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Instead of CDKeys issuing a refund or even a store credit for the broken product so I could buy a game from them that actually works, they basically just said, "tough luck.
posted 3 months ago - dontgetscrewedlikeidid
Horrible site, they did a refund on a pre-order i did 1 year ago. 2 days before launch. No consultation, just instant refund and if I want to buy the key again it will be at the price it will have at that time (that is doubled now) . In my opinion a scammy way to get more money.
posted 3 months ago - Bladep
Orderd dying light 2 back in Dec got refund as they know they could of made more money terrible company won't be using agin after this
posted 3 months ago - Cameron
Someone fraud my account and bought something for 196.78 from this company I am explaining to them I am a older woman and I was frauded and they told me pretty much they are sorry but they not giving me a refund these ppl are crooks and I don’t know why ppl deal with them I will be taking this further
posted 4 months ago - Anonymous
Bought a worldwide code but it did not work in my country now they are not replying to my emails and I'm unable to get a refund
posted 4 months ago - Anonymous
There code did not work all I'm asking for is a code that does work or a refund I've sent them everything they have asked for and this is how I'm treted and further more I can't even log in to there website no more as it shows "The owner of this website cdkeys.
posted 5 months ago - Jamie
Receive stock response that they will not refund as key has been used !.
posted 6 months ago - Anonymous
They told us to wait another three days which we did now they won't reply to our messages and have not issued a refund or a replacement key.
posted 7 months ago - Niall Robertson
Awful customer service. They refused to refund my money. Will not deal with this company anymore.
posted 8 months ago - Anonymous
From the first day when I create a new ticket for the support team, they reply apologising for the inconvenience and offering me a refund if I so wish.
posted 10 months ago - Anonymous