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The Pi Hut 5 star review on 27th February 2021
Magnus Helleberg
The Pi Hut 5 star review on 25th February 2021
Paul Wesson
The Pi Hut 5 star review on 25th February 2021
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The Pi Hut 5 star review on 24th February 2021
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The Pi Hut 5 star review on 24th February 2021
Paul O
The Pi Hut 5 star review on 23rd February 2021
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The Pi Hut 5 star review on 22nd February 2021
Simon Chadwick
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I am still waiting, tick tock - tick tock. I now sleep next to the mailbox in hopes the mailman will awaken me with my package of pico goodies. Until that day I will slumber away here on the cold ground with dreams of yet to come raspberry pi fun running thru my head.

Posted 5 days ago
I have still not received it
Posted 6 days ago
The new pico board totally messed up. What happens when boot, main and others are garbled. Instructions always assume everything goes well.
Much prefer PyBoard or Arduino Nano.
Posted 6 days ago
I have been waiting for weeks for the part I ordered. Worst and much more expensive shipping than China. I have never had a good experience. To be fair, I am waiting on a Pi Pico and I know they are in high demand but the indication was that the part was in stock when I ordered. I got a couple from a local store. Pi Hut is slow and does not communicate on shipping issues. This is the last time I will play the lottery and order from Pi-Hut. I still haven't received my order. Questions below do not apply.
Posted 1 week ago
Took nearly four weeks to be delivered.
Posted 1 week ago
Order arrived quickly but for speed of setting up my new rPi4 I ordered a 16Gb Noobs sdcard which didn't work until I did a re-write with another OS...
Posted 1 week ago
It took more than two weeks to deliver my order.
Posted 1 week ago
Bought for hubby for birthday. He's not happy. The Pi 400 doesn't even do basic stuff. Can't connect to Bluetooth speaker, no headphone jack. Struggles with more complex sites (eg, Outlook mail). Can't get USB camera working with Zoom. I knew it would be a pared down experience, but a lot of this stuff is bare bones.
Posted 2 weeks ago
I ordered a few components including the new raspberry pi pico. Upon delivery I noticed a half of the parts I’d ordered were missing. I contacted customer support and received a reply about 2 days later, where I was told my missing parts were going to be shipped out to me. Upon receiving the package I had received most of the missing parts but still missing 1 item. Although, I did get a free pi pico included in, so that was nice. However, I was a little disappointed that these mistakes were made not once but twice.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Subscribed to Hackspace with a pico pi 13 days ago. Have received nothing yet. Whats the holdup?
Posted 2 weeks ago
I thought my order is still on way to my home because I still did not recieve it, can you tell me what is going on?
Posted 3 weeks ago
I recently placed an order via the Pi-Hut website and was just about to complete the purchase via PayPal when I decided to quickly check the price of another item in a separate browser window - deciding that it was too expensive for what it was - I proceeded to continue the PayPal payment - unfortunately I had added the item to my basket in the other browser window and when I committed to the Paypal payment it combined both. realising the mistake and not wanting to have to go through the whole unnecessary returns process I sent a support email immediately. This was not answered to around 4 hours later when I was told the item had been dispatched and would have to return it - As someone who has a family member in their home that is shielding, I cannot take the risk of visiting a Post Office unnecessarily. While I appreciate that before the pandemic it was a sign of quality for PiHut to quickly dispatch items - little thought has been given to the plight of people who cannot return items but gave plenty of notice of cancellation before despatch. I am now stuck with an item that I do need and I am financially out of pocket. I do not expect PiHut to do anything about it - I just ask that in the current environment should you not be giving people ample opportunity to cancel so that they do not need to visit a public place unnecessarily?
Posted 3 weeks ago
Unfortunately the Pi400 came with an SD card with a previous-users setup. It didn't response to the standard raspberry password, so fixed that, and indeed previous user's browsing history and passwords saved on the card. Disconcerting. So, the already-opened mouse and Pi400 were clearly not new. Junked Raspian and that SD card, and am now running 64-bit Ubuntu.

Would have been a great experience, other than the security concern. And already-used hardware.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Hi, I think you are a great company, but I am giving a low rating given the delays experimenting shipping to Ireland due to Brexit. I understand this is not entirely your fault, but I probably will not order from you for PI products in the future if they are shipped from the UK, now outside the EU. Probably would be worth considering a branch in the EU to supply your EI customers.
Posted 4 weeks ago
Still have not received the product I ordered. Order was "shipped" on December 14, 2020 and still have not received it. Contacted Customer Service, who had no information on where the shipment was as their basic shipping does not include tracking. They "shipped" a replacement on January 11, 2021, but that still has not arrived and it's two weeks later. Was told last week to let them know if I still don't have it after another two weeks.

Would think it would be wise for them, as every other company I order from, would have tracking on all shipments to aid in tracking down missing shipments as well as letting customers know when their shipment will arrive.
Posted 1 month ago

The products came just fine and we’re not damaged at all. The problem I have is that I was working on a very important project and I ordered twice with piHut to receive essential materials. I paid for two day delivery twice and the order was not fulfilled by the team at piHut until maybe 3-6 days later.

I understand there was a holiday around the time but I would like a refund for the 40 GPB I paid and didn’t feel was fulfilled properly.

This is an area I feel piHut can greatly improve on. As a suggestion the company should give a certain service for orders that expected the fastest delivery the order should be fulfilled on time and quickly.

Thank you for your time.
Posted 1 month ago
I'm still waiting for delivery. It looks like this is waiting someware in Germany for a days without any new events.


Mon, December 28, 2020 at 5:49 PM
Wolfenbüttel, HR
Posted 1 month ago
Die Order ist bis heute immer noch nicht angekommen und der gelieferte Tracking-Link liefert auch keinerlei Informationen. Der einzige Grund warum ich nicht einen Stern vergeben habe, liegt daran, dass der Kontakt zum Kundenservice gut war.
Posted 1 month ago
I was disappointed in the time it took for me to receive the product. Pi Hut processed the order promptly but the mail services in our countries were slow in handling. It was almost a month between order and delivery.
Posted 2 months ago
I have not receive my items yet. I ordered on 7th of December...
Posted 2 months ago
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