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Personally i didnt think they would show up as i booked it for the Easter Bank holiday. The Saturday and Sunday was more money but Good Friday was no differant on price. Imagine my surprise whenthe mechanic DID arrive and repaired the brake. Im blown away with the service and will reccommend
posted 1 year ago - Tim Vailant
service man was 10 minutes late so have some annoyance but is has happy with the repairs on my mercedes was good
posted 1 year ago - S r Patel
I will be recommending Brakefit to all family and friends. I had such a good service off of these guys. Not over priced although would honestly pay more for the convenience and experience with the technician. I didn't feel at any point like this was about to turn into a really expensive job because lots more is wrong than just the pads that need replacing, like so many of my previous experiences with garages. Good job Brakefit!
posted 1 year ago - Daisy Cross
I will be passing on this recommendation, I couldn't be happier with the service I received. So convenient and so reasonable.
posted 1 year ago - Mike Tandy
A highly satisfactory service received from Brakefit this morning. They were out to me before the school run so made my life soooooo much easier. I was really quite worried about being ripped off by my local garage
posted 1 year ago - Holli Campbell
Smashing service and happy mechanic. My wife made him to much tea. I think his name was Jamie but anyways job well done
posted 1 year ago - Ronald Waverly
Satisfied with the service
posted 1 year ago - Wesley Dyer
I was working today as im in the services. Left the keys with my neighbour and come home to a car that now stops when i press the brake. Thats a positive right? :) //
posted 1 year ago - Zack Kavanagh
I used whocanfixmycar and had an awful experience with them so when someone suggested i use another "online" repair service i reslly wasnt keen. However they arrived on time replaced the brakes on "kitty" our Mini Clubman and all went smoothly.
posted 1 year ago - Charles Langton
Paid for the sunday fitting whic was an extra £15 but to be fair paying that rather than spending half my sunday in a garage is a bargain! good service
posted 1 year ago - Jiones Pawal