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Marianne Roda
Fun to make and delicious. The cooking videos are just as inspiring as the yoga practices. Thank you!
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Maria Otel
I love this program as it gives you soamy different breakfast and dinner ideas, very diverse and so easy to make. Love the app and the videos showing you exactly how to cook and how to prepare for the 7 day detox. It feels like being there with you in Costa Rica, so inspiring and I've learnt so much from you guys! Can't wait to start this 7 day detox! Thank you so much for giving so much. Namaste
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Jane Yates
I love these recipes and feel so much better after following the plan. It's given me lots of ideas to experiment with other recipes and I will definitely return to the plan to do it again.
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Barbarita Aymat
Absolutely complete detailed program for anyone already living a plant based lifestyle or just staring! As always, Juliana and Mark's enrgy and passion shine through every part. Very colorgul, motivating and inspirational. I would definitely gift this. I can't wait for my next purchase. Keep the wonderful programs coming!
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Emily Yu
Eating plant based food makes me feel energetic. I used to have some digestion problems when eating meat or dairy products. But after changing to plant based diet, those digestion problems just went away. Thanks to the various recipes introduced in Detoxify, I found plant based food tastes incredibly good, and it's fun! I am thankful to know Detoxify and BOHO which give me a chance to make a difference to my body and my health by simply go vegan.
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Zoe Schulmayer
It is actually amazing. I only ordered the book but I’m thinking about getting the full version (means + Yoga classes). I have been vegan for 2 years now so the veganism about this program wasn’t new for me but it helped me to get back on track after Christmas and a few months of lack of fruits and vegetables. It inspirited me to stay with my vegan diet again and left me feeling great and strong. I combined it with the „Transform“-Programm. And I especially enjoy the smoothie section and I played around a bit with the little tips the book provides. As well the earth-challenge is a small little reminder to pay attention on the environment even though you think u already do... shifts the focus again a bit. So thank you very much! I love it and it inspires me.
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Tammy Bateson
I loved it! The recipes were so easy to follow and everything tasted delicious! What really makes this program stand out over just buying a recipe book from another seller are the videos. I loved being able to watch you guys talk through the process so to visually prepare how I was going to make the meals. It felt like a mini cooking show series.
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Shadia Kolinski
Super delicious recipes, simple and well explained and presented in the usual loving BohoBeautiful style. I can wholeheartedly recommend the program, you feel great afterwards.
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