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Hi... ordered 3 dresses on September 23,2020.. package delivered quickly... Need to return one dress.. I’ve followed directions given.. put in my email as requested.. response is they give; have no record of my email. But oddly enough.. they have my email because I’ve have received emails from them .. my original statement.. and now been receiving advertisements. Frustrated.. running out of time (14 day return policy)..guess I’m Screwed
Asked by Michele Marotta (4 weeks ago)
Hello I’m waiting for a refund and can’t get into the link
Asked by Sharon (3 months ago)
I ordered 2 pairs of the sandals with fringe and have yet to receive them where are they??????
Asked by Christina phillips (3 months ago)
I have been waiting for my order of two tops from the beginning of June took my money quick enough please look into this or I shall be contacting my solicitedr order no VE3876277395l
Asked by Linda pullin (4 months ago)
I am waiting for my order from 20/5/20 when will it arrive please VE4135058913 ?
Asked by Mrs Goodenough (4 months ago)
Hey I placed an order about 3 weeks ago and haven’t received any merchandise yet. How long does it normally takes? Is there a customer service number I can call?
Asked by Jackie Bryant (4 months ago)
Hi still waiting on an order placed in April I’ve sent several emailing but no response, can anyone help?
Asked by Johanne McCann (5 months ago)
Still waiting for my order VE681448304 to be process please let me know what going on it’s nearly a month
Asked by Jeanette Coombs (5 months ago)
Hello, I ordered 2 dresses on 6 April; payment has been processed ok, but delivery is taking a long time. Please let me know arrival date? You have had my money longer than 1 month now, and I expect to receive my order!!! Thank you. Hanne Nadon, North Berwick, Scotlabd
Asked by Hanne Mason (5 months ago)
I need a ticket to return a dress how do I get it before my time runs out I’ve had it a week all ready.Phill1778@gmail.com. 805-286-6455 Thank you
Asked by Patty Hill (5 months ago)
Waiting three weeks so far for a pair of shoes that I ordered on April 16.What are number 1091.
Asked by Marsha Slachman (5 months ago)
I just following up on the status of my order?
Asked by MaryAnn (5 months ago)
I'm wanting to order a shirt, item # 295460. Was wondering if was firm fitting or lose??? Thank you
Asked by Debbie Barfell (6 months ago)
Need to return 2 items purchased on 20th April received them today 27th April 2020 have tried putting in my email/ pass word will not accept this information can someone please contact me on 07949114698 Mrs S Carr Customer Reference VE71175009159634 Thank you
Asked by Mrs S. Carr (6 months ago)
I ordered 3 dresses weeks ago. My credit was charged $70.00 but I have received no products to date. Please check on for me please.
Asked by Debbie J Evans (6 months ago)