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I bought a ready-made game account: LoL accounts; hence pleased with the purchase.Everything is simple and the service is pleasant.Recommend!
posted 1 year ago - Anatoly Leontievich
This service is very good. This site has a good price and fast support. I was satisfied with the purchase world of tanks account. I Recommend your to buy wot acc here.
posted 1 year ago - Gena
Acquired for himself and his friend account of world of tanks.Even could not and think that such a good you have service and such awesome account.
posted 1 year ago - ALENA
Nice service. Very easy process. Thank you really appreciate the service is quick and easy.
posted 1 year ago - Garik2019Garik
Trusted website to buy lol and wot accounts.I have alreay bought two accounts and i am comletely satisfied with them. Everything is easy and service is enjoyable.Recommend!
posted 1 year ago - Drax
I bought league of legends account. It’s quite good. The service is fast and reliable. That is what I wanted.
posted 1 year ago - Jessica
There terms of service are very sketchy and leave many loop holes for them to sell account and then when they are recovered, they don't have to replace them, and if they do replace them after they are recovered again you do not get an added replacement – no matter the circumstances.
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
fast easy access yet again to another account, thank you very much, loving your services
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
Thank you really appreciate the service is quick and easy. It made me happy to start playing immediately instead of having to spend weeks levelling up.
posted 1 year ago - Roma
A great site for wot accounts. Bought an account, came instantly. I trust this service. It is the best of the likes!
posted 1 year ago - VladiSlavik