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The obsessively-researched vitamin designed to help fill gaps in your diet.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
My experience has been great. I’ve been using Ritual for 4 months now. I can definitely say, they’ve improved my health.
Well there's a problem for me I can't do iron its dozen agree with me I have to cancel my order !!
I saw it on an ad and went to the website to research. I decided to try it as I completely believe in the ideology, research, and the fact that these vitamins address the MTHFR gene. I have felt amazing the last 5 months and gotten family and friends to start taking Ritual as well.
I chose it because they are target to women, for women, made by women!
Great ingredients and they are transparent about how and where they come from. I just will they also made vitamins for men.
I continue to appreciate this vitamin for truly being effective in my body.
I choose these vitamins because of the ingredients and I liked I could see inside.. It is convenient because it is just 2 once a day and with a busy schedule it is easy to stay on track
Great. Other multivitamins make me nauseated or throw up.
I came across this vitamin after I was finished breastfeeding my daughter. It was clear to me that my mind and body were so very depleted of essential vitamins and minerals. I began researching what I needed and knew I wanted quality and could only hope I would find it at a reasonable price. Well, I did! I wish I had known about this product and the prenatal when I was pregnant!! (Next time 😉) I love that I never run out. They show up about two days before needed! Love the minty touch and ease of swallowing. So excited about the prenatal when it's time! It has all the ingredients my midwife wanted for me! Looking forward to the postnatal, and hope the company will make mens, children's and probiotics! If you are on the fence, go for it! What's a dollar a day to ensure you have the nutrients your body needs!
Great! Do not make me nauseous and I am confident of the ingredients.
Yes, I too wanted to try the cool transparent vitamins! I honestly have not noticed any major changes but I also have not had any side effects from taking these. I love the minty flavor. The auto ship feature is amazing! I finished a bottle and my next one arrived the same day. The one thing I have noticed is I sleep better through the night. I would like to see a little better shipping packaging though. I usually get my bottle in just a plastic envelope and I have had damaged bottles. Overall I am very happy with the product and am going to continue to use them.
The vitamins have given me so much more energy. I used to fall asleep every long car ride but now I can stay awake for six hour car rides. A coworker recommended ritual to me.
My experience has been great using ritual. My skin and body acclimated amazing with no side effects at all. This is huge for me.
It was great when I started but on the third month, my vitamins started tasting fishy. Decided to cancel after that.
They have changed my life. I feel so much better overall. Friends have even commented that I look healthier.
Love it all the good reviews can't resist
Positive experience, love the mint outer portion of the capsule.
Referred to me by another vegan.
Love these vitamins. I chose to start taking them because they were created for women and lets be honest, they look uber cool. I chose to auto-ship monthly because they made a difference. No more tired feeling in the afternoon and no nasty after taste especially seeing as there is Omega in this product. Updating shipping preferences is also easy online so even when I've been on vacation and not as diligent about taking vitamins (I mean we have better things to do on vacation right?)..I can push out the next shipment a few weeks with no hassle.
My experience has been wonderful!! I’m more awake and have more energy. I chose this vitamin because of the company’s transparency with their ingredients. I appreciate when I can tell a company has done their research and can explain why each ingredient is added.
Love that I get all of the important vitamins with 2 capsules a day without nausea! I never miss a day now because its so simple and the taste is great too! I highly recommend RITUAL Vitamins.
Ritual Vitamins is rated 4.76 based on 62 reviews