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Never again.
My 16 week old toy breed puppy tried to eat a cigarette butt on a walk this evening, I managed to pull out of his mouth as he nearly ingested it & he seemed fine. Ate his evening food an hour or so after & was fine. 2 hours after that I came to see him shaking, wobbly, disorientated & staring vacantly like he was drunk. He was clearly not himself I tried getting him to drink water or have an icecube (which he normally loves & he just had no reaction). So I panicked & took him to vets now (my usual vet is lovely- only charged £30 for antibiotics despite 3 vets visits due to burst abscess a few weeks prior- but being a Sunday eve was closed & had vets now listed as their out of hours service). While I appreciate this is an out of hours service I still find the costs extremely excessive. He was seen for approx 5 mins & I was charged £150 despite them saying nothing was wrong with him, he seemed fine but they hadn’t done any blood tests. So basically it cost me £150 for them to “look at him”. I felt relieved obviously first & foremost... but I am still not sure my puppy is ok. When I returned home I took him out to the toilet in the garden & he just sat & stared at the floor & didn’t go to the toilet & I had to carry him in as he couldn’t get up the back step. I am really annoyed they didn’t check for anything else or properly do anything as he really isn’t himself still. So my mind is not at ease & after just being made redundant due to Covid-19 I really could have done without a £150 for less than basic checkover. Hopefully I can claim this on my insurance without a ridiculous costly excess. This is clearly a money-making scheme to over-charge pet owners when they are at their most vunerable & have nowhere to turn. Surely 5 mins of their time is not worth £150. My main concern is the health of my pup & I hope my puppy returns to his usual self as I don’t feel 100% that his check up was thorough or even based on real care for animals. Only upside was staff were friendly.
Posted 1 day ago
I would not touch them i am in a group of 1000 who all have bad complaints about their treatment and outrageous charges like mine was neglected and charged £2000 for her to die
Posted 1 week ago
My daughters dog was not well on a Sunday and this was emergency vets directed to.
Very polite and well treated in car park and because of COVID she was taken in alone.
Returned to tell us that problem was neurological because of the way she was behaving and would require head scan. This proved negative although costing£1,500.
She then required body scan which found possibly cancer. They said they could treat her but she would only survive a few months at best.
Not wishing to put her through any more trauma we decided to say goodbye and not see her suffer.
She was in from Sunday afternoon until the Tuesday afternoon when she was put to sleep.
My daughter had insurance up to £3000 pounds with the usual conditions.
The final bill was £2,700 which we had to pay as only £500 was paid by insurance company
I feel that although we were treated courteously we were put in a very difficult position while under stress. I am almost certain if our own vet had been available he would have given us better advice and although outcome would have been same the cost for tests could have been reduced.
Posted 1 week ago
Last week a dog was taken to Vets Now out of hours emergency, after it had been bitten by my son's dog. Despite, both myself and the other dog owner's belief that there was minor/limited injury to the dog, as a responsible dog owner, i encouraged the owner to seek a vets assurance that all was well.
Less than 15 hours later, im left with a cost off 1100+!?!?!

I was shocked by the excessive cost of treatment for what we believed to be minor injuries. Furthermore, despite the cost, several days later, a lump had come up on the dogs belly, which may have been from an infection, which we believed the Vet had managed!!
Now we were informed that the dog may need an operation!!!

More cost!!! At what point and by who will the rising costs of vets bills be explored and looked into? I feel that responsible dog owners are taken advantage of at a time when the are vulnerable and will do anything to help their pets!! Please feel free to explore my payment invoice and if anyone can expalin the cost to me that would be great!!! 🤬
Posted 2 weeks ago
Money grabbing con artists, demand half money up front before they accept your pet to be treated , £600 a night just for fluids nothing else. They don’t care about the animals, only how much they can milk you and the insurance companies for.
What happened to the love for the animals, most of them are foreign and don’t speak proper English .
Have you over a barrel, they exploit and gain money under duress !!!
Posted 2 weeks ago
Do not use!!

Shocking experience at a very traumatic time.

On Sunday 14th our dog suffered an injury whilst playing in the garden and we were convinced he had broken it. We called Vets Now as it was gone 8pm and were told to bring him straight in.

We arrived and due to Covid we had to wait in the car park for 15 mins after telling them we had arrived (our dog was whining and shaking in pain). Finally someone came out to see another owner waiting outside and we demanded he be taken in straight away which he was.

