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Tokyo Treat is great whether you've never had Japanese snacks before or if you're a fan like me. I get the premium box because I love Japanese drinks and Kit-Kats (which are almost always included.) Never had any problems with delivery or any damages. Would definitely recommend.
posted 1 month ago - Marissa
Great variety of stuff! I ordered pretty late in the month prior to receiving it so I wasn't sure if it would ship out in time, but it did! And for delivery to Australia it was well on-track with other things I've bought from Japan. And yes, it actually does come from Tokyo! Would absolutely order from them again, too. It's a bit up there in price for a box of snacks, but some of them you'd be stuck trying to find outside Japan at all!
posted 1 month ago - MJ
The customer service help you whenever you need help I’ve never had a problem with service the prices are perfect for the average consumer the delivery is slow but it is international delivery that is free and I would say all around a really good product
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous
Quality and variety of snacks good, delivery times good. Never had an issue with them.
posted 1 month ago - Harriet Lowe
Customer service is prompt, price is great for what you receive, And delivery is as advertised (and better!). I can’t express enough how happy these monthly boxes make me.
posted 1 month ago - Ashleeh Khristine
This was my first delivery, so it took a bit long to come to my location. But I just got my box, and I am ecstatic! There’s lots of variety. Just be patient, it may take a while to get to your location if you’re just starting out.
posted 2 months ago - Anonymous
TokyoTreat has impeccable customer service, I picked up a subscription on a very good deal! Efficient delivery service too.
posted 2 months ago - Anonymous
Delivery seems to take an age, but once you have a subscription up and running they come once a month, and you don't really notice the delay.
posted 2 months ago - Mark
Great snacks, great delivery, great box. Tokyo treats gets a great/10
posted 2 months ago - Braeden
Great snacks, good pricing, I love the different themes every month, delivery can be hard to predict but I have never gotten a box when it would be consider late. Overall a wonderful way to get snacks you didn't know you liked.
posted 2 months ago - WeirdPanda