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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Looks good.
Haven't tried it yet.
Both times I've ordered, package has been damaged.
Posted 3 days ago
Info on product page was not clear.

Ordered PoE hat case expecting it to have the PoE hat built in.
Posted 1 week ago
Achat un peu confus: des fois les prix sont en £ des fois en € et des fois c'est le prix en euros mais avec le symbole £. J'ai fait confiance mais normalement ce genre de bug me pousse à partir avant d'acheter.

Pour ce qui est de la livraison, c'est dommage qu'un envoi de l'Angleterre pour la France passe par Francfort, ça rajoute du temps.
Posted 2 weeks ago
I received the order but after almost 20 days in Greece.
Posted 2 weeks ago
The pi4 was ok but the case I bought from you was badly designed. The 2xHDMI ports cutouts in the side wall are too small. The moulding on the mini HDMI plugs I was using on my cables wouldn’t go though the holes and connect to the HDMI sockets. I had spend several hours filing the plastic to make the rectangular holes bigger. Once I’d done that they worked.
Posted 2 weeks ago
I have to be honest here - the ease with which you can order, the speed of delivery & refunding the return was excellent. What was poor was the recommended fan for the clear case not having the correct screws to fit it & this was a disappointment (if only a cheap purchase). Much worse than this though was the Raspberry Pi 4B 8Gb that came in the starter kit. What a piece of junk. It wouldn't install the OS from the supplied SD card at all, the "product help" on the webpage didn't help at all & thus I ended up writing an updated OS image to a much better quality SD card than is supplied with the starter kit. That managed to install, update & then continually shut down after 1 - 2 minutes. The conclusion? Despite the claims that all Pis are all tested, they obviously aren't. For any prospective buyers, don't waste your money on it. The company is ok to deal with, but the 4B 8Gb is utter toilet.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Order arrived quicky and was as decribed.

It would have been better if we could see the postage cost before entering all the details.
Posted 1 month ago
I ordered Cluster HAT Case v3.0 and the 5V Fan for Raspberry Pi.
While the case fulfilled expectations the fan did much more than
expected: it makes a noise like a fighter jet. It is absolutely useless.
Posted 1 month ago
The quality of the mounting plate for "High Quality Camera" is a bit disappointing: the screws don't tighten in the stand-offs, and one of the stand-offs in the set has not been manufactured properly.
Posted 1 month ago
My 3 start review comes from expectations VS reality. I ordered from the store due to my expectation that all products will have good Raspberry PI support, and unfortunately that was not the case.
The product in question is in line with what I would buy in any generic store. Which is fine, but does not match my expectation when making purchases from this store.
Posted 1 month ago
I ordered a complete Pi4 kit but I accidentally ordered a Pi3 HDMI cable, my fault for not noticing, but also your bad for not making that really clear on the listing and also for not checking the order, noticing the potential error and warning me. So I had to source an adapter separately.

Consider programming a "Configure your own Pi Bundle" option which starts with the Pi type, and thereafter excludes all incompatible options. Like buying a Dell desktop. If you already have such a thing on the site, I didn't notice it so its no good.

I paid extra for "Express" delivery, two of us waited in all day, then in the evening we received a DHL "sorry you were out when we called" email. Liars, there is NO possibility that we missed them. On my complaint you immediately refunded the delivery charge in full which was good service. Get yourself some reliable couriers, its better to admit fault and put it right rather than to tell stupid lies about it. "We're really sorry, traffic delays meant we couldn't get to you today as we planned. We promise to deliver your package tomorrow, without fail, we have automatically refunded the extra you paid for Express delivery."

The kit itself was well packaged and works perfectly.
Posted 1 month ago
use the small spacers to lock the board to the bottom.
there is no way to lock the top plate unless you buy additional spacers, since the provided built in ones cannot be screwed to the POE hat board... the result is a loose case that would be much better is the top spacers had 1 side with the screw like the bottom small ones
Posted 1 month ago
The shopping experience was first class but the item I purchased is not.

I purchased a mini USB speaker. Even with the computers volume control at max the speaker is not loud enough and NO, although ancient, I am NOT deaf.

Richard Greenly
Posted 2 months ago
It's been almost a month and I haven't received my package. I'm waiting until the 19th when it will be officially lost to complain to support
Posted 2 months ago
Der Hat 2.5 mag gut funktionieren können, kann ich leider nicht wirklich testen da ich kein 4Stk Pi Zeros habe. Die Organisation von ihnen macht aber nicht möglich 4 Stk Pi Zeros zu kaufen. Pro Person kann überall nur ein Pi Zero gekauft werden.
Auch wenn ich 4 meine Freunde ersuchen würde mir ein PI Zero zu kaufen... ringe ich mit mir wegen die 4X berechneten Versandkosten und die 4X Umweltverschmutzung was ich damit verursache....
wenn sie schon HAT's, für Cluster mit Pi Zeros verkaufen, dass Sie ebenfalls Pi Zeros zur Verfügung stellen!

bitte denken Sie um. Entweder Hat's mit Cluster oder keine, wenn aber doch - dann aber auch Pi' Zeros's in entsprechende Anzahl ermöglichen.
Posted 2 months ago
Bought a Pi Zero W and a Hammer header (solderless) GPIO. They both work fine but the global experience with The Pi Hut was subpar.

There was no tracking number given.
It took more than a week to receive the parcel.
And the Solderless GPIO came without a jig...

So I had to hammer it without anything to keep it straight. Come on. Almost all sellers selling a solderless GPIO are providing a jig. But not the Pi Hut.
Posted 2 months ago
Bought on behalf of my parents for my boyfriend- they had no idea what to expect but unfortunately it wasn't a great first impression, even with tracked delivery- the lack of internal packaging meant that the Pi rattled around inside, and the Pi's actual box was badly crushed, even though the packaging box was not. They were very surprised that it had been sent out in this condition, but unfortunately with it being a present we don't have the time to return it and won't know if it was damaged until it's opened.
Will order from Amazon next time, I'm afraid.
Posted 2 months ago
I liked the service however there were instances when my products did not arrive in time and sometimes they arrived broken resulting in me having to constantly ask for support via mail which took about a week to get answered.
Posted 2 months ago
Arrived earlier than expected.
However, two separate orders arrived in the same envelope but I was still charged p+p for both which was disappointing.
Posted 2 months ago
Device and electronics work as expected. Was VERY unhappy that it took well over two weeks to arrive. In fact, I notice that the order wasn’t even shipped until four days after receipt. I ordered from PiHut just because I’m tired of giving all my business to Amazon, but this sort of delivery experience will probably make me think twice next time.
Posted 2 months ago
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