Alistair Skakles
Judge for Yourself… Full Chat transcripts kept as evidence I was a VM Customer and joined O2 and was given an upgrade from 500MB to 1GB broadband. I was informed that I needed an upgraded router which was sent out via Yodel. Tracking said out for delivery on Friday. Delivery never attempted, tracking said “Please arrange to collect your parcel from our depot by using the Manage your parcel feature above”. I sat in ALL weekend as Yodel promised each day that it was going to be delivered. Didn’t happen. Monday 22nd Nov 2021VM Online Chat (took 2hrs) and informed them I was at work. Asked for router to be put to a shop for pickup. Not possible finally got them to cancel first router and send out another for pickup from a shop near my work. Tuesday 23rd Nov 2021 VM Online Chat (5 hours 11 minutes) contacted again as no sign of old router being cancelled or new one dispatched. 14:20, Nov 22 Alistair : Broadband TV or Phone 16:33, Nov 23 Ayat: Apologies for the experience, I will go ahead and raise a new order for you, Alistair. Is it a new Hub4 you are looking forward to upgrade to with 1 Gigabytes? 17:50, Nov 23 Ayat: Appolgies for the experience, Alistair. I just tried raised an Order for the new Hub4 but due to somereasons it is not happening, You please need to cotanct us after 24 hours, As the system will be refreahed and we will be able to send you a new Hub. 18:01, Nov 23 Alistair : can you not just do this i have already spent hours over the last 2 days on this chat trying to get this sorted? 18:13, Nov 23 Ayat: I can completely understand this, I am unable to place the order, Alistair. 18:15, Nov 23 Alistair : this is not acceptable. VM is taking up too much of my time and I'm going round in cirlces 18:16, Nov 23 Alistair : you give me a service that i cannot use and spendin hours on this thing. I want to cancel my broadband Alistair : this chat was intiated @14:20 hrs GMT it is not 18:54 hrs! 18:57, Nov 23 Reliza: Excellent! We’ll need to go through a few security questions. I’m going to send you a secure web form for you to answer. Please put the 7th, 10th and 13th characters of your password in the secure link. This is the password you use when you call in, and not your online account password. Please keep in mind that the form will expire in 30 minutes once we have sent it to you. 19:05, Nov 23 Reliza: Great. Thanks for that! May I know the reason for contacting us? 19:06, Nov 23 Alistair : How many times do i have to repeat myself, 1 min until i copy and paste 19:14, Nov 23 Reliza: I do apologize for that, Alistair. Just to confirm, do you want to have the Hub 4, right? 19:15, Nov 23 Alistair : i would but i cannot afford ANYMORE time dealing with this myself, too much time spent on this already 19:15, Nov 23 Alistair : i am risk my employment, I am supposed to be working not on this 19:18, Nov 23 Reliza: I'm very sorry about your frustrations today, Alistair. Let's work together and try to sort this thing out, okay? 19:18, Nov 23 Alistair : ok 19:19, Nov 23 Alistair : its not just today though this is the second day on this 19:22, Nov 23 Reliza: I'm so sorry about that, Alistair. However, if you really want to have the Hub 4 you can coordinate with our faults team regarding this because in this department we only handle the customers who are in need of new contract. 19:25, Nov 23 Alistair : I DON'T HAVE ANY MORE TIME JUST CLOSE MY ACCOUNT Wednesday 24th Nov 2021 VM Online Chat (33 minutes) 16:57, Nov 24 Dixit: Hi Alistair I am so sorry to hear that you have not receive a response on your complaint not to worry I will quickly check the details and help you with a resolution 17:06, Nov 24Dixit: Alistair I am so sorry to see that the hub was not delivered and you have applied to disconnect the account. May I know how can I help you today? 17:07, Nov 24 You: well i am getting no repsonse on the forums so am looking for a conclusion one way or another 17:08, Nov 24 You: have you read the forum posts? 17:08, Nov 24 Dixit: Alistair I am so sorry I am unable to read the forum as we are restricted from accessing any link. 17:09, Nov 24 You: do you want acopy and paste of the transcripts for monday and tuesday then? 17:09, Nov 24 You: if you don't have them there? 17:10, Nov 24 Dixit: Alistair No I have the details on the account notes. May I know what resolution you are looking for so I can get it Immediately. 17:12, Nov 24 You: well what I have wanted all along a hub that will let me use 1gig as promised but if this can't befinalised today, I am on a 10 minute break just now at work. Then you close my account 17:16, Nov 24 Dixit: Alistair I am so sorry but to order the hub 4 we will need to cancel the disconnection request. So Would you like to go ahead and cancel it? 17:16, Nov 24 You: if it can be done now yes 17:20, Nov 24 Dixit: Alistair Okay so I will now connect you to the Customer relations team and they will cancel the disconnection request and then get you connected to the care team who will order the Hub 4 for you. 17:20, Nov 24 You: please don't use YODEL 17:21, Nov 24 You: sorry ,my break is up I need to go back to work now 17:22, Nov 24 You: see this is what I mean I spent 5 hrs on this chat yesterday and it looks like I am getting the same thing again today. 