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About Transcendental Meditation:

An evidence-based technique for inner peace and wellness. It's absolutely effortless, taught one-to-one by certified teachers, and guaranteed. We've taught over 6 million people, and hundreds of published research studies have found it to be highly effective on stress and anxiety, brain function, and cardiovascular health.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Simple, convenient, effective.
(West Los Angeles, CA) - Posted 2 months ago
Great has helped me so much
(Downtown Manhattan, NY) - Posted 2 months ago
It quenches that persistent need you didn’t know you had
(Albuquerque, NM) - Posted 2 months ago
The more I practice, the better it gets. I find it easy and my normal/average meditation time is 20 - 30 minutes. It goes by so quickly... So refreshing and brings peace to my soul.
(Honolulu, HI) - Posted 2 months ago
There are many ways to meditate. I sought out TM because of its practicality. It has been a short time but I’m finding it to be very worthwhile and what I was seeking.
(Santa Barbara, CA) - Posted 2 months ago
Very easy to learn.
(Vermont, VT) - Posted 2 months ago
I wish I could give a million stars! Life changing! What a gift I’ve been given! I’ve passed this gift to my 12 year old son. I’ve experienced so much peace, calmness and just overall happiness since I’ve started. Life is just getting better and better everyday.
(Fairfield County, CT) - Posted 2 months ago
I am a week in and I am really enjoying my mediations everyday. I can’t say that I’m seeing any real changes yet in my life but I am confident that will come with more time and I believe in the science behind it so regardless if I see the change or not it will be something I incorporate in my daily routine.
(Ashburn, VA) - Posted 2 months ago
It's helping.
(Cleveland, OH) - Posted 2 months ago
I find the technique easy to implement, but struggle with the afternoon TM practice due to my schedule and commitments.
(New Haven, CT) - Posted 2 months ago
The technique is easy and effortless to learn and practice. The benefits are tremendous; it gives me a positive mindset and clarity in my thinking and emotions. I would highly recommend TM to all.
(Manhattan Grand Central) - Posted 2 months ago
Excellent teachers who explained everything, answered all questions and made the entire experience enjoyable.
(Evanston, IL) - Posted 2 months ago
The effect is immediate, starting the moment you first close your eyes and let your mantra gently open a space for your mind and body to be. Try it - at best it will change your life, at worst you'll never do it again. You have nothing to lose.
(Sacramento, CA) - Posted 2 months ago
It was easy. And I noticed how difficult it is to teach "easy" or re-introduce "easy" to life.
(Palm Beach Island, FL) - Posted 2 months ago
It was a very pleasant experience. Barbra and Mark were very thoughtful and answered all questions.
(Mount Laurel, NJ) - Posted 2 months ago
I am beyond happy with TM. Its helped me so much in the short amount of time I've been practicing.
(Summit County, CO) - Posted 2 months ago
Enjoying it thus far. I am glad I decided to begin the practice of TM. I wish I had started this earlier in life.
(West Los Angeles, CA) - Posted 2 months ago
Very useful.
(Brooklyn, NY) - Posted 2 months ago
Excellent! Wish I found you 3p years ago!!
(Bergen County, NJ) - Posted 2 months ago
TM has really changed my life. This practice is so simple and effortless. I finally found a meditation that works for me. I encourage you to find TM center in your area and go to an informational session. My TM teacher Chuck was amazing!
(Bloomington, IN) - Posted 2 months ago
Transcendental Meditation is rated 4.77 based on 1,330 reviews