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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Totally blows away a set of dumbbells. Never though something could be so adaptable. I'm using them for pads and weights.
Posted 10 hours ago
Wow. Way better than I expected.
Posted 1 day ago
I actually really like them!! The water doesnt swish side to side at all because the inside absorbs it all. Im still not really sure whats going on with it or how they work. I love to do squats with them! I have used a sandbag to do squats before and Iove how the weight stays straight up and down on your body with a squat weight you can grab like a bear hug. The big bullbell is just like that but way softer and better feeling. Oh, one more thing I love is the fact that it's safer! You dont have to worry about dropping a weight on your toe or smashing your fingers!!
Posted 2 days ago
These are going to be top 10 fitness products for post covid exercising. Get em before the crowds line up like toilet paper in March of 2020
Posted 3 days ago
Exactly what I was looking for! Mahalo!
Posted 4 days ago
My mom bought me these becuase she thinks I'm fat. Well truth be known I am wee bit pudgy, but why gym equipment for every birthday mom?? I gotta admit these are way better than the belly bands she got me last time.
Posted 5 days ago
In the words of Arnold. It's time to get serious!! Serious with your bullbell. Makes you bust a sweat without busting your budget.
Posted 6 days ago
Dude! Water activated, but not water squishy! There is magical sorsery inside of these to make them go from empty to gell-e. Whats inside guys??
Posted 1 week ago
Amazing. Love em!
Posted 1 week ago
When I first got my order it was wrong. I was missing two of the ball bells from the set. I replied to my order email and told him what happened and they got back to me right away. It turns out there was some kind of mixup and they apologized. They also sent me a nice Hydro flask and some stickers and the replacement box. I thought that was so cool of them. And it totally made up for the screwup with shipping. Anyway I love the product and definitely recommend this company. The product is great and was what I was hoping for and the customer service was fantastic!
Posted 1 week ago
This is a very good kettlebell alternative! I haven't noticed any issues at all. They feel good in the hand and the weight is very smooth and comfortable. I have to say, I ordered this product as they were the only ones that had an available gym weight, during the covid 19 related shortage. The reviews seemed good, so decided to give it a try and I bought it. I ordered 2 medium BullBells and upon arrival there was a tshirt in the box. I thought they made a mistake, and I didnt want to get charged for it. But when I emailed them they told me they do that for some customers sometimes. I thought it was very nice but also it didn't fit me so I'm giving it to my friend.
Posted 1 week ago
I got these less than 2 months ago, and they've really helped me improve my strength & overall health. My recovery from other sports is much better since I started working with these. I would have nothing but positive things to say about them, except one of the medium bullbells started leaking. Customer service got back to me right away and supposedly they are sending me a replacement.
Posted 1 week ago
I love BullBells! They challenge my workouts from everything from back to biceps to abs. In particular, it helps my form when doing squats.
Posted 1 week ago
These are so great! I love how many options you get in the entire set. My partner and I have been using these since mid June 2020 and haven't had any issues. They still look brand new despite all the workouts, sitting on, stepping on, and dropping them. Been absolutely worth every penny. Cheaper than our old gym memberships.
Posted 2 weeks ago
No joke, I took these on a 1150 mile roadtrip and I worked out at rest stops and parks. They held up great. No banging around like dumbbells do.
Posted 2 weeks ago
These are great and have a unique feel, but I like real kettlebells.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Take one medium bullbell on a 2 mile run. I dare you! I would say it makes the run 2x-5x harder. I love how you can easily switch from shoulder to shoulder, or just carry it by the handle. I also like how the soft weight doesnt hurt my kness or joints.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Loving the ab exercises and other functional work like obliques and jogging with them.
Posted 2 weeks ago
My home gym was yoga mat some bands and a stick. Don't get me wrong I was able to get a good workout in with just that but now that I have some real weight I'm really taking it up to the next level
Posted 2 weeks ago
I'm a Bulliever!!
Posted 3 weeks ago
BullBell is rated 4.75 based on 20 reviews