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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Parts were missing, still no use sending it back, as shipping would be more expensive.
Posted 5 days ago
Je n'ai trouvé aucune info ni Utube ni papier accompagnant mon module.
Je l'ai assemblé en me demandant pourquoi il me reste un paquet de vis et quincaillerie ???
Le pire fut de tenter de comprendre comment gérer les acétates et/ou plastic couvrant l'écran.
Le résultat est que mon écran est pleine de "poche d'air"
Il fonctionne quand-même.
Robert Boivin
Posted 1 week ago
For the first time the pi hut has not delivered as it says on the tin! I bought the Servo Kit for Raspberry Pi because it says "Get started with servos and the Raspberry Pi ! The Monk Makes Servo Kit is an easy way to make cool projects with servos and the Raspberry Pi." Unfortunately that has not been my experience so far.
On the positive side, the pdf provides a great description for connecting the hardware. That took about 2minutes.
However, the software side was a disaster. The servo six software is no longer supported on github. I downloaded it anyway because I thought that although not updated, since it was still available, it would drive the servos. No! The example py had an error that said that the servo six module didn't exist. So I went over to the site recommended by Simon Monk on within and ran the first programme for determining the limits of the servo. The programme appeared to run but the servo did nothing! I tried another programme on that site with the same result.
I can't imagine I have two dead servos and I presume that the servo software is correct. So, I must be doing something wrong, but as a begunber, I haven't a clue what to do next.
In the meantime, I at least have a battery pack ( if I find a need for one) and a leaf for the gpios.
Shame because I had a great project lined up for them.
So, if your not starting out with servos and you know what you're doing, they're probably great, but, if like me, you're just starting, this is NOT the kit you're looking for!😕😤
Posted 1 week ago
I received all my items (have not tested them yet) after two weeks (I get it - COVID), but my main issue is that the Invoice was sent only after the payment and only then I realized that they used VAT 0% (I specified that I'm buying as a VAT-paying company), but left the original prices that include UK`s 20% VAT. When I asked for a refund, they told me that they cannot verify companies as VAT-payers (b****hit, there are many official registries in Europe).
Posted 1 week ago

my order #533796 has yet to arrive. I ordered it nearly 1 month ago (6AUG) and it has not shown up. when I click on the tracking number, ( it says it is still enroute and in flushing, NY with a status that hasn't been updated in over 3 weeks. I realize that international shipping can take a while but having no information leads me to believe that something is wrong with the shipment Can you assist? thanks
Posted 3 weeks ago
After 20 calendar days my order has still not been delivered. I'll leave another -hopefully better review once it arrives.
Posted 3 weeks ago
The service was great and I got my Pi 4 etc in a couple of days.

The raspberry pi 4 is a big disappointment. I’ve owned all kinds of maker style cards and never had the issues that I’ve had with the pi 4. Currently , we use tinker board S and previously Odroid X4’s as mini-Nas for our test equipment. The previous raspberry pi’s were not powerful enough for use. So, I was keen to try the pi4. The first one I purchased off Amazon, and I never got a boot screen so I binned it, literally.

The second , was the delivery from yourselves. Again no screen on boot. After many attempts the monitor got a sync and I got into config to fix the HDMI settings. This has improved things but there is still only a 50% chance of the monitor getting a picture on boot.

I really believe that this should work out of the box as did all my previous raspberry pi’s including zero’s. I’ve used banana and orange pi’s, pine 64, odroid c2 and x4, tinkerboard S, firefly, Pynq, zed boards, Jetson Nano, ultra 96, all with no issues.
I’ll persevere and perhaps we can use the pi4 via ssh to do what we want.
Posted 2 months ago
The items have not arrived yet after 2 weeks since I ordered. Even corona/Wuhan virus, it is too long to arrive. I wonder the packet may diverted to my future address at Moon.
Posted 3 months ago
Ordered and received my anemometer quickly. However what I received was a used broken item complete with note from previous customer with all their details....
Posted 3 months ago
Ordered almost a month ago, nothing has arrived and no updates, but I did get asked to review my order by Jamie... so here's my review.
Posted 3 months ago
Shipment already not received, during my order (05/06/20), it was noticed that shipment would be received in 3 working days...
Posted 3 months ago
Good web site experience but it’s Jun 12 and I have still not received the product I ordered on May 31.
Posted 3 months ago
Would love to write a review of my order, but my order has not arrived yet. I placed my order on Wednesday May 27th and received an email telling me my order had shipped on Friday May 29th... it is now June 8th and I am beginning to wonder where it is. It would have been nice if there had been some kind of tracking number included with the shipping notification of my order, or at least an estimated delivery date. I have no way of knowing where my delivery is right now or who is supposed to be delivering it :-( Any updates on my delivery would be appreciated.
Posted 3 months ago
I would love to write a review, but my order has still not arrived. It seems to have 'disappeared' somewhere between Germany and Spain. It's impossible to find any way to contact DHL/DPD about this. Very disappointed.
Posted 3 months ago
After 5 weeks Item never arrived. Now waiting for second item that was shipped.
Posted 1 year ago
If you return, thy would over charge you for return postage, try to avoid!
Posted 2 years ago
SD doesnt work
Posted 2 years ago
I pay extra for express (2-3 days) delivery and the item came after 10 days
Posted 2 years ago
Incorrect items sent. Very poor service. Blasé apathy about resolving.
Posted 2 years ago
Did not work! Defective!
Posted 2 years ago
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