10 mins later a nurse called me to say they didn’t think he had broken it and won’t be long. We were very confused and asked if he had an x ray and they said no because he didn’t need it!

We took him home that night and were told he needed rest for a week.

A week goes by and he’s still very sore and visibly lame. He goes for an appointment at our regular vet who says again he’s fine and can see him playing so can’t be anything wrong. He was having a routine castration so requested he was x rayed and we were prepared to pay it but again there was apparently no need.

Fast forward another 2 weeks and we demand an x ray only to find out SHOCK he has broken it. Our boy dog has been walking around on a broken leg for 3 weeks with vets including vets now telling us he is fine!

Surely if a client is requesting an x ray you bloody well do it! We were there, we heard the crack and saw his reaction! We knew something bad had happened!

So fed up with vets talking down to owners when they don’t know the dog.

Vets now charged us nearly £300 for a 15 min appointment and a week of metacalm!
Posted 1 month ago
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Posted 1 month ago
I went through these people that put my poor cat to sleep 5/6/20 on the phone I was told 45.00 consultation fee when in fact they charge me 239.00 They said she would need overnight care for over a thousand pounds for 1 night, in the end she had to be put to sleep as he then claimed she wouldnt make it through the night I've argued the conservation I had with the operator I was sent the recorded call and they have taken out parts of the conversation, I know 100% that I repeated the price back to her to confirm it that part of the conversation was missing do not trust these people with your pet or money they lie all we wanted to do was take our cat back out of that place and go to another vet who truly would help a poorly cat treat her which is what a vet should do
Posted 1 month ago
Avoid Vetsnow SHEFFIELD inside pdsa.
Euthinised my dog rocky 3weeks today without my consent.
after being spoke to by a rude ingronant vet nurse called Caro Laithwaite. who after 1hr waiting in the carpark after rocky went in without no update came to the car and told me to go home they was doing tests. So i asked what tests she told me she didnt know she isnt a vet. bearing in mind he walked in there with suspected knee ligament rupture. so 01.30am gets call from vet to say they think rockys a anaemic and running more tests 03.45am call stating he had deteriorated and the kindest thing would be to euthinise him and they told me i couldnt come there because of covid19 so i told them i,m coming up to get my dog back and take him for a second opion they told me not to come. So i get there 15mins after call buzzed the door told them i was there to collect rocky they told me to hold on they was getting him ready. Then 10mins went by buzzed again was told same could see em running about like kids through window to then be presented by 2police cars in carpark who told me they called em because i was aggressive on phone lol. They went ahead and killed my dog without my consent and being there with him and then had the cheek to put in notes on report which took em 2weeks to do. That i verbally insulted them outside in front of the police when they gave me my dead rocky back. Of course i did i called them MURDERERS which is what they are. All i can say is i,m taking it further in process and that pls pls pls do not use these barbaric vets at vetsnow SHEFFIELD
Posted 1 month ago
Vets now are a money grabbing con. they should not be allowed to charge such extortionate amounts to people with sick animals at night when there's no other option. Normal day time vets fees are expensive enough, and I could understand it being a little more, but they charge you for things that aren't even necessary or fair. For example, my dog was taken through to the back for an injection, and trust me I was looking at the clock and she was in there for 4 minutes- and they charged her an over night admittance fee for that! Which is meant to cover the cost of food, bedding, through the night nursing, and obviously she came home with me and was only in for a few minutes. They really are to be avoided at all costs and should be ashamed of themselves. They milk your insurance for everything they can, but then even the top level insurance I have won't cover the extortionate amounts they charge for even consultation fees etc. Avoid!!!!!
Posted 1 month ago
Vets now who are based at The PDSA Edinburgh have got to be the worst vets I have ever came across in my 20 years of being a dog owner.
There is one particular vet called Esme who has the most appalling attitude.
Never use them ! I have had numerous visits to them as my dog suffers severe digestive issues.
They only care about money ! No genuine love for animals.
Poppy is a miniature Yorkshire terrier and had flare ups of colitis. Her vomit is bloody and she passes clots in her diarrhoea it’s terrifying to see her suffer.
At new year poppy had a particularly bad flare up which made her poorly for long periods . The vet called Esme has dealt with Poppy several times which is most unfortunate. I feel that because I am a PDSA client she is not interested in giving Poppy the best care. She is rude and will not let you speak constantly speaking over me.
She failed to take Poppy’s temperature properly and only had it in her rectum for less than 8 seconds the thermometer was still climbing when she took it out angrily and said she was fine with absolute hatred in her face.
This woman needs struck off her attitude is nothing short of disgusting.
They did not listen to me when I said metronidazole is what the vets at PDSA prescribe for bloody vomiting and diarrhoea. They told me if she didn’t settle to take her back to the PDSA.
I honestly felt that she was not interested and couldn’t get me out of the place quick enough.
The next day and I rang the PDSA and got an appointment and on examination Poppy had a high temperature the vet left the thermometer in for much longer and said she was very tender round the tummy. She was prescribed Metronidazole and within 2 hours had perked up and was looking for her dinner.
I’m angry as we had to use VETS NOW twice the latter being Tuesday out of hours and the treatment was again the dreaded Esme!! She was useless and didn’t listen once again even when I had showed them the blood that poppy had vomited I felt her manner was rude and impertinent. Poppy was seen the next day by the PDSA and it was a much more pleasant experience.
Esme needs to be taught how to have some empathy for people instead of her hard hearted approach. I HAVE TRIED TO DOWNLOAD PHOTOS BUT IT IS USELESS
Posted 2 months ago
My dog Toots had surgery on 3rd January for mammary cancer , she came through it no bother in fact she was like 2 year old , but on 4th March something happened and I thought she looked as though she had had something like a mini stroke , took her to my own vets and they gave her medication , unfortunately she didn't get any better and on Friday 6th March in the middle of the night she became very unwell and as it was 4 o clock in the morning I didn't want her to suffer for 5 hours before my vets opened so took her to Vets now , Had the most horrendous experience , I knew she would have to be put to sleep but thought it would be in nice calm way ,
When I got there the vet asked me what had happened and I told him he then said I will just be a couple of minutes I am going to put a canula in her , she went off with him as good as gold , he had her out there for about 10 minutes and I could hear her crying and whining , he then came back and said she didn't like to be shaved , that was not true as you could do anything you liked with this dog and she never complained , if fact she had blood taken from her a few days before and never murmured if fact the vet nurse said " isn't she good " when I said aren't they all like this " she said ." no they are not "
I can only imagine how much he must have hurt her , with hindsight I wish I had gone into that room and asked what he was doing to her , but I was so distraught at having to put her to sleep I couldn't think straight ,
When he brought her back she was laid on the floor at my feet and that is how she died , he was a big man and could have easily put her up on to the table .
I really thought that I was going to have therapy over this experience , I have lost loads of sleep and have not been able to get these images out of my mind , We have had to have a dog put to sleep before but it was nothing like this , we were able to stroke her good bye which I thought that how it always was when you lost a dear part of your family ,
I took this dog from the Dogs Trust and in the 5 years I had her she never put a paw wrong . I loved her so much and I know I gave her a lovely life . unfortunately I am now filled with guilt that I gave her an awful death ,
Posted 3 months ago
Vets Now - Castle Vets Reading

