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Äike is the pioneer of quality e-scooters and a perfect partner for your urban commute.

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Äike is not your average plastic toy e-scooter. It's more like a Volvo - large, smooth, heavy and mature. It doesn't care if it goes through rain, snow or a small bog - it just does best what it's meant for without any bells and whistles. Love the minimalist, yet functional design. And the auto-brake feature, which starts regenerative braking when the throttle is released. Too bad it doesn't work below freezing. Though it still kicks in after a while when the batteries warm up. Being an avid winter cyclist I was utterly surprised how safe I felt on Äike compared with a bicycle in the winter. The center of mass is much lower and getting off the scooter in a dangerous situation is much easier than from a bicycle. Awesome that the batteries can be taken out to charge because carrying this beast is a decent workout. Overall though the premium ride experience compensates for all the tiny shortcomings.
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Äike is very good quality. Ride comfort is very good on- and offroad. Range is good and the security features are awesome. I also like the big deck so i can stand it different positions and can fit my big feed next to eachother. Its a bit pricey and heavy, but im happy about the overall.
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Äike is a comfortable ride - attacking kerbs in the city or going down the gravel roads in the countryside, it is always in its element. Turning the scooter on and off via phone is really easy and thanks to the integrated GPS/GSm module you are always up to date about the status of the scooter (checking the battery level before the ride, getting notifications when someone is moving it when they should not etc.). Its a tough little thing and fits seamlessly into my life
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I have been using it almost one year now and its perfect for work-home rides. Even when there is -15 degrees and ice outside it has not let me down.
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Clean looking and very nice to drive. Good acceleration and hill climb performance. Mobile App makes it secure and comfortable to use.
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