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Boho Beautiful is a yoga & healthy lifestyle brand that provides all kinds of video content & digital programs aimed to help people raise their frequency & vibration. <3

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Taylor Palmer
Love the workouts and this program! Easy to dedicate myself to and gives me a good workout while also relaxing me. This yoga has changed my life and made working out enjoyable for me.
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Dalynn Stricker
I ABSOLUTELY love the Boho Beautiful videos! They are life changing!
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Susan Dewavrin
The program was a great surprise when compared to the youtube videos you provide online for the public ie. ,such more challenging than I thought. It's great but tough since i'm currently out of shape. So I mix it the complete program videos with some of the shorter litter videos on youtube to recuperate. The e-book is a great introduction to the Yoga philosophy which allows you to understand and integrate the vocabulary of YOGA. Very well organised and easy on the eyes, like the videos. I would recommend adding a few empty pages for personal reflection notes and maybe one or two morning juice or smoothie recipe in the Yogic Diet section from your High Frequency Juice and Smoothie e-book. I already have it but could be a nice diet. I also have a really nice recipe book on winter ans summer salads. Maybe you could ask your followers to share their favorite healthy recipe. My boyfriend made a great fish fish ceviche this week withe granny smith apples that we would love to share. It was awesome.
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Brigitte Matthews
I have started Pilates and Yoga in November 2020, following massive loss of muscle mass due to chemotherapy. I did this with the help of a friend who is a regular Boho Beautiful addict, just what I have become in the meantime, too. My muscles are back and so is the strength. Boho Beautiful is one of the greatest allies in my fight against cancer! And I will continue, no matter what. Thank you for amazing classes!
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Anna Pennisi
Good mix to try the variuos proposals
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I have just completed your wonderful program Retreat. I am a 51 year old women who has many children and is experiencing this next change in my life. My husband gifted this program to me to help me feel better in my health and happiness. My teenage daughters join me and the wonderful memories I now have with these moments with them bring me joy. Even though it is challenging the positive and rewarding energy I feel everyday because of your program is what we look forward to. Thank you for the blessings of the wonderful work you do. I can't wait to try your program Complete that we are starting tomorrow.
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Angelique Robinson
I'm so happy I splurged on myself. I'm loving that boho complete program, I really like that it has 3 components. Currently working through a 14 day journey (at my own pace). I've always loved your yoga workouts, expanding my experience with Pilates ( to strengthen my core -1 year postpartum) and finding my inner peace with yin yoga. 5 starsss!
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Heather Butler
After doing many of the free Pilates videos for more than 2 years I finally decided to buy Complete. I’m glad I purchased The full set rather than just the Pilates ones though as I feel the disciplines go well together. I’m stronger and more flexible in such a short time with loads of energy at 60 years old. I recommend it. The quality of the videos is excellent. It’s easy to download it to your phone, and then stream it to the tv. Thank you for your excellent work Juliana and Mark.
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