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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Device and electronics work as expected. Was VERY unhappy that it took well over two weeks to arrive. In fact, I notice that the order wasn’t even shipped until four days after receipt. I ordered from PiHut just because I’m tired of giving all my business to Amazon, but this sort of delivery experience will probably make me think twice next time.
Posted 3 months ago
Website was good but when I forgot to add an item to my order there was no way to add something later even with a support ticket. That meant cancelling the order and placing it again by which time the 8GB Pi4 was out of stock. Bad luck but pretty annoying!
Posted 3 months ago
Had I realized I ordered this from a UK company, I would never have done so. Their replacement policy states I shouldn't even raise a claim for a lost package until 25+ working days have passed since the expected due date. Well for starters, I have no tracking information provided, so that isn't an option. I just needed a rPi Zero W, a $10 item normally speaking; Amazon was offering it for $20 in 2 days, I thought I'd just save some money and order from PiHut, saved like $3, figured it was 3-5 day shipping. After 2 weeks of not receiving my package, my project still needed to be finished so I had to succumb to ordering one from Amazon anyways. It has been 30 days since I ordered it, and have still yet to receive it. I wanted to raise a ticket, however; 1) They ask I wait 25+ working days before doing so, which feels way too long, even for international shipping during the pandemic. Those expectations were not set during the purchase process, and I didn't discover this until 2 weeks after it had shipped, and 2) The website is a bit of a run around trying to find where I can raise the ticket at in the first place. The product, wherever it is, I'm sure works fine. If I can edit this review once I receive it, I'll happily report on the actual products working nature, however, I don't think anyone is here, reading a review, questioning the workings of the pi unit itself.
Posted 3 months ago
I am very satisfied with the convenience of ordering and the arrival time.
Not at all satisfied with the package. It was wrapped in a regular bubble wrap envelope and all the boxes were like pancakes. Miracle that something was healed at all. Since I ordered a Rasspberri Pi 4 2gb and a Micro SD to Sd adapter, I was afraid of the worst. Rpi was out of her unfortunate thin cardboard soft box and flew around in an envelope. It is also surprising that compared to the first model, there is no even an antistatic bag around the Rasspberry.
Posted 3 months ago
Overall the pi is a wonderful piece of kit, I don’t have the know how and would of benefited from an idiot guide also the motherboard didn’t fit in the casing and had to be filed down to fit.
Posted 3 months ago
Delivered quickly. Case very fiddly, had to physically bend the metal to make it fit for screwing - design makes it almost impossible to remove the SD card once assembled. More clarity on other things needed to get going (e.g. micro HDMI, SD, power supply/cable).
Posted 3 months ago
I wish I received my product, but I'm still waiting. Price was good and entire process were easy and fast so I wish I could give 5 stars...
Posted 3 months ago
Shipment from the hut to Finland did take about 2 weeks and the box it came in looked like DIY and not sturdy. The 7” displays packaging was deformed (squished) but luckily it seems to work apart from touch screen issues which hopefully can be resolved by software.
Posted 3 months ago
As expected
Posted 3 months ago
Oddly, the Pi Hit stated only 1 per customer (Raspberry Pi Zero W). So I just created a second order on the same day, minutes apart! and it seemed to allow it. May be they are short of funds and need the postage! Must be a COVID-19 thing! One was shipped one day, and the other shipped the second day!
Posted 4 months ago
La verdad es que la tienda me gusta mucho, puesto que tiene gran cantidad de productos para RasPi y de buena calidad.
El problema es con los envíos. Tanto con el precio como la velocidad. Hice el último pedido el día 1 de Junio y a día de hoy aún no me ha llegado (día 12 de Junio).
Posted 4 months ago
I really don't have a clue as I still have not received the parts I ordered.
The order process was slick. The wait time for the order to arrive is a bit long, longer than I expected.
Posted 4 months ago
Great service, staff couldn't be more helpful. Biggest downfall is the fact that so many items are out of stock all the time. By the time one item you want is in another is out so you can never get one order together so have to have loads of little ones and pay delivery charges multiple times.
Posted 4 months ago
I have not received my order at this time.
Posted 4 months ago
No comment, since I haven’t received my order yet.
Posted 4 months ago
It's a very good job you have Natalie or we would be taking our business elsewhere, she seems to be the only person that can get things done.
Posted 4 months ago
Tried to use it to charge my Sony XPERIA 1A phone, using a micro USB charger...
Result nothing! It was as if I hadn't plugged anything in. Same with a micro USB memory stick. However, the company responded extremely quickly to my order. Excellent setvice but total failure!
Posted 5 months ago
Excellent service: easy-to-navigate site, delivery was prompt. There were a few things out of stock at the time of ordering, which was annoying - I would've ordered more!
Posted 7 months ago
Received 4 pieces of (machine cut/shaped) flat plastic and a bag of screws.
Absolutely nothing included to explain how to break these up and construct a case from them.
I enjoy a challenge but a piece of paper with words/pics would've saved me time.
Posted 9 months ago
Would have been nice to have some type of instructions - even a diagram. Whole load of screws which aren't probably needed & which terminals do i use to provide power to the fan - not exactly thrilled.
Posted 10 months ago
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