On 12/04/2020 at approximately 7 am I was forced to visit this surgery with an emergency as my usual surgery was closed. My cat suffered from a blood clot and lost blood flow to his hind legs. As we got there, I had to leave him with the nurse outside due to Covid19 and wait in the car for them to call me back with an update. After a while, I get a call from the vet, who in a VERY unsympathetic tone tells me that my cat is in critical state and that it would just be better to put him down. I firmly disagreed and pushed for treatment as I knew there is a chance of recovery in cases like this. I was told to wait for an update. Hours have passed and no news from them so I give them a call, the nurse tells me that she had checked up on him 30 minutes ago and there have been no changes with my cat but they need aspirin and cant get a hold of any in the area (?). A vet without basic life-saving medicine like this was a huge surprise in itself. I had some at home and dropped it off as quickly as possible. More hours pass as I'm worried sick with absolutely no updates. I call them myself two times in the space of 6 hours but all I hear is "there have been no changes” in an annoyed tone each time. At around 7 pm I call again, I get passed on to the vet again who tells me, and I quote: “your cat is not going to get any better, you need to make the euthanasia decision or stop calling for an update". God, how much I wish I had a recording of the conversation to release to the public. The disgusting, unprofessional and unsympathetic way in which she spoke to me in such a devastating situation is truly shocking. A woman like that does not deserve to work with animals or people. She lacks any compassion, empathy and is a disgrace to all vets. I hope disciplinary action will be taken against her.
They do not care at all about helping the animals. Disgusting place.

