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I'm an event decorator and I recently cut off ties with my last flower shop when they delivered my flowers and roses in the worst condition. When I got my delivery from dose of roses I was so happy to have finally found a store that I could order from without disappointment! 10 out of 10 would recommend. My decor looks twice as beautiful.
posted 2 months ago - Tish Munson
I just got my delivery today and I was honestly worried knowing I live on a remote city and the roses could have been ruined when I received it but it looks just as good as when I saw it on my phone! I love it and I think you're going to see me buying from this store often now.
posted 2 months ago - Virgina Moll
DOR’s delivery service is excellent. They have great timing and never made me anxious about my orders.
posted 2 months ago - Colleen Roy
I love the simplicity of the white rose bloom box that I recently ordered. It looks wonderful on my vanity table. Thank you for the reliable delivery, I'm happy I ordered here.
posted 3 months ago - Elsa Farmer
I trust in the services that Dose of roses provide. The shipment and delivery are convenient and transactions are so easy to get done. My items are always so well packed too.
posted 3 months ago - Antoinette Mendez
Roses here are so colorful, they please my eyes everyday. I'm so, so glad I pushed through my orders. The shipment and delivery was superfast too.
posted 3 months ago - Amelia Carter
The extra fees for a same day delivery was so worth it. My items came without damages whatsoever and everything's arranged properly. Thanks, DOSE OF ROSES.
posted 3 months ago - Cristina Waters
These yellow roses are brighter than I thought and I'm loving it. They are prettier in person, tbh. Thanks for the fast shipment and delivery!
posted 3 months ago - Carol Cook
These roses feel like they're made for me specifically. Dose of Roses really knows what I want with my orders. Delivery was fast as well, I like that.
posted 3 months ago - Sheri Barnes
One of the best shop I know online, has on time delivery and proper customer feedback. Staff replies fast to messagaes too and I appreciate that a lot.
posted 3 months ago - Tina Morrison