17:22, Nov 24 Dixit: Alistair Not to worry I will leave a clear note on the account and then give a direct calling number to use so we will be able to do it once our free. will this be okay? 17:23, Nov 24 You: someone needs to phone me not the other way round 17:23, Nov 24 You: I will be at home tomorrow until 12:00 hrs Thursday 25th Nov 2021 VM Online Chat (46 minutes) Alistair Skakles Unsure + Account Holder: Hi Arbiya 8:05, Nov 25 Alistair Skakles Unsure + Account Holder: Can you please look at the notes from my chat yesterday please? 8:05, Nov 25 Arbiya: Hi Alistair! I am really sorry for the wait time you have experienced. I do see that you havecontacted in order to report that you are looking for cancellation. Not to worry, you have reached the rightteam. I can surely help you today. Absolutely, let me have a check on your account notes. 8:06, Nov 25 Alistair Skakles Unsure + Account Holder: thanks 8:06, Nov 25 Alistair Skakles Unsure + Account Holder: from the transcript 8:06, Nov 25 Alistair Skakles Unsure + Account Holder: 17:20, Nov 24 Dixit: Alistair Okay so I will now connect you to the Customer relations team and they will cancel the disconnection request and then get you connected to the care team who will order the Hub 4 for you. 8:07, Nov 25 Alistair Skakles Unsure + Account Holder: this is what we need to do. If this isn't possible then I will leave cancellation in place and start my ordert with another provider 8:09, Nov 25 Arbiya: I am really sorry for the inconvenience Alistair. Please do not worry. I do see the retentions team online now. I can connect you right away if you agree, they can surely help you getting hub 4. May I connectyou? 8:09, Nov 25 Alistair Skakles Unsure + Account Holder: yes please 8:09, Nov 25 Arbiya: We can transfer you through our Messaging service to our Customer Relations team to help you further. 8:24, Nov 25 Lisa: I can see that and I will feed that back to Yodel but I can not order a new one. Received a final bill with a demand for £240 for termination of my contract early: Thurs 6th Jan 2021 VM Online Chat (2 hours 15 minutes) 17:07, Jan 6 Meena: Thank you for your patience, I have looked into your account and I see you have cancelled services within the contract period and hence you have been charged early termination fee as per the terms and conditions Alistair. 17:10, Jan 6 You: you ugprded me to 1GIG and sent out a router which was never delivered by yodel. I even requested another router which was refused. So unable to use the service as you didn't supply hardware I spent HOURS and I have proof trying to sort this mess out with you 17:11, Jan 6 You: I couldn't use a service without the hardware so why would I stay with a provider that cannot provide? 17:29, Jan 6 You: here I am again over 90 mins repeating myself and getting nowhere 17:29, Jan 6 Meena: I am sorry to know about the hassle which you have come across Alistair, I feel really bad after going through all these and you have been so patient so far. Dont worry I will see what best can be done for you. But we could have definitely cancelled the order and placed a new one before cancelling Alistair. 17:30, Jan 6 You: but you didn't and as per the transcripts refused to send out another until you got the one that Yodel lost Back 17:31, Jan 6 You: yuou will see that the transcripts over the days contradict themselves 17:44, Jan 6 Meena: Alistair, I understand what you are telling but this is completely the issue with yodel and it was supposed to be dealt by them else we could have cancelled and replaced the order. I have tried my best Alistair, but unfortunately we cannot waive off the charges as you have been able to use the services and itcould have been resolved alternatively. But as you have cancelled it between contract, you was been charged with disconnection fee Alistair. 17:46, Jan 6 You: Did you not read the information i poasted?? 17:52, Jan 6 Meena: Okay where you not informed that you will be charged termination fee if you are cancelling the contract Alistair? 18:00, Jan 6 Meena: Alistair, we booked for the second time and you never waited for the delivery to be sent, you immediately put a request for disconnection Alistair. Please understand this charges cannot be removed as itsvalid from our end. 18:03, Jan 6 You: no, i made contact with VM as you had not even bothetred to disptach the second one. Eve though yousaid you had. Enough, I will now seek compensation for the time and stress your company has continued toput me through over these months I have now raised a complaint through offcom and seeking an apology for time, stress, lies and incompetence and now compensation too.
4 months ago
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