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Firstly the recipes are great. I tried a vegan diet before but felt sluggish all the time. This food makes my appetite feel very satisfied and I have a lot more energy. Your daily regimen helps me plan my day better. I combined your daily regimen with the recipes. so I don’t have to flip back and forth through the book. It’s all there at a glance. Your 14 day boho beautiful yoga has really inspired me. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. Namaste
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Bettina Goldfarb
I love it !! Still working on leaving cow milk in my coffee behind...and cheese. You are both beautiful inside out!! I also joined your yoga website and enjoy it immensely. Thank you both for what you do.
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Hannah Heyermann
Very inspiering, Like everything they do
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Anna Dourbal
I needed this kind of book to transition to eating plant-based. I haven’t bought meat in over 3 years and I avoid dairy, fish, and animal products. My main reason is the environmental impact of these foods, but I also have a mild autoimmune problem that I manage through not eating gluten as well. Therefore, it’s been a bit difficult to find ways to eat! But I feel healthier eating plant-based/vegan/or at least vegetarian meals. It just takes adjusting to, but I feel like it’s just practice. I needed a helpful book with a nice variety of ideas and recipes to work from. I waited on this purchase for a while, but it was worth it. I look at the recipes when I feel like I don’t know what to eat anymore. My family is Russian (and I know Juliana is from a similar background as well) and this means lots of meat and heavy dairy foods. As a young person I get my meals scrutinized by well-meaning adults who admit not having the time to research the same things I do about the impact of our foods. It’s hard to find the right meals and be confident. That’s why I got this book. The recipes are yummy, healthy, and pretty easy/basic but also creative. Juliana and Mark always have a way of making things fun, and this is definitely an inspiring book as well!! Thank you for creating this.
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Florence GARZINO
Very good recipes, healthy and quite helpful when you wanna start eating plant-based.
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Robyn Neiderer
Our family of six is new to plant based eating and we feel so blessed to now have this guide! We absolutely love the variety of recipes along with the supportive grocery lists! The knowledge we have gained has truly helped our family to achieve daily success in our health journey! Thank you, Juliana and Mark, for creating this beautiful book! Sending positive energy, love and light from our family to yours!
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Megan Porter
So happy to have this amazing resource! It truly has inspired me and provided a wealth of knowledge on plant-based eating.
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Anja Runge
Nice starting point for people who are interested in a plantbased diet and wonder about if they can get everything that their body needs and need some simple and quick recipes to get started. Thank you!
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