My beloved cat died alone later that night in this disgraceful place without me being able to say a final goodbye.I’m full of regrets of not taking him to a different emergency vet. Please don't make the same mistake and avoid this place at all cost.
I am absolutely distraught and heartbroken to this day.
Posted 3 months ago
I didn't even want to leave any stars. I would put MINUS a trillion stars for them. We lost our beautiful boy (dog) in February. Its taken me this long to bring myself to write a review. They have left nothing but horrible memories and scars of their cruel service. As most of these reviews have said. They have no concern for your sick pet. They are just interested in getting the most money out of you or your insurance, to the sacrifice of your loved pet. They asked if we had insurance. Of course we would for our dog. So we filled in the forms for them to communicate with the insurance company . We paid the excess from our insurance. We asked for a receipt they blagged us off. Saying that the insurance company would give it to us electronically. The insurance policy would cover the overnight fees and his stay and medocation. Our dog was perfectly healthy when he went in. We thought he was just a bit constipated and needed some laxative. He'd refused to go out for the toilet all day. As it was storm Dennis at the time. He had a slightly swollen tummy. They said leave him overnight and they'd do tests. So off he trotted off happily with a female nurse (he always like the girls, a charmer!). We went home with full trust in these vets. As you would with any medical professional. A few hours later a phone call. He's had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic. He's got a failing heart. His organs are shutting down blah blah. We rushed back. He was laid on a manky old towel on the floor!! He saw us and wagged his tail even through all the fog of the drugs he'd been given. Truly truly upset to see this. The nurse said the best and kindest thing is to do is to euthanise. Of course we were in such a state and not thinking properly. We felt we were rushed into a decision to do this. Literally the nurse was waving the consent form under my nose to euthanise. We were in such a state we just believed her professional judgment as you would in a situation like this. We also felt like we were rushed to say our goodbyes too. She was literally leaning over us. Making us feel like we had to hurry up. We were on the floor with our poor boy. Absolutely distraught. We so so wished now we'd just scooped him up and took him home. We would have stayed up with him all night. Then took him to see his normal trustworthy vet in the morning.He was 8 we expected him to live longer than that he was a very healthy boy. His normal vet had always said this when going for his check ups. I wish they would just shut this ruthless company down. They are evil. We wished before taking him there we had read these reviews. Then our circumstances would've been different. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE VETS NOW.
Posted 3 months ago
DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. We had to take our 7 year old sheltie to the emergency vet as he was unwell and had gone downhill. The vet did not examine him, weigh him or in any way look into his condition. A sample of his runny pooh was discarded into the rubbish without any testing. After a couple of minutes the vet left and did not return for almost an hour and came back with a several boxes of medication and a syringe - the cost would have been £300+, I refused these as there had been no diagnosis given and I questioned the reason for these to be given, I asked if the vet knew what she was doing (politely). I was asked to pay £167, (a cost I was aware of prior to attending and would have been happy to pay had my dog received adequate care and attention) for this appalling service and as I was raising a complaint I did not do so at the time. The response received was most unsatisfactory and full of inaccuracies, the vet claimed to have weighed my dog and manipulated his abdomen and had taken his temperature. No, my dog never left my side. At no time was my dog examined with a stethoscope and therefore his heart rate could not have been ascertained, nor respiratory auscultation. The vet did take rectal temperature, which was slightly raised but not significantly. The vet did not carry out an abdominal palpitation. I was not asked at any time if I agreed to a blood test being carried out. The vet did not advise me of the diagnosis of a colitis presentation merely that she knew what was wrong. All these items, received in their response, were a surprise to me as they had not been raised during the few minutes I had been in the surgery. But as these fabrications had been entered on the system were accepted, by the office manager, as the truth. I was made out to be a liar and racist for questioning the vets ability to diagnose rather than dispense expensive drugs without a thorough examination, when my only concern was for my dog. I was also accused of rudeness to the staff, it is hard to discern how they could have been upset as in their response they ‘were not surprised that you had raised concerns and are in agreement that the interaction that day was less than ideal’. Fortunately, he made a full recovery but this company are only concerned with making money as I had been alone for almost an hour to justify the exorbitant fee, and have no care for the animals they treat.
Posted 4 months ago
DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. Totally inadequate and uncaring, we had a very stressful experience trying to get help in the end I stayed up with my dog all night and took her to our own caring vet the following morning.
They should not be allowed to practice Veterinary care as they most definitely do not care.
Posted 4 months ago
I posted a scathing review of Vets Now yesterday but I would just like to say I have since been in communication with their head office where they are very friendly and supportive so it's only fair I give their customer service an excellent review. If you have a problem, ring their head office or e-mail them, they may not be able to help everyone but they are very caring and considerate and will do their best to resolve the problem.
Posted 4 months ago
We rushed our dog in for an emergency…
We rushed our dog in for an EMERGENCY operation 2pm on a Saturday, they gave me a load of forms to sign which basically gave then freedom to give any treatment they wanted at any cost. They kept him in 12 hours before they even operated, meanwhile filling him up with plasma and adding it to the cost. Each time I rang they said they where too busy to do anything yet. Blood tests showed that his blood count was low but rather than investigate the reason for that they eventually removed his spleen and gave him two blood transfusions. Every time I rang the cost went up £1500 so in the end I had enough and removed him, at the beginning they were saying don’t worry about paying we will sort that out later, you can spread the cost etc but because I was removing him they put a massive £5,300 bill in front of me and after removing my insurance limit and payments already made they demanded payment prior to bringing me my dog. I did not find these people helpful or understanding, it is all about the money when you are at your most vulnerable.The blood transfusions gave a false reading for his blood count but he rapidly went downhill after several days and my vets confirmed that he was unable to produce red blood cells and he had to be put down. On looking at the Vets now bill a few days later I found that they had charged me for the actual operation twice, an amount of £860 so I rang their head office and they arranged a refund which I did get. I will never use these people again.
19/02/2020- update just got a revised bill asking for another £470 which includes £13.70 for one human paracetamol!!!!!!!! Obviously trying to claw back the rebate they had to give me for charging twice.
Posted 4 months ago
In August 2019 I rang Vets-Now out of hours as one of my pet rats had suffered what I suspected was a sudden stroke. I am an experienced owner and knew she needed to be put to sleep as soon as possible. She was paralysed, could barely breathe and was completely vacant. I rang and requested euthanasia and was advised to attend. I was advised of possible cost being the 160 consult fee plus the procedure. I said on the phone that I have never been charged this before, for straight euthenasia, I have only been charged the euthenasia fee and was advised the clinic may well just do this on attendance.

