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Ordered some items for my daughters birthday, paid for them online and planned to collect , by the time I got there slightly over the given 48hrs they had taken my items and refunded the money , although I had paid by card and it would take 5-10 working days to reach my bank !!! So I had to pay for them again !! What about if I didn’t have the money to do that ??? Birthday ruined !! I can understand if I hadn’t collected for 5 days !! I can understand if I had just reserved the items ! But I bought them ! So how can you buy them back from me ?? I will never order from you again 🤬
posted 3 days ago - Sarah murphy
on arriving at store for collection staff advised me it was a display item and they had lost the cables and connections that came with the chair, I was then advised that I could have £20 deducted from the price of the chair, not £20 because it was a ex-display item but £20 because there was no cables or connectors to link chair to the PlayStation/ tv, at no time when placing the order did it state that it was an ex- display item and also parts were missing, I advised the shop assistant that I would liked a refund only to be told it takes 3 days to return my money that took just 10sec to leave my account when I orderd the chair, I then walked across the retail park to another outlet to purchase the same item.
posted 3 weeks ago - Dbs
Brought a cott mattress IPSWICH STORE was damaged but refused to refund and acused me of damage! Manager was very rude and asked me to leave store. Then he threw the un-protected matress onto the carpark floor and said its yours do what you want with it.
posted 2 months ago - Anonymous
Waited 3 weeks for a pre-ordered Nintendo switch only to have it cancelled for no actual reason. Still waiting for my refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THERE.
posted 4 months ago - Anonymous
It was over the time allowed but thought they may overlook it as not looking for a refund.
posted 9 months ago - Rachel
therefore I want a full refund .
posted 1 year ago - Tracy Kent
Smyths refused to refund us due to us having opened it, despite being happy to sell us an opened and returned product in the first place.
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
Sent this to Smyths who have repeatedly sent the same email about how they are investigating it with DPD what further proof do they need then the pictur of my parcel being left in a bad place and the email from DPD i have been waiting weeks for my parcel or a refund and have been ignored my consumer rights over and over again.
posted 1 year ago - Karla