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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
The site keeps bugging me to submit a review, but it doesn't tell me which from among the various items I have bought this review refers to. So I have nothing to say.
Posted 10 months ago
Fast delivery but some products lack descriptive material
Posted 11 months ago
Already had two of these, and wanted two more, but for some reason, the PiHut restricted my purchase to just one, so I had to go back a couple of days later and order another. Two lots of postage and a slight delay to complete my project. Once the order was accepted, dispatch was very quick, 5 starts for that part of the service. The Pis, of course, are fine, and now providing worldwide radio communications via a server backbone.
Posted 11 months ago
Package with Pi 4b, memory card etc all received and easy to setup. The Pi case runs very warm (and throttles the Pi), so swapped this out for a heatsink case.
Posted 11 months ago
I ordered a raspberry pi power supply, hoping to use it on my pi zero. How ever it has the wrong shape usb for a zero. I think the one I received is only for a pi 4. Any way I share the responsibility for the mistake, should have been more careful. But I suggest the webpage should specifically say it is not correct for pi 3and zero. It only says ‘Built specifically for the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B ‘ Not everyone will know the pi 4 is different to pi 3and zero. Especially as the other power supplies are sold out and so one is drawn to this one.
Posted 1 year ago
Some static susceptible components not packaged adequately.
Posted 1 year ago
First time shopping at PiHut.
Service good - bought rpi 4B, case and bits.
Disappointed that my review of the case was not posted on the site. Tried to be objective even though a little critical. Wasted time and effort with honest but pointless feedback. Hence only 3stars.
Posted 1 year ago
Good store and have everything I needed, although poor selection of cases mostly "out of stock" or "coming soon" I did send a message, via their Facebook, asking when the case Unwanted would be in stock bit never received a response so ordered elsewhere.
Posted 1 year ago
Reviewing for a chance of a fifty GBP gift card. Coolers / heatsinks should be included with motherboard.
Posted 1 year ago
Tengo adquirido diverso material a esta empresa,siempre cumpliero,ahora bin,desde que se compra a que se recibe el producto la comunicacion,salvo un escueto mail,es totalmente nula,eso si,l correo es bien empleado para puli no solicitada
Posted 1 year ago
Had to preorder a gravity ct sensor. The info displayed on the website was sufficient to make a decision. Will update when the items arrived but they mention a waiting period between 7 to 10 days, but that is not guaranteed.
Posted 1 year ago
Ordered items, but upon arrival the weak packaging was ripped and boxes damaged in transit. Items seem ok.
Posted 1 year ago
One of the first to recieve one in UK, and connected a standard Fell monitor and a 4k one. Used and older SD Card from mk 1 Pi and a modern usb3 memory stick.

Booked up using approved OS and it took an age (hours) to get to desktop.

This should be backward compatible and far easier to run old devices.

After all theres years using these devices should be simple.

I have the top model and not used since day one.... will try again in a month once isdues have settled down
Posted 1 year ago
happy with service and delivery, was a little bit let down when receiving the pi after finding out none of the operating systems work other than the buster operating system and majority of the software isnt compatible, 2 weeks later and i finally got kodi to work.
But seriously happy with the service, defo will shop with pi hut again
Posted 1 year ago
The pi platform is improving.... but still is woefully underpowered for anything but a novelty or educational purposes. In those roles, it’s not bad.

The 4 has better performance generally than every model before it, but it’s only a minor improvement, and it will still struggle with anything but a fairly basic task.

It’s getting there.... I would say the processor is almost there, performs quite well - but the gpu needs one hell of a lot of work, it cannot do what it claims - 4K is doable for images, but it struggles highly with any video at that resolution - stored or streamed - otherwise, it needs more memory and it needs the ability to interface with a sata device - m.2 would seem an obvious choice - sd cards just aren’t fast enough.

Getting there.... but not quite there yet
Posted 1 year ago
About my 10th purchase, previously a good experience but wanted a pi4 kit but no stock, got a pi4 but no hdmi cables, tracking number not uch use, more info such as carrier etc would help. Ending up having to make multiple orders incurring delays and extra carriage charges
Posted 1 year ago
Great for the price. Gets pretty hot when doing anything slightly computationally expensive then throttles itself. Would love if there was a good cooling solution provided or advice on getting the best performance.
Posted 1 year ago
The product is good, the service was good, the packaging was poor. Very little protection to the contents. It did however arrive intact and safe - but could easily have suffered damage, after all a Raspberry Pi is delicate.
Posted 1 year ago
Was late arriving but resolved, does not come in original Pi packaging though...
Posted 2 years ago
Only sent half the order. Had to chase them up , and then they sent missing item
Posted 2 years ago
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