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The Pi Hut 5 star review on 27th February 2021
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The Pi Hut 5 star review on 25th February 2021
Paul Wesson
The Pi Hut 5 star review on 25th February 2021
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The Pi Hut 5 star review on 24th February 2021
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The Pi Hut 5 star review on 24th February 2021
Paul O
The Pi Hut 5 star review on 23rd February 2021
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The Pi Hut 5 star review on 22nd February 2021
Simon Chadwick
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Good product and quick shipping.
However, living in EU I didn't notice that due to brexit there were taxes to be paid for (the pi hut didn't mention them at any moment of the buying process and being about the same price as in EU shops I expected them to be included) and that DHL would charge me about 20 € extra just to manage the tax payment, so 40€ extra in total.
I ended up paying much more than buying inside the EU.
Posted 10 hours ago
Because of the BREXIT i had to pay 52 euro customs services.
Posted 3 days ago
Products are good and great choice. But the website forced me to pay in foreign currency (not USD), and the exchange rate caused the prices to be 30-40% more than my expectation. Then it took them more than a week to fulfill the order and another several days of the carrier holding the order before transatlantic travel. Once USPS captured the shipment, it was handled with effeciency. All-in-all, I think ThePiHut did very well on this small transaction, me, not so much. :(
Posted 5 days ago
It's a great product but...
Most schools are using Microsoft Teams for online school and this product is not compatible
Please sort this issue and I will give a 5 star review because your product is great and affordable
Posted 5 days ago
My last order, which comprised to Raspberry Pi Coffee nuts were very poorly packed and they arrived to our address broken. Each mug had inside Pi Hut Kit Number 103532, with not packaging and the whole package was inserted into a thin cardboard box.

My shipment arrived broken, in spite of DHL Airborne shipping.

Sadly, I am registering a concern that you will have to address to other important customers.


Dhirendra Damji, (Longtime loyal Customer)
Tempe, Arizona, USA
Posted 6 days ago
No Customs declaration on the box, had to do the paperwork myself and wait until everything was done.
Also no reminder on the home page that since 01/2021 you have to pay import taxes from UK to EU.
Everything else was perfectly fine.
Posted 6 days ago
The setup is great apart from no sound output.have tried numerous ways to get sound out of the raspberry pi 400 but to no avail.not impressed at all
Posted 6 days ago
The product arrived on time and was well packaged. Some instructions would have been much appreciated rather than the legal document. Other information or a change in the product could have been useful. Is a fan going to be needed if so perhaps the kit could be modified.
all the best
Posted 1 week ago
Poor Packaging. At least you would have put a Silica gel pouch to absorbs the moisture. It’s a minimum requirement for electronics packaging especially in winter season....
Thanks for your time to validate the customer feedback. Feels like you have quality control and improvement plans....all the very best...
Posted 1 week ago
i didnt receive it
Posted 1 week ago
My purchase was a HANNspree HT161HNB 15.6" Touch Monitor. This monitor has a 1366x768 resolution specification. Which by default Linux screen resolution doesn't support. Thanks to community support you can manually entered command and configured the 'xrandr' it is working fine as intended.
Posted 1 week ago
I have still not received my order. And it still says fulfilled. I have sent an email and still no reply.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Service and delivery was excellent. However my 4gb Pi 4 failed to boot. I thought it was a the SD car with OS on had failed so I had to reload it. I found out the actually the eprom on the computer had failed. This required a download. It's a know problem and I don't believe that it should have been shipped with the fault. Not Fit for Purpose
Posted 3 weeks ago
The import tax billed and cashed in by DHL was a surprise I just had to digest. I'd propose you to to hint on that and give customers informations about european import taxes. I paid additional € 42,05 for a bill of GBP 109,10, so I was lucky I didn't order a few more items which appeared just attractive to me.
The Pi fulfilled my expectations as a desktop alternative basically - unfortunately there's a big problem with upgrading the OS, because what you get in European countries is a manipulated version providing you with leaks equal to the notorious "Federal Trojan"
There is now that Rasberry Pi imager tool on, but what I miss is an instruction how to get a clean upgrade without having professional Linux skills.
Posted 4 weeks ago
Bought a replacement PSU with switch for my Pi3b, went for the one with higher power output only to find it was for the Pi4 and for some obscure reason the designers of the Pi have changed the type of USB socket, this isn't made clear on the web site that ought to have some where "For Pi4 ONLY" they have also changed the HDMI socket to a mini, why? I decided not to bother returning it as I might in the future upgrade to the Pi4 or whatever is available in the future.
Posted 4 weeks ago
Your company works well.
This order was second for me from your company, but I'm afraid it will be the last. Not your fault, seems after the Brexit, there is big problems with the shipments from UK to my country. There was 2 days negotiations, conversations, some strange documents that I have to fill, and finally I had to paid additional 65 BGN (about 30 GBP) to DHL, to get the shipment from you. Sorry, but I would not order again if I have to experience this again, and pay to DHL Bulgaria the amount that is almost like the amount for all shipment including shipping charges. Sorry, never again.
If I need something from your company, and I can't find from other, I will find a way: friends in UK, to get the things from you and bring to me personally.

Best regards,
Jordan Velkov
Posted 1 month ago
I bought the E-Ink Display Module 1.54" and Panel Driver Shield for Arduino, I couldn't get it to work, nothing on the display at all.
I raised a support ticket with PiHut but was directed to the manufacturers, WaveShare, for support but they were a bit slow and not able to resolve the problem.
On the plus side, PiHut were helpful when I returned the order and I did receive a credit.
Posted 1 month ago
Not much communication. After I placed my order I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get the items. Ok for like £10 but would feel uncomfortable paying hundreds of pounds for something from my first experience.
Posted 1 month ago
I paid for next day delivery, £9.99 which was Not done. I therefore request a full refund for the £9.99 as the delivery failed to be here as paid for. The products were excellent, my other half was very pleased with his present. I was disappointed that it wasn't delivered as paid for. I wouldn't say another order isn't un likely but won't be on next day delivery!!.
Posted 1 month ago
Ordered the clear case for the Raspberry Pi Zero. Simple enough to put together but easily breakable given it’s only plastic and should have come with at least basic instructions or a link to an instructional video. Doubt Pi Hut will bother to address this though so be careful if you order this item because shipping costs more than the case. Brilliant case though nonetheless.
Posted 1 month ago
The Pi Hut is rated 4.97 based on 60,998 reviews