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Of the five boxes I have received, only one came without issue. The last two have had many items rotted. Customer service is horrid and the refunds don’t match the inedible products. I recently had to throw out over half the items and they offered me a 20% discount. Customer service is terrible and the box comes hot. Not Luke warm, not room temp, hot to the touch. Go elsewhere
posted 2 weeks ago - JP
Vegetable box was nearly holding it was water logged the ice pack was ruptured going on all the food. Box was upside down everything was wet and clammy. I called and was hung up on 6 times then I tried again and the phone was busy over 15 minutes I gave up I want a full refund and a nice person to talk to about this incident. It'd terrible that this happened but the man who answered should of been kind to me
posted 4 weeks ago - Karen Hatzikostas
I did contact them and they don't refund or resend.
posted 1 month ago - Kathleen Sedgwick
The stuff is moldy or brown (the broccoli is yellow - DANGEROUS) and truly disgusting . I have to throw away a lot of gross produce. No telephone - only e-mail. 3 weeks for customer service to respond, then "Gee I'm sorry - here's a small refund, won't happen again" But it does. Cancelled. Stay away.
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous
75 Refund-in-full I've asked 4-times for.
posted 1 month ago - Disgusted ex-Customer
I requested a refund.
posted 1 month ago - Kevin
I was automatically credited a refund.
posted 1 month ago - Emily
I had paused my subscription but something happened with their system and my request wasn't processed, I asked for a refund.
posted 1 month ago - Marissa
Suddenly they’re emailing me and snidely telling me it’s my fault they can’t refund me because I’m disputing the charge.
posted 2 months ago - Anonymous
Never sent the 3rd shipment. No customer service number. Can't get refund. This business has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau for failing to respond to customer issues. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.
posted 2 months ago - Jane McKillop