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About G7FX:

G7FX is the world’s leading Institutional Trading Education firm founded by Neerav Vadera. Neerav Vadera has amassed more than 16 years’ experience as an Institutional Forex and Futures trader at a variety of firms, including Barclays Investment Bank, one of the largest trading desks in the world.

This experience allows G7FX to fulfil our goal of bringing the exact same training programme offered by the very best institutions in the world, directly to you.

Find out more at www.g7fx.com. You can also find Neerav Vadera’s CV publicly available on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/g7fx-neerav-vadera and in addition Neerav also has some excellent resources at www.instagram.com/nvforex and the Neerav Vadera – G7FX YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/c/nvforex/playlists

Any questions feel free to get in touch anytime. All the best in your trading journey.

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G7FX 5 star review on 7th October 2022
G7FX 5 star review on 30th July 2022
G7FX 5 star review on 16th April 2022
Dan H
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Learn from the Best! For anyone interested in to take trading seriously, you wouldn't find a better platform than G7FX. The training designed by NV brings incredible insight into trading and its dynamics. This institutional-level coursework will help you to bring the A-game to your trading. Thanks, G7FX
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First of all i would like to say a big thanks to NV for putting his time and effort of making all this institutional trading course to happen. From the beginning of fundamental course i was still kind of skeptical towards information i was hearing and seeing. But later the course my shade of skepticism started to fade and i began to realize that omg i’m finally on the right track. This is no fugazi retail nonsense with meaningless indicators that leads you to nowhere. NV will learn you how to really start making profits out of financial markets. Despite that you will probably for the first time will understand what is the financial market and structure of it and how it behaves etc… If you still doubtful about purchasing this course, just go for it. Worth every penny. Of course it’s a lot information to absorb and deal with even for me as a person who is with academic background but the lecturing skills and generosity of NV will make it easy as possible. And on the of this comment i just want to say how truly grateful i am for to NV that he made all this happen. With all my respect, Jogaila
Helpful Report
NV and his G7FX course is a life changing skill set I think most people in the world would benefit from doing! His knowledge, depth and delivery of his career in trading is truly inspiring, I personally absorbed his way of teaching so easily. I’ve gained so much confidence in reading the markets it’s insane! The support has been first class,when learning all the new software many questions arise and response is fast. Can’t thank you enough for this mate! Look forward to future trading!
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I was lucky to have Nv as a mentor in my first steps of trading. He explained everything in detail and doesn’t hesitate to help if your struggling with something. His course was a game changer for me
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Thanks NV you have transformed me from 20% win probability to 80%. Obviously I understand the advice practices make perfect and market conditions changes. Anyone who is reading this I would definitely recommend this course. It will definitely get to the goal you acquire and that is a win in the market. This course will provide you with all the tools to trade and how to use the tools you get mentored by an amazing person without any bias and also the service after is just as amazing. Solve your problem almost within 6 hrs the most.
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Fantastic course led by a great team, learning and understanding NV's approach to the markets has enabled me to successfully apply the teachings to futures. Blown away by the customer service by NV himself and also his support team, people like Reggie, fantastic and no question is too small, they're genuinely there to help. Would fully recommend anyone who is interested in learning to trade the futures with minimal indicators to give G7FX a go, you won't be disappointed. Great course, great team...an overall 5 stars from me!
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Loved every minute of it NV and the guys are great !
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The Best By Far ! Ive spent a fortune on Forex/Trading education and the vast majority have been a complete waste of money, fortunately i watched NV and G7FX small 4 part series and after the very first video i signed up, the reason for this was that NV has the expertise and knowledge of actually being a successful professional trader, and his results are completely transparent. To have a professional trader teach you how to trade properly is solid gold. The quality of each video is brilliant, i can tell alot of effort has been put into each video, they are clearly explained and if we ever do have any questions, NV is on hand to help out. I wish i had joined sooner to save the money ive wasted with other retail trading courses! Thanks for your help NV in shaping us up to be great consistent traders !
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Best education in the world! I finished course in 3 days, I just was hungry of this kind of information! I am so happy that I decided to buy! I unfollowed all Instagram “traders”! They have no idea what they are doing and I lost a lot of money because of them! Now I feel myself in absolutely new level! 100% recommend without a doubt!
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A Total Game Changer : ) ! As a guy who questions anything and everything, I was questioning myself in the last year about my approach in trading FX as my strategy and the tools that I'm using every day prove time and time again how horrible they are LOL!, I felt that there was something missing and I couldn't fit in with the logic of lagging indicators and technical analysis anymore. I started searching here and there, took multiple courses, backtesting strategies and again I was stuck and nothing happened except being that retail trader who is frustrated all the time listening to those fake educators with their absolute non-sense and looking for more and more new hacks to profit and buying other fancy indicators. and then by a coincidence, I found NV Instagram account and started following him and I have to tell you guys! my reaction was OH MY GOD ! that is the stuff that I was looking for. the real knowledge, the real way of trading. Not RSI or ADX BS, but the thing that really drives all the markets around the world "supply and demand" buyers and sellers. and I was really inspired to learn from Nv and following his posts on a daily basis, his institutional approach is starting to appear very professional and make more and more sense as I continue to observe and understand the concepts behind it... I would advise anyone who is serious about becoming a real consistent profitable trader in the long run and get the right education and have access to the right tools to go and get NV's course! This is definitely not the “trend line” or “buy when the EMA red line crosses the EMA blue line” type of approach. I highly recommend it, Don't think twice!
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