Product Updates

Streamline Reviews with Shopify Product Tags

April 19, 2024

Manage grouping using Shopify Product Tags: A new feature designed specifically for our Shopify merchants at

Major time saving functionality

By grouping related products - like color variants for example - you can share reviews and ratings across them all.

Previously, you had to group products in your Dash for this. Now you can do it all from right within Shopify.

No more switching between platforms. Create groups using Shopify Product Tags, and we’ll automatically sync them in your catalog.

You are now able to organise your product review groups from within Shopify by using a specific tag against products:

If you were to add something like RGroup_Shoes, would share product reviews across all products with that tag. Simply enable a setting on the product catalog page to control grouping with Shopify Product Tags from within Shopify.

This feature streamlines the process of collecting and displaying reviews by grouping them according to product tags:This means that your customers can see reviews for similar products grouped together, providing a more comprehensive view

of customer feedback on related products. It could lead to higher trust and better decision-making for potential buyers.

For more details on how to utilize this feature, check out our support article here‍