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I continued the Insurance for 3 months, but then sold the car and needed to cancel, trying to get through to their customer service department was unbelievable, then surprise, surprise they wanted £150 pounds to cancel, also I had a change of number plate so another £30 pounds added on, I discussed the situation to the operator but they insisted they wanted tha extra 9 months paid in full after a wait of nearly 30 minutes on the phone they reduced the cancellation to £122 pounds which I have paid to end the drama!! Buyer Beware.
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous
They are hassle due my Deafness ,secondly they not providing their surname as I suspect this company could be scam due horrific communication system example many times for last 6 weeks never answer my questions on emails plus I spend almost six weeks trying to contact them on their several telephone numbers same story almost everyday pick up saying please hold on for several hours that cost my phone bill over hundreds pounds personal I will NEVER USE that company again it’s rotten horrible customers team services Raymond
posted 2 months ago - Raymond
Very difficult to contact customer service. Make sure you read the reviews for the insurance providers they are offering.
posted 4 months ago - Anonymous
I Cancelled insurance 7 months into the policy as I had sold the car and was not replacing it. I took advantage of their monthly payments and had paid seven months premiums. They charged me for the remaining five months when I cancelled so I ended up paying the full years premium with no refund. AVOID this company and never pay in instalments! Appalling service!!
posted 5 months ago - M O’Connor
Awful service for loyal customers!! Avoid them and go to the NFU instead. I did. Never answer calls from current customers ( the phone cuts dead after waiting over 12.15 mins!) and take ages to respond to emails. Funny, but I posed as a new customer - they answered within 30 seconds each time!!
posted 6 months ago - Adam
Absolutely appalling customer service! Their vehicle database is over 18 month out of date and pulled up the correct brand but the incorrect model of my car so they had insured a non existent vehicle, couldn't contact then because it was a weekend. When they did cancel the policy they charged me over £30 for their mistake and refused to budge. They are an absolutely pathetic excuse of a insurance broker
posted 9 months ago - Robert Baker
Lancaster Insurance informed me that due to "administration costs etc" that this 7 months does not qualify for any refund whatsoever?????? I accept that I would have incurred an administration fee for cancelling the policy early but to receive absolutely no refund at all I am aghast and if this is the way Lancaster Insurance Services treat their customers then it is, quite frankly, most outrageous! I for one am deterred from using them again - as are all my friends, and associates 'et al' that I have related this to.
posted 9 months ago - Mike Farrell
I used to think Churchill were expensive but at least you can speak to CustomerService quickly - my big fear with these people is having to claim from them! I shall be scooting at the end of my policy without doubt.
posted 10 months ago - Anonymous
Very dissapointed with the service I’ve got from carpenters
posted 10 months ago - Nicola gotham
HELLO,AVOID this company no matter how cheap you think they are,there web site is a joke ,try cancelling a policy ,forget it,try customer service ,forget that to,refund a joke ,i tried to cancel 3 months early and was told my refund after charges was £7.62p work that one out on a £500 plus policy ,for once i believe every negative review ive read, DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOUR ,go elsewhere, ROBERT,
posted 11 months ago - Anonymous