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My 1st order with Triads was incorrect so not very impressed. My son decided to keep the wrong item and I was refunded the difference after chasing them up.
posted 1 year ago - of Triads
Sent back a return in order to get a full refund and they are yet to get back to me leaving me at a loss of £50. Would not trust this company.
posted 1 year ago - of Triads
Sent item back for replacement but got a partial refund. When questioned was told maybe re-order the item in the correct size. Would have done if I hadn't been given only a partial refund when I just wanted a straight swap and filled the correct paperwork in to do so.
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
Bought few Stussy shirts and pullover, even though the chart is as guideline, the sizes showing on its size chart which is absolutely useless, a way too large than the actual size, otherwise I won't bought them at the first place! I spent long time to surf for few clothings and paid the shipping (£20) to Hong Kong, and now need to pay the postage (another £22) to send them all the way back to UK for the refunds straight after i have received the shipment! Wasted my time and miney, very very disappointed and will not buy again from Triads!
posted 1 year ago - disclosure
They are advertising and actually allowing you to purchase items that are non existent and was told on day of delivery they dont have the product after I'd called, have to wait 3 to 5 working days for a refund
posted 1 year ago - Mo
Ordered and delivered on time. However, one item was not delivered and no information presented only the immediate refund of monies
posted 1 year ago - disclosure
Trainers were stained, had to be returned at my own cost. Was not informed they has been received nor that they were unable to exchange as last pair. Had to phone up and ask. Still not had a refund
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
1/18/2019: ordered two jackets 1/25/2019: asked for status 1/25/2019: got refund for one jacket 1/25/2019: asked which jacket was shipped: no response 1/28/2019: got email from FedEx: shipment notification 2/1/2019: received the package
posted 1 year ago - chen
There was no size guide online - meaning I was trying to compare against other websites. When the item didn’t fit and I needed to send it back, I realised I didn’t have a returns label enclosed in the parcel I was sent. Finally being docked money for returns from your final refund seems quite old school now given the amount of companies that offer free returns.
posted 2 years ago - Anonymous
So then Chris message me saying ok he well refund me for the trainers so I waited for like 4 days for my money to go back in but it never and then I had a package come and it was the trainers.
posted 2 years ago - Liam