I arrived and within a minute I was in the consulting room with a consent for euthenasia fee the staff had printed with my details on prior to my arrival, proving my point that this was all the care required. I signed it and handed my baby girl over to be put to rest. Following the procedure, she was brought back to me with a bill for £124 (apparently small animals have a discounted consult fee, I was misquoted on the phone). On that bill I was charged £26.30 consultation fee and £68.53 out of hours fee applicable to that consultation, plus the £29.57 euthensia procedure cost to include materials and vet time. My issue is that my pet did not have any consultation. I was charged for something she did not receive. I would have no issue if my pet had been seen for treatment to try to save her, but there was absolutely no hope of recovery, I knew this before I took her, she just needed to have her suffering ended urgently and couldn't have waited the night. I was absolutely distraught and, had I been in a better frame of mind, I would've refused to pay more than the euthanasia fee, however, hindsight is a fine thing - I paid and just thought I'd sort it later, I wanted to get out of there.

Following this, I complained about the charge and requested a refund, which was declined. I took it to a formal complaint and was written to advising it would be 'inappropriate' to refund me when I was warned of the cost, choosing to attend. My issue is not with the staff or their care at all, my issue is with the company charging structure and them deeming it fit to charge distressed customers for care their pet hasn't received, that decision is difficult enough to make and go through and they have never charged me like that before. I have many pets and have had to attend twice for urgent euthensia and was just told I would be charged eithensia as long as I understood that's all care my pet would receive and the vet would not look to treat.

