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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Perfect Hair Health is my go-to source for genuine, trust-worthy information on hair loss and how to treat it. Rob is a thoughtful, compassionate person who is very knowledgeable about hair loss, generous with his time, and intellectually honest. Part of finding trustworthy sources on information is a person being able to admit when they don't know something or when they were wrong about something, even if they really believed it. In all my interactions with Rob, that has come through.

I come to Perfect Hair Health not just to know what treatments for hair loss worked, but what is just not supported by evidence, and I shouldn't even waste my time with. That's valuable.

I'm as big a skeptic as they come, but after giving Rob's massage techniques an honest try for a few weeks, I'm seeing tiny little hairs pop up in places that haven't had hair in years. Even if that's all the progress I make, Rob is on to something because he is able to connect the dots between different areas of medical research that usually do not interact with each other. I'm thankful for citizen scientists like Rob who are just passionate about bringing truthful information to the average person.

I appreciate his intellectual humility more than anything because it is through that, that truthful information comes to light. Thank Rob!
Posted 4 weeks ago
If you're afraid of losing your hair or in the process of it, I would highly recommend joining Perfect Hair Health. I spent months researching hair loss and what to do in order to prevent it. It was also extremely stressful going down all these rabbit holes and coming across contradictory information.

Here's what I liked about PerfectHairHealth(PHH):
1.) Rob uses scientific studies and never jumps to a conclusion without thoroughly investigating things. It really helps you understand what has been shown to work and what hasn't.
2.) There are a ton of different options presented, both natural options and pharmaceutical. This means you can get all the info in one place and decide what direction you want to go.
3.) Rob is a real person! He tells his story, he posts regularly in the forums, you can skype with him, he has video interviews and he's very genuine in his approach to helping people.
4.) The forums are full of kind and positive people. I'm sure most hair loss forums mean well, but they usually turn quite angry or into a pity party. While I understand why, it should be about uplifting and helping each other. The members in PHH share ideas and support each other, so I feel like I always have a place to share info or get support.

PHH provides a place with the most up-to-date information, a solid community and someone I feel is sincere in helping you combat your hair loss. Now I'm not stuck researching online or feeling alone in this thing.
Posted 1 month ago
Perfect Hair Health is exactly what I was looking for to help find a natural hair loss regime! I love all the detailed articles backed by actual research which I know I can trust. Rob is also awesome and willing to work with you through the consulting package to design customs regimes to meet you needs.
Posted 1 month ago
Great website that helps you get to the bottom of your own personal hair loss issues, while providing lots of useful information on how to achieve regrowth and overall health.

Led by Rob, a true professional, and backed by a great community that consistently engages with one another in a positive way, this website is a must for anyone looking to improve the health of their hair and body.
Posted 2 months ago
Like a lot of us, I've spent years wasting time and money in the world of hair loss products and information--everyone's product is the one thing that can save your hair, and if you don't buy it now, you're just going to lose more hair. And without knowing the in and outs of what causes hair loss, who's to say they're wrong, right? It's a very confusing world full of false promises and a wide variety of different products that simply drain your bank account. Then comes along Perfect Hair Health! Rob has taken the time to create a website and online community that is honest and gets to the point--there is no quick fix, one-size-fits-all solution for hair loss; it's a complex problem that is a personal journey for each individual to go on and find a personalized regimen that works for them.

However, the good news is that Rob has done a lot of the heavy lifting for you! He's been at this for years, and has become a true authority on the subject of the causes of hair loss and possible treatments--and it is clearly evident at Perfect Hair Health. His "Ultimate Guides" tackle one hair loss treatment at a time in a simple, conversational tone that walks you through the pros, cons, and most importantly, FACTS of what these treatments are about, and what they can (or can't) achieve. He also dives into the clinical trials supporting the effectiveness of these treatments, and points out why they should or shouldn't be trusted. You could spend years researching and trying to figure all of this out on your own, or you can simply access this site, spend some time getting educated, and then decide what you think may work best for you.

The community section is great as well, since you can find people that have similar hair loss as you, read about things they've done that have or haven't worked, and incorporate that into your regimen. Rob is also there for you as a resource (at least with the consulting package--HIGHLY recommended, it's worth the extra bit of money!) with Skype calls and answering questions via email. I couldn't believe that he actually responded to my first email in a timely manner that was clearly written by him and answered my questions!

