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It cost me £175 for a year's insurance, but I sold the vehicle within a month of the cover starting, but NO refund so it cost me £175 for less then one MONTH of cover, worse bit is, I would have cancelled within 14 days but I couldn't get thru to them as they never answer the bloody phone!!! I must have waited for at least 6hrs over multiple attempts to contact them.
posted 1 year ago - Aaron
I Cancelled insurance 7 months into the policy as I had sold the car and was not replacing it. I took advantage of their monthly payments and had paid seven months premiums. They charged me for the remaining five months when I cancelled so I ended up paying the full years premium with no refund. AVOID this company and never pay in instalments! Appalling service!!
posted 1 year ago - M O’Connor
I paid over £170 for one of my classic car insurance 3 weeks later i sold it and cancelled my insurance only to be told no refund as its all gone in there fees, i would say its very short sighted as my total anual insurances for my classic are over £3,500 and these will not be getting any more of my business "feeling Robbed"
posted 1 year ago - Gary
Paid 0ver £170 for insurance on one of my classic cars which i sold 3 weeks later so went to cancel insurance only to be told no refund as its gone in there fees, i will not be renewing any of my other policies with them when they come up for renewal id say short sighted as my total anual insurances come to around £3,500 "feeling Robbed"
posted 1 year ago - Gary
No reply to my email ,tried to cancel my insurance policy mid term but would not be given a refund ,wish I checked the other reviews and used a different company .
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
Lancaster Insurance informed me that due to "administration costs etc" that this 7 months does not qualify for any refund whatsoever?????? I accept that I would have incurred an administration fee for cancelling the policy early but to receive absolutely no refund at all I am aghast and if this is the way Lancaster Insurance Services treat their customers then it is, quite frankly, most outrageous! I for one am deterred from using them again - as are all my friends, and associates 'et al' that I have related this to.
posted 1 year ago - Mike Farrell
whilst obtaining proof of its value they cancelled my policy with no refund.
posted 1 year ago -
HELLO,AVOID this company no matter how cheap you think they are,there web site is a joke ,try cancelling a policy ,forget it,try customer service ,forget that to,refund a joke ,i tried to cancel 3 months early and was told my refund after charges was £7.62p work that one out on a £500 plus policy ,for once i believe every negative review ive read, DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOUR ,go elsewhere, ROBERT,
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
AVOID THIS COMPANY Disgusting treatment when we changed vehicles. They couldn't add the new vehicle, so we would need to cancel WITH NO REFUND ON THE REMAINING 7 MONTHS OF THE POLICY, THAT WE PAID IN FULL. Not what you want to hear when you've been waiting to speak to someone for over half an hour.
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
I have waited e week for my refund and discovered they have stolen nearly £40 off me.
posted 2 years ago - Kevin O'connor