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Prices have gone up A LOT, still waiting for refund of price match that was approved. I find the marketing strategy of offering "discounts" on what is a highly inflated price compared to what Simple Contacts was charging last time I ordered highly manipulative.
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous
I allowed this company to reorder contacts that I had oredered before, but forgot they weren't the newest prescription so they were not correct. I realized it after they shipped and this company allowed me to return them and get a refund since I never opened them, but I thought they checked to be sure the prescription was good. Obviously they did not since I was sent the old prescription.
posted 2 months ago - Anonymous
Ordering is simple, the prescription details match, but the vision result is a Fail. So my order will be returned. Hope the refund is simple, too.
posted 5 months ago - Katherine Huggler
The service was awful. I sent in my prescription with a bar code included and paid for one day shipping. The package came a week later and was the incorrect prescription. I was told they would not refund me because the boxes were opened. I will never use this application again, it is just as much of a hassle as going to the eye doctor and now I’m not only out of money but of contacts as well.
posted 6 months ago - Leticcia Miranda
Im tired of waiting, I just want a refund.
posted 7 months ago - Anonymous
I believe this company is a scam!!! The only form of communication that they use is by text message. My order was delayed and then when I finally received my order the contacts were trash!! I have used the same brand for years and how does all of a sudden the contacts no longer work in my favor! They were extremely blurry and drying! I have tried to reach out for a refund but no reply of course. I would not recommend this company at all!
posted 8 months ago - Ciara Staples
I didn't receive my package. Please refund or send me the product that I ordered. I have to leave the country on Friday!
posted 9 months ago - Akira Horikawa