The bottom line is that this site is no-nonsense, doesn't try to sell you any products and is simply here to help you through what is a very difficult and trying experience for all of us (who wants to go bald, right?) In fact, the cornerstone of any treatment in his opinion is the scalp massage routine which costs NO money!

After wasting so much time struggling with all the nonsense that defines the world of hair loss treatments and information online, I'm truly thankful that I have found Perfect Hair Health. After 15 years, I finally feel like I've found my best shot at keeping what hair I have left, and maximizing my chances for regrowth. A huge shout out to Rob for putting the years of dedication, research and love into this site to create a community for those suffering from this condition to get educated, support one another and to do everything we can do to win the war against hair loss!
Posted 2 months ago
I first noticed my hair loss when I turned 25, and being the way I am I quickly turned every direction for a solution. I wasn’t going to let this happen. After meeting with a dermatologist and my primary physician, the answers I received were unsettling. They were very quick to prescribe finasteride and minoxidil, and just as quick to say we don’t really know why we lose hair the way we do at the top and the sides. It made no sense and I was beyond frustrated. Trying everything and buying the next solution.

After joining the community and speaking with Rob directly, I am extremely confident that I am on the right path and have plausible reasons why these things happen. Rob is an absolute wealth of knowledge on the subject. And he still has a great head of hair himself!

For those who don’t want to take the drug route (or still do) and need answers, I highly recommend this community and consulting.
Posted 3 months ago
This website has been a life saver for me. For someone suffering for over 10 years, and not finding a solution, the information and support from this site has been invaluable. Unfortunately, the medical profession does not take this condition seriously, so potential solutions aren't presented. I didn't even know that a scalp biopsy is possible! I am finally trying a regimen that I believe will work for me. Thank you so much to all the Perfect Health Hair team!
Posted 4 months ago
Rob and his site are the most comprehensive and helpful source I have found in my hair loss/growth journey. I would highly highly recommend him to anyone dealing with hair loss. He is a godsend!
Posted 5 months ago
Perfect Hair Health and it's founder, Rob, truly are a beacon which burns bright amidst a sea of money-hungry companies, uneducated bloggers and those wishing to exploit anxious, distressed and desperate sufferers of hair loss.

Rob's extensive knowledge is clearly evident in all his website articles and his peer-reviewed papers on hair loss. The e-book is an invaluable tool in informing those concerned about hair loss as to it's causes, factors and treatments - it's thorough, backed by science but most importantly, easily understood and doesn't get bogged down in complicated medical jargon. A refreshing element is also the lack of affiliation - Rob isn't paid by companies to shamelessly plug their products, he only posts about what he knows to work.

The membership community is incredibly supportive and is genuinely the best of it's kind anywhere in the world. For those still following ill-informed Reddit posts or forums full of disgruntled people who have fallen victim to scam after scam, look no further than the Perfect Hair Health forum: it will honestly change your perception of hair loss and how effective treatment can be.

Finally, the one-on-one Skype calls and tailored hair loss treatment regimes conducted by Rob are exceptional. You would pay twice the amount for a quarter of the quality if you were to go into a dermatologists or another researcher.

In sum - an excellent and industry-leading hair loss researcher and forum / community. In my opinion, the services offered by Rob are unbeatable and really will help any sufferer overcome their anxieties and address their concerns over hair loss.
Posted 6 months ago
I've been working with Rob for the last 3 plus years, my hair has grown back greatly. I've had many times where I had sheds due to nutrition or lack of minerals and Rob was there to give me tips and help me along the way. This program is the best one I've seen not only on an information but as a support system. You won't find better online with natural techniques than Rob at
Posted 7 months ago
Honestly a huge relief to work with this guy. Tressless was exhausting me with conflicting advice. Was drawn in by the folks getting results in his forums. I have had a great experience and would highly recommend
Posted 8 months ago
I first became aware of Rob English and the Perfect Hair Health website just over a year ago after a frantic search for solutions to address my hair loss concerns. After reviewing the site and seeing the quality of the research and due diligence that Rob had invested in it, I immediately made a decision to purchase the e-book he was offering at the time and then invested in a Skype consultation. Rob, while every bit the dedicated professional, is one of the most down-to-earth individuals I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. During our consultation he carefully set my mind at ease, fully discussed the options open to me and helped me to develop a game plan to address not only my hair loss concerns but more importantly, a plan for recovery. My wish is that every individual suffering with anxiety over hair loss has the experience of working with Rob and benefiting from the extensive research and enormous dedication he brings to his work. If you're suffering from anxiety over hair loss, do yourself a favor and check out his site and invest in one of his membership offerings TODAY - you'll be glad you did!
Posted 8 months ago
I truly cannot recommend Rob and his unique work highly enough for anyone who is experiencing hair loss. I feel so grateful to have stumbled across his work after more than a year of searching the internet for somebody who can explain hair loss and what can be done about it.