This incident made a difficult and distressing situation much worse. I would suggest avoiding Vets-Now unless you absolutely have no option purely because of them seeing fit to charge you for care your pet did not receive.
Posted 5 months ago
On the 23/02/2020 my little wonderful dog became extremely ill very quickly. He then went on to have a seizure. We quickly bundled him up and jumped into the car and got him to the only emergency vet in Lincoln , unfortunately that was VETSNOW. On arrival at the desk I stated that my dog was having seizures and the response was them all shuffling about behind the said desk giving the appearence that they had no idea what to actually do in an emergency.
so I said again can somebody help my dog is having seizures, the response then was "well did you ring in first" as there is a £160 charge before we can see the animal. I said no I didnt thought this was for an emergency and this is one. Someone appeared through a side door and we were told to hand my boy over to them, I asked what they were going to do and the reply was well he will be put in cage and monitored. We went to go through with them and was told to take a seat. My little dog was terrified and taken away from us by total strangers and put in a totally strange setting just to terrify him a bit more. we were eventually called into a different room to be told it was a brain tumour and you have two choices, either to put him to sleep or give him phenobarbitone and diazipam that they had already administered, which we would be charged for. The vet didnt seem to have empathy or compassion for either us or our little dog. Her main concern was my ability to pay. It was like taking your car to the garage. He was a little living being and deserved to be treated with respect especially the amounts being charged. We then had to ask if we could go see him, which she didnt seem very happy about. They had wet his fur on his chest to try and cool him off. I asked where his water was, he had been in the cage for nearly two hours with a temp of 41 and not given a drink. Not given any iv fluids, just his fur on his neck and chest sprayed with water to cool him. I asked if he could have a fan on him to cool him, he had a resp rate of 202 pm and a HR of 188, none of this concerned them. They didnt like us opening his cage and made it very obvious they wanted us to go. We needed to stay as long as possible. He had gone blind and almost deaf but he did respond to being whistled at, he then stated to calm down and actually stepped out of the cage and remained calm, probably with the help of the diazipam, but they didnt see the big deal about him or us being so distressed. Then came the vet with the bill yet again. If they spent the same amount of time caring for the animals they are paid rediculously high prices for as they spend on their computers printing out bills they might actually help the said animals. While we were sat on the floor trying to reassure my mutt, the vet appeared yet again with crippling bill and tried to justify it. Do they not get that the last thing you need when you are trying to help your little dog and are possibly saying goodbye is a bills shoved in your face. I then had to sign it so they could carry on any treatment for 0ver £1200 with the possibility of it increasing. I had to pay half of this made up amount before I left. Totally appalling. They were obsessed with money , for doing very little. They then asked us to leave so they could get him some treatment, dont understand why they couldnt give him drugs with us present. Did he actually receive them, who knows. Just before we left they then informed us that we needed to back at the practice ( maybe thats what it is, they were practicing at being vets, I have never known a practice like it and have had animals for the last 40 years.)We needed to be back as we then had to come back to pick him up and take him to our own vets. I thought to myself oh my god they want us to come and get him and pull him about and take him across town in the morning rush hour when he has the possibilty of suffering another seizure on route, he was really to unwell to have been moved.
We arrived at 07.00 the next morning ad did the other owners. We didnt leave until after 08.00 as they hadnt printed out the final demand until everyone was there, i was eventually called back into a room by the same vet to be told things had not improved, but he had not suffered any further seizures through the night so had not needed any phenobarbitol or any more diazipam, however I was charged £44.33 for the drug, £9.05 fees for administering it and £10.68 VAT . I was informed that the nurse would prepare him and bring him through. OMG bless him, what a state he was in I was extremely upset by how they had "prepared him" I just got him and left. My daughter had to drive and of course hit the traffic, so with a seriously ill dog in the car it took 50 minutes to across town to a proper vet. When we reached our vet and went in, the communication and attitude was completely different. They were sympathetic, treated my dog and ourselves with dignity, and not a mention of money. They took us into the consultation room and explained the graveness of the situation and behaved professionally throughout. They gave us all the time we needed to say our goodbyes to my boy and for him to say his, which he did bless his little heart. we were glad to have that 50 minutes in the car with him, he knew it was us and snuggled into my shoulder , but why should you be forced to take a dying dog on a journey like that. But I was glad to be at a caring vets at the end, we crouched down to his eye level on the table and he looked at me to say goodbye and the turned his head to my daughter and touched her nose with his and then we knew he was ready. The whole process at my vets was done with compassion ,care and dignity, the complete opposite of VETSNOW.
this money grabbing company needs to be shut down. Did they take on vets that didnt quite make the grade. Are they not able to get a job at a proper vets practice. Totally and utterly disgusting.
Posted 5 months ago
Vets Now is rated 4.27 based on 2,763 reviews