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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Have had 2 raspberry pi4s sent out by this company,both with different faults,the first with a boot error,this unit looked like it was fsctory sealed, the second one has a display malfunction and produces a garbled display.This one was supplied in an opened ant-static bag and does not apear to be a new unit.All this has caused a great delay to my project.I have sent 3 emails to show the video artifacts i am getting from the returned unit.But have had no reply or decision made,yet you did ask me for this review as to how you are doing.One word sums up my experiance "terrible" so far
Posted 3 months ago
Wasa bit disappointed at first tried two monitors and a mocdfn TV. None would work the best we could do was to get a very distorted bad rainbow screen This was on both HDMI and DVI outputs A HT technition had a VGA adapter now it works fine just a lot of trouble and timeto get it working
Posted 3 months ago
My order never arrived! Which is a shame, usually I can't fault ThePiHut for their service. The support line offered a refund, and I'll be following up with this soon.
Posted 3 months ago
Was sent pi-aware instead of noobs. Have already emailed regarding this alas no reply. Would like a refund please. Bought my own SD card and did it myself. Unhappy
Posted 3 months ago
I'm absuletly sure that nobody will read this, but still need to let out my frustration. I ordered 2 IR cut cameras, and it seems none of them were working (never switched to night mode). This was already frustrating enough... I sent back the items using your return service, but even after more than a week I haven't heard back anyting from you. I think the lesson for me is that never order from pihut anymore.

As I said I don't expect anybody to read this...
Posted 3 months ago
Since I placed the order on June 12, I have not yet received the product.
Posted 3 months ago
The package didn't arrive after 2 weeks
Posted 3 months ago
My order made 1 month ago has still not been delivered . I have ordered from a different supplier so Pi-Hut will not get any future business from me. The lack of the small items in my order have seriously delayed dev. work on with our Rpi 4.
Posted 3 months ago
I ordered a Raspberry Pi 4 11 days ago and it still hasn’t arrived! So not really a lot to review, other than I currently have nothing to show for my £56.


Posted 3 months ago
I have not receive my order yet
Posted 4 months ago
Emailed customer support as the 3 key doesn’t work - still no response
Posted 4 months ago
Today is 10th day after shipping my order via DHL and 5th day after ETA but I still haven't received it. My order is still waiting for customs clearance because ThePiHut personnel forgot to attach invoice. I have created support ticket and asked to provide invoice ASAP but my parcel still waiting for paperwork.

It is the worst online shopping experience ever.
Posted 4 months ago
Has not arrived
Will update
Posted 4 months ago
The worst delivery service I could ever pay for a product.

17 days since I made the purchase and I still don't have the product with me. And the worst part is that I paid for that shipment.

No wonder more and more people are choosing to buy directly from China. I've made purchases in China that have arrived much faster than this purchase. Being a product that is within the European Union itself.

I placed this order, and it went from GB to DE, from DE to 2 different cities in Germany. From Germany he went to France and in France he jumped through 3 cities. How many more countries do you have to go through before you get there? I hope you at least arrive in good condition, the last time I shop in your shop. For these waiting times I prefer to look for other options.

Translated with (free version)
Posted 4 months ago
Pretty awful. Ordered something, was sent the wrong thing. Raised a ticket and was asked by support to RMA via a Post Office drop off...during lockdown...for a 12 quid case.
Posted 4 months ago
I'm in Ireland. Order made on 28 May. PiHut site says order fulfilled. Order dispatched via DHL, apparently it went to Frankfurt and DHL put it in the local post. Most items ordered from UK take 4-5 days to arrive via standard post, but I'm still waiting 12 days later (10 June) . I tried to contact Pi Hut but the site effectively hides contact info.

This is probably a DHL issue, but the info on their site is also terrible. The "How do I email The Pi Hut? " page does not have an email - it says open a support ticket, but I there is no option to do this on the page.

I'm trying to support a small business rather than further enriching Jeff Bezos, but not happy with:
a) DHL - why would you ship a parcel from Suffolk to Ireland via Frankfurt?
b) Inability to contact PiHut

Got an email from PiHut saying "Leave a Review" so here it is. The email I received is from a "no-reply" address and all the "support" and "contact us" links in the email just go to a FAQ page.

Unfortunately I would only consider using PiHut again if they ditched DHL for international shipments.
Posted 4 months ago
Just give 1 star because I can't give 0. The pi hut is already asking me how it was, when my order is "in route" for 9 days in the same place?!! 3-6 business day the said...
Please help me out! The last update I have for my "in route" order is from June 3rd. Just not recommending this website/store to anyone
Posted 4 months ago
cant give a proper review since after 10 days i still didn't receive it :(
Posted 4 months ago
Hi all, regarding my order. I’ve yet to receive it. According to tracking it’s somewhere in Frankfurt.
Posted 4 months ago
I´m very disappointed. I´ve ordered few items. They are still stuck with no progress for more than a week. If I want to return an item I have to pay the shipment myself, which in a proper seller never happens, always is free.
So as you may understand, I should have the items with me 4 or 5 days ago and I´m still waiting.
Posted 4 months ago
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