The internet is swamped with two categories of ‘help’ when it comes to hair loss – the hair loss industry offering magic lotions and pills as well as transplants and ill-informed individuals on forums who pass out well meaning sympathetic advice without the evidence to support their claims.

Rob’s work offers an alternative to these two categories by empowering people with knowledge so that they can take control of their hair loss situation.

Rob’s approach is extremely logical and methodical. Each claim he makes is backed up by evidence and he points out where the grey areas lie in that research hasn’t yet been able to explain some things at this point in time. Because Rob knows his subject inside out both technically and from first hand experience he is able to convey some very complex explanations simply step by step.

I’ve found the membership site to be of great support to me during my most desperate times. It’s helpful to know that there are others who are experiencing or have experienced hair loss and how they have been able to turn things around. Being able to share tips, see progress logs and to have Rob’s presence in replying to discussions on the forum all add to the membership site’s value.

Despite all that Rob does, amazingly he still finds the time to respond to individual correspondence and likes to check in now and again with how things are going. Rob is a very considerate and compassionate individual which comes across in his interactions on the forum and in individual correspondence.
Posted 9 months ago
amazing company!
Posted 9 months ago
Perfect Hair Health is an excellent resource for those looking to improve their hair and overall health. Rob has put together a comprehensive resource that is extremely helpful to those struggling with hair loss. He has gone to great lengths to ensure all of his work is backed by scientific studies, including publishing several peer-reviewed articles of his own. Additionally, Rob is an extremely genuine individual that goes above and beyond to help those that reach out to him.
Posted 9 months ago
It's really incredible what Rob has put together here. It's very difficult to know what does and does not work in the world of regrowing hair, and with Perfect Hair Health, Rob teaches you what will actually work for you. He's very responsive and genuine, and seems to know just about everything there is to know about hair loss, from the science on a molecular level, all the way up to which skin products and devices yield the best results. Very happy to have come across him, and the community he is building on his perfect hair health website is truly one of the best resources out there for people struggling with anxiety over hair loss. You have to educate and protect yourself from misinformation, and Rob does an incredible job of doing just that. Keep up the good work of teaching people how to regrow their hair!!
Posted 9 months ago
THANK you Rob!!! You are a lifesaver. It was so nice chatting with you over Skype. It’s only been a few months, but things have really turned a corner for me (in a good way). I look forward to sharing more of my progress in your membership — so stay tuned for an update there!
Posted 9 months ago
Rob is a wealth of knowledge and has helped me improve my health a great deal.

I love his ability to take a look at the research and separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of what's legit and what's fabricated.

His work is insanely helpful for
Posted 9 months ago
Perfect Hair Health is an evidence-based website where the latest information on hair loss and regrowth is discussed. The book, articles, and guides delve into the common theories of why we lose our hair, how those theories are wrong, and practical approaches that one can take in order to prevent further hair loss or try to regrow their hair. PerfectHairHealth is very in depth when it comes to research, but the writers are able to communicate those ideas to the common reader, making it enticing to people of various backgrounds and biological interest.

The forum is the best attempt of any hair loss forum due to the contact of the administrators who help guide stressed users to find solutions and answer questions. It is easy to see how other people's hair loss strategies have worked out, with each user posting their individual regimens with updates and pictures as to how their hair loss might be changing.

If you are losing your hair and are looking for information on what you can do about it, go ahead and buy a package from this website before you do guesswork about which supplement, drug, or procedure to help regrow your hair.
Posted 9 months ago
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