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Had terrible service order never showed up, emails ignored when raised issue on PayPal no explanation or trying to put right - asked for them to send within a week and they refunded instead.
posted 1 week ago - Fran
I have to take it to the post office( during Covid 19, queuing for about an hour) when they receive the product the product they wrongly sent to me I would then get what I had paid for! Failing that they would refund 25% of the maple syrup, which I never wanted and don’t like.
posted 1 week ago - Anonymous
Do they think people are drinking the stuff, a weekly order?! I did not subscribe to anything intentionally and it definitely wasn't clear that this was the case as i wouldnt have done it! reading down the reviews, i realise this must be a clever little scam to get more money out of people as they won't refund me even though i have said i will return the goods to them.
posted 1 week ago - Penny Hadgraft
Absolute con. They are taking money weekly from my account on a continuous payment beware when you order with your debit card 💳 The products are disgusting just sweetener tasting absolutely vile and now I can’t cancel my “subscription” I’ve emailed and I get a generic answer I didn’t subscribe to anything. In the end I’ve contacted my bank (Barclays) they were brilliant they have blocked the payments from coming out and have set up a fraud case for me and refunded the cash they took! I’ve got another box of this rubbish on its way said an email this morning, that’s 3 loads in nearly 3 weeks AVOID
posted 2 weeks ago - Anonymous
AVOID!!! really, don't fall for this! you are trapped into a subscription and getting a refund is a nightmare. Really bad customer service, and although they reply, what they offer is unsatisfactory.
posted 3 weeks ago - Anonymous
Most disgusting sauces I've tasted - Nacho cheese tastes more like caramel. I bought 5 sauces and every single one tastes nothing like what's on the label. They also do not offer refunds, avoid at all costs and just buy the real sauce. The sweeteners counteract sugar in sauce anyway, waste of time and money. Very disappointing!
posted 4 weeks ago - Georgia
The website is annoying and tricky, i made an order (one single order) they charged me 3 times the same order saying that it was a subscription due to promotional price, good detail is that i don't even have an accound and now i have to pay to return the products at my costs to get a refund! Never ever will buy it again and will never let people i know buy it as well, it is kinda crime in my point of view.
posted 4 weeks ago - Bianca
I did get some of my order and the balance in a refund and the refund was for bundles that were no longer available but every product was available on the website.
posted 1 month ago - Clodagh Mahon
They are refusing to give me a refund .
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous
I’ve asked for a refund numerous times and keep getting denied the refund, even though I’ve not got my order? The attitude of the customer service advisors is disappointed, they don’t want to help at all.
posted 1 month ago - Chloe