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The service and responses I received were prompt and detailed. The gentleman I spoke to was very helpful. Rang me back when I was unavailable due to working nights. Great job Agora Markets!
posted 4 weeks ago - Mike
Prompt, courteous, helpful and knowledgeable customer service. Also Great platform.
posted 1 month ago - Alexander
Agora Markets platform is a very nice platform & with a little work is easily adaptable to individual styles & strategies of trading. Where they excel is in the service. I have needed to contact them on a few occasions & my dedicated broker answers that phone regardless of what he may be doing at the moment. That assures me that he respects my time in the highest regard.
posted 1 month ago - Ian Avery
Customer service is awesome, if you are new to trading this is the place to start!
posted 1 month ago - Matt Mackay
Very good company with lots of support that gives extremely convenient service.
posted 1 month ago - James Newman
They have a great customer service, fast response and very informative.
posted 2 months ago - Anonymous
Throughout the whole process they provide outstanding service. The growth of my investments is fast and exceeded my expectations.
posted 2 months ago - Richard Harold
I am very impressed with the service they provided and very easy to contact via phone, email or chat. They are all professional and straightforward
posted 3 months ago - Harper Henry
I think Agora Markets is excellent! I was new to the whole trading thing and they have been amazing they answer any questions and queries you have and keep you updated throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend their service. And I would like to say an extra thank you to Harvey and Henry Dela Cruz III for all the hard work and patience you have shown me. Thank you!!
posted 3 months ago - Anonymous
Agora have provided really excellent service at every stage of the process.
posted 3 months ago - Adam Lejeune