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With the increasing presence of rechargeable electronic devices, lithium batteries have become ubiquitous, since they are frequently the power sources for these devices. That means they are being repeatedly packaged, shipped, and stored in increasing quantities. While most lithium batteries are safe when properly packaged and shipped, they can present fire hazards. Apart from the fire hazard posed by Lithium batteries, damaged lithium batteries can also produce toxic and irritating fumes. Many people do not realize that lithium batteries are considered Dangerous Goods and must be handled in compliance with Transport Canada Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) regulations. 
The goals of this eLearning are to: 
Raise awareness of the hazards involved in packaging, shipping, and storing lithium batteriesProvide learners with the information they need to package, ship, and store lithium batteries safely and in compliance with Transport Canada TDG regulations

This course is intended for anyone who handles lithium batteries in quantities that require compliance with ground TDG regulations. Learners are required to complete Danatec’s TDG by ground course prior to beginning this eLearning course.

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I did not know that I had to open an account first before buying a course. So I ended up having to purchase the same course twice. I sent an email to ask for help but got no response.
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Posted 2 years ago
Very small print on the drop down options...i had a hard time reading the answer options
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Posted 2 years ago
I took two courses back to back through Danatec. I enrolled in TDG Certification and the Lithium Ion course. This information is all very new to me, and so I am a very basic/entry level user for this type of training. The TDG Certification course receives 5/5 stars. It was structured in a manner that allowed me to receive information and put it into practice through the use of the reference material and test questions. I passed that course no problem. This Lithium Ion course was terrible. It was structured in a way that gives information, but doesn't allow me to practice. Without practice, I cannot learn the information - it is not conducive to my tactile learning style. Then to add salt to a wound, there were these questions to gauge your confidence in the material and even though I was consistently reporting I didn't understand or feel comfortable with the material, it would congratulate me for passing the module and move on. Throughout the course, this actually became a laughing matter - no matter what I reported, there was no additional content or ability to hone my skills and knowledge. At the end of this course, I failed the test because I still dont have a clear understanding of the material. I will have to take it again so I can get a better grasp on the material. I was just shocked at the differences in both courses.
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Posted 2 years ago