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Thanks for the fast delivery and convenient services. My roses were perfect, the package was great. It was beautiful, just as I expected them to be. Thank you, Dose of Roses.
posted 1 week ago - Annie Simpson
The delivery service always deliver on time and the roses they deliver is in great condition and somehow unbothered by the whole travel. They look as impeccable as they do in the website’s pictures.
posted 1 week ago - Patty Malone
It’s great having to buy something in line and not needing to ask help from anyone during the whole process. Everything was so easy to do and the services were great that you didn’t have to email anyone about concerns.
posted 1 week ago - Lucille Mullins
It’s really great that the delivery service sticks to the schedule. After all, the gifts wouldn’t be so perfect anymore if they’re not given on time. So grateful for DOR’s excellent service.
posted 1 week ago - Kristi Mcguire
Romance can be a bit difficult to give when you’re miles away from each other especially in a time when you can’t just go out and travel. I’m thankful for DOR’s services to make romance possible. I was able to deliver galaxy roses to my girlfriend on the exact day of her birthday.
posted 1 week ago - Patricia Rodriguez
I am very satisfied with both the products and the services provided by Dose of Roses. The roses are incredible and the processing and delivery was smooth and efficient.
posted 1 week ago - Amy Cobb
The services here are just perfect for me, delivery was quick and I get notified about my shipments every time I order here. The roses themselves are radiant and freshly preserved, too.
posted 1 week ago - Lydia Harrison
The deliveries came through, I can't believe how cnvenient the services here are. Thanks a lot for the reliable transactions!
posted 1 week ago - Lola Spencer
I had a great experience shopping here at dose of roses and the customer care is just note-worthy. Staff are very accommodating and other services were very efficient.
posted 1 week ago - Elvira Andrews
The people at the customer care services here are so cool, very professional at that. They always help me with my orders and make sure I get what I want in the best condition possible.
posted 1 week ago - Jennie Summers