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The digital clinic for musculoskeletal disorders.

Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Dorsal was an extremely easy service to navigate, and the doctors were quick to respond and extremely helpful and informative. I would absolutely recommend Dorsal to anyone considering seeking help for back pain.
The doctors at dorsal provided me with quick and efficient care. I got my resolution to my problem without leaving my home. Dorsal is a life saver!
Dorsal is so easy to use. I was tired of having to beg my GP for muscle relaxers every time my back would flare up. Even if he did give me a one time script, it wasn’t long enough for the muscle to heal.

I’ve been using Dorsal for 4 months and I’ve been able to take my pain from a 9, down to a 2 or 3.

As a company they are easy to communicate with to say “I don’t like medication” or “it’s not doing anything for me” and they are quick to respond and provide an alternate script.

Service worked so well that I cancelled my subscription, but if I need them again, I’m signing back up in a heartbeat.
Everything is great!
Dorsal was an amazing experience. The doctor they place you with is very knowledgeable and answers all questions thoroughly. they give you great suggestions that you can choose from based on your pain. For the price you cannot beat it.

Only thing I might want them to improve on is getting a response more than one time per day. But that's me being super picky.

Dorsal has been a convenient and easy way to pain relief. As a Busy healthcare professional myself, this website has been extremely helpful. I even recommended it to my boyfriend and he now uses Dorsal as well. Definitely worth it especially during these pandemic times.
So i was skeptical after seeing all the facebook ads but i decided to give dorsal a shot. I had been dealing with low back pain for the last 2 years. The doctor i was given listened to all of my issues, made a few reccomendations and gave me what he thought would help. After 3 months and a few adjustments to the medication i can honestly say my back pain is a third of what it was. I can walk and move around much more freely, it doesnt hurt to get dressed and tie my shoes. My quality of life has really increased. The doctor follows up with me every 2 weeks and listens to everything i have to say and has been open to my requests to make tweaks to my treatment. I highly reccomend this
Dr.Tu is awesome, checks in with me and cares about how I am doing. He answers all questions and gives advice for my treatment. The staff is very friendly. I am really happy I found Dorsal, they have really helped with my pain mangement and my improvement.
Due to the covid epidemic, I lost my health insurance and was not able to afford to pay out of pocket to a specialist. I was unable to work. Thanks to this service I am now able to get back to my own clients in home healthcare! I have insurance again, but I am keeping my doctor and services here because the doctor here listens to what I have to say and creates a thorough care plan for me. Thank you to this service and my doctor.
My doctor is very responsive and has prescribed cream that works very very well. The pills he prescribed also work well. The Dorsal team is also very communicative and quick to fix issues.
I was so happy to come across Dorsal, the doctor I got matched up with was so kind and helpful, and it's so nice to have access through messaging with quick replies. I was really impressed with all the offerings and options Dorsal offers. I learned a lot within the back pain education segments, and the physical therapy videos were helpful and effective! So grateful for finding Dorsal in my back pain healing journey, it's been a big help :-)
My provider was very concise and kind, which is exactly what I want. He knew what would likely work, listened to my past experiences and medications, and specially tailored my treatment just for me. Customer service is always great; very responsive and helpful while not overloading your inbox with a bunch of junk mail. I have absolutely noticed a vast improvement with my back pain since using Dorsal and I intend to keep using it for as long as needed.
Dorsal was a cost effective and time efficient option to address my low back pain and stiffness. I didn’t do the PT exercises as consistently as I could have, but they still helped. The provider was very responsive when I reported the medication wasn’t working.
I would definitely recommend dorsal!! Very easy to get set up and answer the questions to help you get on the right path to being pain free. The doctors are right there to help you and answer any questions you may have. You won't be disappointed 👍
Quality service. The doctor took into consideration other underlying issues I have when prescribing medication and therapy. Cannot beat the price for what you’re getting! Sadly my issues needed further intervention so I stopped Dorsal, for now, but I learned very valuable exercises to keep going.
Wonderful experience!. Great prompt communication. Yes, it really works. My back pain is much better!
Dorsal was a really great experience for me. I have an injury to my left shoulder I’ve been dealing with for years but haven’t been able to get relief from, until I saw an ad for this online service and decided to try it. The assessment and sign up was so easy and the provider I had was nice and really wanted to customize a plan that worked for me. I received my medications in the mail in a few days and started therapy at home which included movements to help relieve the pain. I would highly recommend Dorsal to anyone who is looking for a way to get help with back pain!
The exercises were very helpful to my back pain and the medication helped as well. I could feel the tense parts of my back being stretched well and I could feel my back getting stronger with each exercise.
I have honestly never had any bad experiences with Dorsal and their team. The doctors provide incredible service and the medications have helped me incredibly with my pain management. I could definitely recommend this amazing service to my friends and family. 5 stars for them! Thank you!
Dorsal is the best physical therapy experience I've ever had, and I've been in and out of a bunch of clinics in the past. Recovering from intensive orthopedic surgery and living alone in a pandemic would have made going back and forth to an outpatient clinic a nightmare. Dorsal made my life much easier by allowing me to stay in my apartment and receive dedicated attention from a top-notch therapist who has gone above and beyond to provide the highest quality of care.
Dorsal is rated 4.92 based on 37 reviews