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I placed an order for 2 items one of which was arranged for delivery. I rang to cancel the other item and on checking my account discovered they had cancelled the wrong item. There was no apology. Their customer services team are appalling. Do not use this company.
posted 1 week ago - Anonymous
I ordered a settee and 2 chairs in January expected delivery was 5th may which gave me time to get decorated. So may came and delivery got changed 2 more times. Just looked on my account and see it's been cancelled. Think this is awful service. I will be paying up my account and leaving.
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous
Wish I'd read these before ordering, order placed 24th April, delivery now due June!!!
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous
I've lost count on how many times I've rang them and also on how many times they have asked for proof of delivery, it's just ridiculous! They seem to be trained to just lie to there customers as I keep getting told a different answer every time I call.
posted 3 months ago - Anonymous
Ordered a phone 7 Jan, Sat with Hermes since 8 Jan, no notification, no advise of delay in delivery.
posted 5 months ago - Bev Moore
DO NOT BUY FROM HERE! Ordered well over a week ago on Next-Day delivery and still no sign of the delivery.
posted 5 months ago - George Greenhalgh
So bad. Ordered an £80 aor bet and received kids toys!! Called up and with 3 days till Christmas I was told I eill have to wait another 5 working days for a replacement or place the order again for next day delivery which o was not going to do. My mother now os going to end up sleeping in the sofa. Thank you JD williams
posted 6 months ago - Bernadette Roberts
I was really looking forward to my purchase, so I took the day off to take delivery (I’m self employed).
posted 6 months ago - Andrew
I was awaiting my delivery when a day or 2 later I received an email stating that they have closed my account and I will not receive my order due to my credit rating, why accept people and give them the go ahead to order from your catalogue and repeatedly remind me that I have money to spend only to close my account a couple of days later because apparently my credit rating isn't good enough.
posted 6 months ago - Anonymous
Am seriously considering closing my account, which would be a shame as ironically the delivery service is currently really impressive.
posted 9 months ago - PL