick a month ago. Three days after purchase I was given an estimated delivery time of 15 to 20 days. Since then nothing heard and all attempts to e-mail have failed.
posted 1 year ago - Paul Coulson
On the 8th of November I paid £52.00 pounds for a keter storage box from shoptora when I finally received an email didn’t look right no delivery date so I looked in truspilot reviews to my horror ,horrendous reviews a scam etc so I emailed shoptora that I want a refund was ignored until the next day and same as other people 15/20 day delay etc but told them I want my money back I then rang my bank and Nat West fraud &disputes got to wait 15 days from payment and the bank cannot stop pending payment now gone out to eurotexsell so now got to wait ,they are trading as shoptora ,cartbright and shopozo when you write a review on trustpilot they report it so nobody can read your review that telling people there scammers ,please avoid this french or appears to be french company and eurotexsell who iv read is actually based in Africa the address in France is a house /flat they have used as there so called base address no one seems to have recieved there money back or goods on the reviews iv read not one out of hundred plus people I’m a 100% sure this is a scam !!
posted 1 year ago - Jane
This scam website they will take your money quickly and then you will never here from because they robbers if you have ordered with this you will never get delivery from best is report the fraud to your bank also to French authoritys .
posted 1 year ago - Muhammad Chowdry