The Comb No. 001 Tortoise Reviews

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Ana T
Love it !!
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Chloe M
Fit for a queen! I love the tortoise's perfect for my long thin hair. It looks pretty on top of my dresser too! I love the sample of the hair oil/serum. Thanks so much for including it with my order. The comb feels nice on my scalp-love it!
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Amy T
It is lovely yet I didn’t care for the comb. It doesn’t have heft. I gifted it another who liked it.
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Hey Amy,

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Ruth M
In love with the color and quality is great! I use it as a comb and as a head massager. Would highly recommend!
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Ariel E
Compact and yet luxe. The comb is sturdy and doesn’t pull out as much hair as a regular hairbrush. My hair feels happy when I use this comb and the No 002
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Mark P
A joy to behold! A magnificent little totem of our investment in our own self-care and personal wellness
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Susan W
My favorite comb ever! I have basically every comb there is and this is the only one that's gentle on my scalp and doesn't pull my hair when I'm detangling. I highly recommend it for wet or dry hair—this is a true must have!
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Susan W
Loved! Great gift :)
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Courtney C
Small but so cute and does the job! Color is amazing and the quality also feels great.
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This comb is perfect! As a person with 4c hair, I often find it tough to find a comb that is strong enough for my hair. This comb is durable and handy!
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I absolutely loved this comb/hair oil combo. It's honestly the best hair oil I've used and left my hair hydrated and light. The comb also doesn't break my hair which is amazing for my texture and curl pattern.
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It's a beautiful comb and very well made. That said, I find the design difficult to use to comb my hair. If I had it to do over again, I would buy the comb with the handle.
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Beautiful and so functional, this comb is key to my daily hair routine. The oil preps my hair, so I can easily comb it. I comb my hair more, because I like the tortoise design and massage on my crown ;). I have fewer days with my hair up and matted, big win!
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