Product Updates

New integration with Bloomreach

May 29, 2024

We're excited to announce our latest integration with Bloomreach, designed to amplify your customer engagement strategies using data.
This integration enables you to send review, survey, and question data from to Bloomreach as events, enabling highly personalized and responsive marketing flows.

With the and Bloomreach Integration you can:

Automate Email Campaigns
Send all emails, including review requests, directly through Bloomreach. Automate post-purchase emails to maintain consistent brand identity and streamline reporting for better insights.

Create Event-Triggered Flows
Build custom BloomReach Flows based on specific review or survey responses. Trigger thank-you emails for 5-star reviews or support emails for lower-rated reviews to address concerns promptly.

Use Advanced Customer Segmentation
Use detailed customer data to create targeted audience segments within Bloomreach. Identify key customer groups based on reviews and user-generated content for more effective marketing.

Personalized Communication
Enhance customer relationships by adding segmented review attributes to profiles, enabling more personalized pre and post-purchase interactions.

Dynamic Review Requests
Request reviews directly through Bloomreach using dynamic links, streamlining the review collection process.

Integrating with Bloomreach transforms customer feedback into actionable insights and tailored marketing strategies, fostering deeper connections and driving higher engagement. Discover the full potential of your customer data with this powerful new integration, available on all paid plans.