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Update! WooCommerce – WordPress plugin

June 6, 2023

WooCommerce Plugin Updates: An Overview

We are excited to introduce the updates to our WooCommerce plugin, bringing a more enhanced user experience to WordPress users utilizing WooCommerce for their online stores. 

With a streamlined interface, automatic region detection, additional statistics, and improved authentication, managing review widgets becomes even more seamless. These recent updates to our plugin allow easy access and customization of widgets within the WordPress account, empowering users to customize their review widgets efficiently. 

And finally, to reiterate, the updates to the plugin have been tested in line with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce to ensure that it is compatible. 


If you have any questions you have about our WooCommerce Plugin Updates, please be sure to contact our Customer Support team using the Live Chat function within the Dashboard. 

For additional support information on the plugin, please see