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Boho Beautiful is a yoga & healthy lifestyle brand that provides all kinds of video content & digital programs aimed to help people raise their frequency & vibration. <3

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Anne Kuntsi
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Justine Gudejko-Thiel
I cannot recommend their programs highly enough! I purchased my first BB program in 2018 and am still practicing daily, let it be Yoga or Pilates or Yin or Meditation. I have now 4 of the Boho beautiful programs and the app and wouldn't like to miss it! It´s the perfect combination of fitness and yoga and mindfulness. It´s my me time I share with them, and it´s very special for me. Of course I appreciate the strength and flexibility the programs brought to my body (and I started as a complete beginner), but it´s also the authenticity I really value and I recognize, that I´m adapting a better mindset overall. Give it a try, you will not regret it!
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Mirela Lemut
Hi, sorry for the late reply. It took me a little while to figure out that I was not going to be getting this via mail in a CD format. I just did the first day workout and it was absolutely amazing. Every time I follow one of your videos I feel like a new woman. Like a rock has been lifted from my chest, I guess the release of the stress. I absolutely love it.
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Amber Rogers
So far so great ! Only 2 days in but I’m feeling better already!!! Excited to continue the journey!!!
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Jade Hart
I have every course and the app and Boho Beautiful is my go to for all things vegan, yoga, and mindfulness. Love them.
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Joana Rego
Excellent program to start a healthier chapter in our lives, because it has every ingredients you need, for your body, mind and soul.
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Foppa Florina
Hi guys,it s all so fantastic with you !I started during the lockdown and here i am with you and whit yours videos every single day.I did also the BBTransform and BB10 days and i feel great. Descovering the yoga exersices ,i feel a change in my body;it is a new world and a new approach to work with your body.Thank you. (I don t speak english,sorry for my mistakes)
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Caley Forber
What a wonderful programme for the body and the mind! I found the workouts to be quite advanced though and I have been taking a couple days rest between workout sessions as my muscles have been sore. Overall though it a nice mixture of strengthening, stretching and relaxation. I love the focus for the day and overall I am so pleased with my purchase!
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