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Lea Vozzella
I have only done the acceptance practice so far because I am healing trauma in my pelvic region. Coincidentally, I am working on this with my therapist. I was raped when I was 21, also had 3 miscarriages before having my beautiful daughter, and had an unexpected hysterectomy over 4 years ago at the age of 41. Within minutes of starting, I was crying from the release. It was so healing. I plan on doing the acceptance practice at least 1 to 2 times a week as I work through everything. I am thankful I stumbled upon this, it has been life changing. Thank you, Julianna. Your words, the poses, have all been beneficial in my healing process. Love and light to you both. Namaste
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Britta Pribyl
As a beginner it is very challenging to stay in one position for 4 mns. But I‘ve been on this journey (on and off) with Juliana & Mark since years and I completely enjoy their amazing videos. :) They always give me a sense of calmness. There is nothing like Boho Beautiful. The surroundings, Juliana‘s soothing voice (perfectly recorded), the way the positions are captured - just perfect. after each session I feel like floating on clouds. It‘s a very strange feeling. A bit high and dizzy. It‘s especially new for me as I usually battle with screaming voices in my head (adhd) that won‘t calm for at least 30 mns. Then there is this window, when something in me stops fighting and starts giving in and accepting. The rest of my day is calm and chilled. Sometimes I wish for more instructions or background info (like how to square the hips in certain position or get geounded idk). As well I‘m a plus size woman, some postures just don‘t look like the shown ones (sometimes wonder if it‘s me or my lack of flexibility). Aaand i feel wobbly in my hips after each session :D which I like. Inviting more movement to my life
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Milena Vuckovic
It's challenging and I love it! Always a pleasure doing yoga with Boho beautiful :)
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Karen Kelly
Really enjoyed the Yin Yoga with Juliana and the places where each video took place. Thank you! Karen from Ottawa, Ontario
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You're incredible!!! My heart is wide open for you. Thank you for your time and your work. I love Yoga... Thank you, you're my inspiration but I think 4 minutes it's so long and... Boring... Maybe less is better but 4 minutes is too much. Love and light. Namaste Isabelle
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Charlotte Barney
I have suffered from extreme anxiety and PTSD my whole life ....I was sick of trying medicines that made it worse or just got me addicted....this actually FIXES me....woman you have changed my life....many, MANY thanks....peace and love.
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Katya Souther
Such a wonderful course. Everything I was hoping it would be and more!
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Christy O'Shaughnessy
Would highly recommend!
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